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Friday, 20 January 2017

Walkin', Munchin', Not Much Filmin'

Such a gorgeous day.  Cold but sooo sunny.

I decided to plonk my hat on, rather than try out the jaunty tilt.

Yes, today I was a right plonker!

Can you spot me?  Walking along the ruettes?  Little roads, or lanes, in patois. To my French readers, can you tell me what "lane" is in real French?

Look at that blue sky.

I love the light playing on bared trees at this time of year.

Such a beautiful mix.

A pensioner's gotta take a breather now and again.

 And a little pre-prandial walking justifies a lot of prandial!

My camembert.

The Photographer's absolutely yummy carrot and coriander soup.  Must make this.

Beef bourguignon, garlic ciabatta.

The Photographer's Shepherd's Pie.  Must stock up the freezer with some of this comfort food.

The portion sizes may look big on screen but they are nicely small, perfect for a pensioner's appetite.

And the yummiest pear poached in red wine!

We met up with a golf mate/friend/very nice man for lunch at the club.

I think this stainless steel artwork possibly references the sea in front of the club,  maybe leaping over the sea wall in a storm!

A superb lunch is always guaranteed at the LGM.

And you wanna laugh?  I tried to film the 3-4 minute drive home from lunch, which takes in beautiful coastline, beaches and sea. It was supposed to be my little treat for you.  
I filmed 3 seconds of the shawl on my lap.  And I attempted to load it on to this post. 
I think I failed in every respect ...

A la perchoine.


  1. Dear PP, Looking gorgeous whatever you wear and I see that you are enjoying the same lovely wintry weather as we are in Holland. If this lasted all winter I would be so happy; it's my favourite type of weather! I don't know what 'lane' for French people is but for Dutch people this translates into 'voie' or 'chemin' in French and 'steg' in Dutch. :o) Wishing you a continuation of this gorgeous weather. Tot gauw!

    1. Hi Duchesse, great to hear from you. Glad that the temp is mild in Holland. Our temps have been 3-4c but are due to warm this coming week. Think the Danish is similar, stig. Thanks for helping. Wishing you a lovely rest-of-weekend.

  2. It must be wonderful not to have any snow this time of year. Your scenery looks beautiful! Love your cozy outfit, and your lunch looks delicious!

    1. So nice of you to pop in, Amy. Must admit I'm experiencing a bit of snow envy, but I expect this climate is easier to deal with. Not as pretty though! Yes, the Uniqlo coat is so cosy, it's been a great buy.

  3. I'm liking your pensioner lifestyle. I think I might retire soon.

    1. Yes it's good but the downside is you get to be old and penny-pinching :-(.