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Saturday 28 May 2016

Mixing Pattern and Being Nora Review

Now I'm not good at mixing patterns.  There's a lot of mixing happening on the street, some are quite bold, some subtle.  Either way, they get it to work. 

I feel a bit uncomfortable mixing it up.  I think it's because in doing so I have to forget a fundamental rule that's prevailed through most of my life.  One pattern only in an outfit.   I know where I stand with rules.  Give me free-format and I waiver.  So pattern mixing just hasn't been my bag.

Last night I stopped the dithering and, dressing to meet with friends at home, I found myself boldly going where no Pout has not gone before.  I came up with this ...

An old Next grey patterned stretchy jersey jacket, an even older embellished grey patterned top, grey/taupe glass beads.  
I kept to the same tones. It seemed a bit cluttered but I think I just about pulled it off!?

Do you have any tips to share?   What are you like at pattern mixing?  A big no-no or do you love throwing yourself into some form of controlled pattern mayhem?

I've been "thinking Nora", reference the post here, for the last week.  Let's see where I've been.

Well, I've mixed patterns, as evidenced above.

I've worn a smart-end jacket with jeans

And a more casual jacket with linen cut-offs.

I've tried a "posh" blouse with a more casual look of cardi and jeans.

I've made more effort to mix the jewellery round a bit (I tend to stick to the same pieces for weeks!).

And, all importantly, I've worn heels with jeans and cut-offs!

These are all things I noticed Nora did and I didn't.  Until now!

I have felt that I've dressed a little more stylishly than usual.  I've been pleased with all the looks.  I've felt very comfortable with the outfits chosen.  And the process has been easier because I sort of channelled Nora without thinking too much about it.  And these outfits were the result. 

So, the idea of playing the "Being ..." is a keeper in Pout World! 
Now who am I going to have a bash at Being ... next?

A la perchoine.

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