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Saturday 14 May 2016

Touché !

A Dive into the Cosmetics Counter

I been fighting off the advances of the local department store beauticians for years.  My request for YSL false lash mascara has invariably been followed by "Are you OK for Touche Éclat, Madam?".  Like it was a given that all visitors to the YSL counter are users of its supposed miracle worker.  I was not that person.

I've fought them off with my very brave stock-response, "I don't use it, dark circles isn't one of my many beauty challenges, thank you".

Until now.
For I have capitulated.

I popped in to our local department store beauty department Creaseys some weeks ago for a YSL mascara, when on the way to the hygienist.  On reflection, I realise the trained salesperson could easily spot my vulnerability, could see that I was looking for any side-tracking opportunity to put off getting to the hygienist.  Even a mini-makeover.  It must have been written all over my clearly-needy face.

When the stunningly beautiful beautician (not tautologous!) realised I was a rarity, a Touche Eclat Virgin, she very casually, very sweetly, asked me if I had time for her to try some on me. 
Well, as it happened, I did have 20 minutes till my appointment, and I didn't want to sweat out those interminable minutes in the hygienist's ante-chamber, so what's a girl to do?
I said "where do I sit?"!

 She deftly applied the magic potion to where she believed my face so desperately needed it.  But to just the one side of the face.  She led me to a mirror and let me see its magic for myself and then showed me how to apply the potion to the other half.

Oh, she was good!  But in an oh so gentle, casually coaxing way. 
A light touch, or should I say a light touche?
And of course I could see a difference and of course I told her to ring up a hit on the till.

Many before her had tried to get me to buy it. Many had failed.
But she finally got me with her light-touch épée work.  I surrendered.   Touché.

If you're not familiar with the product, I think the idea that it illuminates the dark bits to lighten up the face.

So I've been giving it a go for a few weeks.  Maybe you have even noticed!

I took a few shots this morning.

As instructed by my new bestie, it's applied to the under-eye, into the cheek crevices and down the nose - like I would want to have my nose highlighted!

Can you see a difference?  Have I wasted my pension money?!

I think it does lighten the dark circles which have now appeared under eye in recent years.
And I think the smile creases look less-pronounced. 

With apologies for the less-sharp quality of the pictures, BTW.  I did Kindle selfies as I knew The Photographer wouldn't have the patience for all this close-up malarkey!

I know so many have raved over this product over the years.  It has been in the Top Ten of beauty products for so long.  I've been strong to resist but now that I have succumbed I'm going to run with it and see if I do continue to feel it makes a difference.

You can find details of the product here.
(Currently on offer with a handbag-sized False Lash mascara)
My new bestie also gave me a sample of the new Touche Eclat foundation, details here, which magazines are raving about, so I'm trying that out too.  What fun!

Well, dear reader, do you use Touche Eclat?
Have you been using it for years?
Do you see a noticeable difference?  On you?  On me?!
And have you tried the Touche Eclat foundation too?
I'd love to hear what you think of these products.

A la perchoine.

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