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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Fawn and Grey

Hello, lovely readers, hope you are well.
Well, it's official, I'm 1!  A seasoned blogger. #neverdreamedi'dgetthisfar!

Frequency of postings has been an issue for me.  Daily?  A few times a week?
I read recently that bloggers find their natural/optimum level for postings after about six months.
Not me.  My jury is still out.  Consistency has never been my forte.

Today I'd planned a brief post, though it's already got longer through my prologue!  I never quite manage the short snappy posts that others compose so well.  
Seems I can't do brief.  Guess I'm a chatter.

This week I've found myself drifting into a colour capsule.
It started with the grey skirt suit I showed you and sort if evolved from there.  It determined my colour choice.  Grey.  Seems grey has a lot of fans out there! I then added a fawny colour for some variation (but not a lot!) and then some ivory.  I happen to like that colour combo and as I type I realise that together with black it forms the colour scheme of my fave silk square.  There's a thing!

I've started wearing the colour combo in earlier posts -  it's a slow-burner capsule.

The OOTD started with a Woolovers longline cowl neck, skirt, grey opaques and Clarks boots.
It looked a bit plain.

I added the scarf I wore the other day for my Pleinmont walk.

Better with a bit of pattern, I think.

I'm never far from a scarf these days.  I think winter outfits tend to be devoid of pattern and cry out for pattern injection that scarves can instantly provide.  The Double Divi is that they provide The Pensioner Body with much-needed neck coze.

But back to capsules. 
Do you find that sometimes your capsules aren't planned, they just sort of happen? 
Try a Slow-burner Capsule this week and see where it takes you.

A la perchoine.


  1. Beautiful scarf and certainly gives the outfit a lift and style. Not that there is anything wrong with the basic outfit it's just that the scarf only improves on it and compliments your hair so well.

    1. Great to speak again, Christy, and thanks for your lovely comment. Scarves lift my days in winter, hope you have fun with them too.

  2. Beautiful color combo! The scarf is so wonderful and ties it all in with perfection!

    1. Welcome to my blog, Andrea! Thanks for your nice comment, it is a super scarf to use in winter - snug and goes with so much that I wear.