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Friday, 27 January 2017

It's All Grey Today - and breaking news!

Breaking news:  Just realised, I wrote my very first post a year today - here!
My thanks to all of you lovely people for popping in to my humble blog.

Jeans and jacket, jewellery, hair ... jewellery, hair - it's all grey today, folks!

Hello my lovelies.  Hope you are well and keeping warm.  We're having gloriously crisp sunny days with just a slight breeze and still checking in at around 3-5 degrees, down to -1 sometimes at night.  Could be worse so let's call it pretty bloomin' good!

My recent Challenges post has whet my appetite for doing some more 'jacket and jeans' work.  So I grabbed the jacket I posted and gave it a whirl.

Old M&S grey tweedy jacket  worn with grey Peacock jeans (new this winter) and a silk-edged modal l/sl top from Artigiano.  Looking at the pics I think I should have added some pattern or some colour.  Better luck next time.

My gorgeously light-as-a-feather silk scarf from sweet Janice of theviviennefiles.  I should cut off its tag but it gives its provenance as being handprinted in New York which to an island girl sounds pretty exotic.  So I don't.

I was going out for lunch and didn't fancy lugging a coat around just for to and from the car so I snuggled into this leoprint shawl from Next.  So warm.  I snuggle into it a fair bit in this weather.

Womens Grey High Waisted Rita Jeans.

I bought these before Christmas but have only started wearing them recently now that I'm in Real Clothes again.   Great jeans.  Said it before. I'll say it again, Peacocks do good jeans.

I wore my recent birthday present received here - Double grey pearl earrings made by Claudia Bradby.  Aren't they super?  I've worn them loads.  So me. 
So grateful to Son and Daughter in Law for my lovely pressie.

Here's my "arty bloggy" shot of them with my Christmas pressie Wink bracelet I told you about - see how they work together so well.  (I was originally going to wear the scarf in this pic but The Photographer With Fashion Views told me to go with the silky one instead.  So I did.

I've enjoyed resurrecting this skirt suit.  It's drawing me back to my fave grey.  It's drawing me to mixing grey with my fave complimentary colours.   So I will.

And here's some more archive magic.  A week ago I spotted this jacket on the Next site.

Charcoal Etched Single Breasted Jacket

I liked it and saved a photo on my tablet, so I was already at that stage consciously stalking it with intention to buy. Then when I was putting together the aforementioned Challenges post, I thought hey, that jacket's similar to something I've got in the holding pattern wardrobe. 

Tadaah!  No need to click the Next button, I can put my pensioner pennies back in my purse.

Do you have moments like this?
You've seen something you like, then it dawns on you already own something similar?
It's been happening to me a fair bit lately.  It pays to hoard!  Let's call it The Hoarding Dividend.

A la perchoine.


  1. Grey. Oh fab. I think it was fine without the splodge of colour. I suppose I add a bit of gold jewellery if I'm all grey. A brooch maybe or long necklace.
    I have to explore peacocks for jeans. My grey ones are from Next and a similar price.

    1. Oh phew, Anna! When I put the pics together I thought it looked a bit, errr, grey? Relieved it looks OK.
      I really do like the cut and fabric of Peacocks jeans, hope give them a try. Happy weekend!

  2. Just discovered your blog and like your attitude. I like your very practical and realistic approach to dressing the retired body and you look great. I like the grey look with both scarves.

    1. Welcome Christy! Your comments warmed my heart, attitude is something I value hugely, in everything! The retired body needs a different approach, something that so far I've only found Saga magazine daring to tackle. Glad you like the grey.
      I hope you pop by again soon.

  3. Hello Mary, congratulations on a year of blogging, I am just reading your blog from the start, how lovely living in Guernsey, we holiday there many moons ago, we stayed in Saint Peter Port, our son Jack was concieved in Guernsey, would love to come back some time in the future xx

    1. Aw thanks, Marlene. I've just added the breaking news so my earlier readers won't know I'm a year old!
      Wow, so pleased to hear you're reading my back issues. And so thrilled to hear of your special memories of our island. Hope you return to our lovely island, let me know if you do, eh!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I too have so many clothes I forget what I have - it's so exciting finding new outfits. But as you say, there is the danger of buying things that are horribly similar....

    1. Thanks, Stephanie, that a nice new word! Glad to hear I'm not alone. Clothes design is mostly recycled ideas, which is great for you and me.

  5. I absolutely love wearing grey and it shows by the number of grey items I have in my closet. This is a fabulous outfit, I love the jacket!

    1. Hi Amy, great to hear from you, thanks for your nice comments. Think there's a lot of love for grey in the blogosphere, you rocked grey in the snow recently!
      Keep snug.

  6. Congratulations Mary. One year in.I really enjoy reading your post's I too am also a lover of grey.And oh those gorgeous Claudia Bradbury earrings! I am a big fan of theirs. Just about to post about it.Keep cosy x

  7. Thanks for your sweet words, Laurie. I was so thrilled to receive the CB earrings at Christmas. Looking forward to see your CBs! Today's weather comes with a "keep dry" warning!!!