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Friday 27 May 2016

Rockie III, And Other Stuff

Last night I made yet another trip to my local, the Rockie.  I met up with a girlfriend who I have know since first year Infants!

Although the day had been beautiful, it clouded up come teatime, so I went for some layers.  As it happens, the jacket didn't need to come off!

La Redoute striped linen jacket with Alexon stone jersey top and M&S stone linen trousers.

Just wanted to give you a close up of my necklace here.  It's made from belt loops and rivets.  It weighs a ton.  The colours are silver and bronze and blend in with so many outfits.  I've had it for about 20 years and it continues to receive compliments each time I wear it because its so unusual, a real eye-catcher.  I am so pleased I found it. 
When I wear such a statement necklace like this, it's enough on its own so I don't wear earrings.  Looking at the pic today, maybe that bracelet (just visible) was one piece too much.

And here's a close-up of the M&S nude wedges.  I featured them here.  They have Insolia lining so are very comfy.  They give some height but as they strap the food nicely in, I walk with confidence.  Which is nice.

Yippeeee!  Got lucky again with another window seat.  And another glass of wine!

Chicken and Leek pie.  You can see it was an embarrassingly huge plateful; needless to say, a huge amount was left on that plate.

My dining companion had a monster of a pork chop, so I got her to hold it up for you (vegetarians, please scroll quickly down).  My friend is very petite but left a clean plate, bar the chop bone!  Throughout the meal she kept commenting on how good it was.  So that one definitely comes with the highest of recommendations, should any local readers be popping in to the Rockie sometime soon.

My Rockie trips should now be done and dusted.  For a short while at least. because the temperature is warming up by the day and it just so happens that there's a lot of outdoor seating there.  A glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc, a sun setting over a azure and jade sea ... I'll probably be returning very soon!

We were ready a tad too early for golf this morning, so I took a stroll outside.

And found my first rose of summer!  Isn't she pretty.  Fab perfume too.
I don't know what type she is  - if you're into roses, I'd love to know what she is.

More clumps of purple gladioli.  Such a giving plant.

Then after a stroll around Pout Estate we move on to the golf course.  Thought it would be nice to show you how I "waste away" my time twice a week!

La Grande Mare, Hotel Golf and Country Club

The sixth hole involves a drive across a protected field of purple wild orchids.  Apologies, they don't show up well in this shot (these golf shots are taken with my iPhone). 
If you don't make the drive over the field, you lose the ball as it's off-bounds for tramping on. 
I sacrificed yet another ball there this morning :-(.

Here are my three golf mates.  No pics of me: 8 a.m., hair scraped back under sun visor, no make up, face puce from heat and exertion = not publish-able!

My game was good (apart from the 6th!) and it was so pleasant out there this morning  Wind just a light puff of 1-2, temperature already creeping up to 16c ... my gilet and sweater were off and I was down to short-sleeves by the second hole.  Aaahhh, summer, how I've missed you!

A la perchoine.

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