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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Leslie's Mummy's Yummy Rummies

You may have missed my chubby face on your screen lately and worked out why.  I've had a cold.  But I upgraded to the fluey cold.  And I just couldn't resist the optional extras, sinusitis and upset tum.   So pretty much the four week package deal.

Which has meant on-offs of no make up, all-day PJs (or harem bottoms and top on a good day) - and slippers with everything.

On NYE I made a special effort.  I got out of bed.
I threw my posh smoking dressing jacket over said PJs.  Effortless chic.

I think you are getting the picture (or prefer not to!).  None of the above has been photographable.

This fluey cold (which I've milked for maximum literary mileage here) took another casualty.  Leslie's Mum's Rum Balls.

Leslie, lovely Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, posted her mother's rum ball recipe a year ago.  I call them yummy rummies (see the play with words?); the recipe can be found via the link*. 

I made them.  I loved them.  TP loved them.  Son adored them.  So this year I decided to surprise Son with more yummy rummies.
I'll make them for Christmas, thought I.  Didn't feel well.
Then for my Family Gathering.  Didn't feel well.
Maybe for NYE.  Didn't feel well. 

Yesterday, I enjoyed a tiny window in which I suddenly did feel well.  So I raced into the kitchen to make Son's goodie surprise, and as soon they were done I placed a select few in a dish for TP and I to have with coffee.  And these were photographable!

(I use my best rum from St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados)

I took the photo. The phone rang.  It was Son.
Have you just watched what I've been up to on CCTV, I jokingly asked.
What bloomin' good timing on his part, for I was so spooked by the call I blurted out that I'd just made him some yummy rummies.  Element of surprise, gone!

*  The recipe calls for cane syrup, which must be a North American thing, so I use golden syrup which works just fine.  And keeping it storecupboard, I use walnuts rather than pecans, but that's just semantics.

Please give these a go.  They are easy to make and can be quickly rustled up as a treat for guests (or yourself!) or for a little pressie using store cupboard ingredients.
And they are truly yummy.
Thank you Leslie.  Thank you, Leslie's Mum.

A la perchoine.


  1. Happy New Year Mary!
    I really enjoy your fashion photos and am envious that you have a clever photographer in the house...MR. HB is at work most days when I write my blog posts so sadly I have only selfie options when I have a fashion focused post.
    Thank you for sharing Mom's rum ball recipe with your readers....

    1. And happy New Year to you too, Leslie.
      Thanks for your kind words, which I've passed on to our excited resident photographer. It helps us both being retirees. I used selfies when we were on holiday in France; they were embarrassing and seemed to get worse with each day.
      I hope a lot of readers will soon be munching Mom's rum balls!

  2. PP you will get better, honestly. I thought I never would after being ill all over Xmas and New Year but it has now passed... Lovely post as ever

    1. Thanks for your nice message, Stephanie, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. And I'm pleased to hear you're over your fluey cold. My, we are in regal company, seems Queenie's had it too. Can't wait to post "We are now better"!.

  3. Those look gorgeous. Im having a go over my diet is over. Yes that never ending diet.

    1. Well Anna, I'm going to try to exercise naughty food pic restraint during this diet period but I couldn't not share this super recipe. Do try them when the diet's over, they are truly yummy!