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Sunday 29 May 2016

(Not So) Lazy Sunday Afternoon

"Lazy Sunday Afternoon
I've got no mind to worry
Close my eyes and drift away"

That's the way I'd planned it.  The Photographer had other ideas.

He bought me a present.  These top-of-the-range neoprene gardening gloves.
I tried to respond with enthusiasm and gratefulness.

He then directed me to my gardening cloggies (bought in Holland a few years' ago)

And I was put to work.

I emptied last year's pots and hanging baskets.  Cleaned and washed them.  Recycled any reusable plants.  As quickly as he dug up the self-seeding agapanthus, I busied myself potting them up.  Because he likes them.

Bertie was even sent out to check that I was working hard.

Finally I was freed from my labours.   I hastily changed out of my gardening clothes before he changed his mind.  And I scarpered!  To enjoy a Lazy Sunday afternoon walk around my Hood.

I hastily slung on a Woolovers cashmere/merino sweater over Peacock crops and Clarks sandals.

Feeling smug with myself after my labours, I perked myself up with this lovely grey hand-painted scarf which I won on Janice's blogsite, here.  She's taking a break from blogging.  I am missing her already.  I was a daily visitor to her very special blog.

Ready for walking around the Hood's ruettes.

(I apologise for my hair, I had been slaving away in the garden all morning, folks!)

I met Henry, the Hood Cat.  He's so friendly and he pops up just about anywhere in the hood.  Last summer he spent happy kitten times on The Photographer's shoulders as we walked the lanes.  This year he seems to have grown up.  He was far too busy to spend more than a short stroking time with us.

So the rest of the walk was spent without my cute feline companion.

The hedgerows are filling out with lightening speed.

Wild honeysuckle is everywhere.

There are hills to climb - OK, hillettes!

Big eucalyptus trees' shade to walk under.

Celandine-filled fields to wade through.

Wild flowers to admire.

In just a few short weeks all this wild loveliness will be cut back.  Such a shame.  But it's a requirement to do this twice during the summer months and the parish constables tour the roads and ruettes to check that we are law-abiding citizens.  First check is mid-June.

Plants to choose to fill the now-empty pots and hanging baskets back on the Pout Estate.

Luckily I nabbed the last two punnets of strawberries on the Hood's hedge stall.

They'll be nice with a dollop of cream for afternoon tea!

These stalls operate with what the English call honesty boxes.  You are trusted to leave money when taking goods.  
We broadly call them hedge veg.  Because it rhymes.

Maybe a few freshly-laid eggs would be nice too ...

It's a pretty nice hood.

So, peeps.  That's how I spent my Sunday.  Work.  Play.  Eat.  Not much lazing.  Not quite the Lazy Sunday I'd planned, but nice all the same.

Hope you've managed to have a nice Lazy Sunday Afternoon.
What have you been up to?
Has it been a sunny day where you are?

A la perchoine.

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