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Monday 21 May 2018

Yellow - There's A Lot Of It About

Hello my lovelies, thanks for popping in today. Hope you're enjoying glorious weather.
I feel we're well and truly into summer now.  The temperature is pretty darn nice, IMHO.  Not too hot, for I don't do hot any more, just sort of Goldilocks-right.

After many years of absence, I got back into yellow a few years ago.  I bought a yellow floral dress and then I made up a twinset with cardi and longline vest.  Last year that cardi was nowhere to be found so I was without a twinset and a mate for my floral dress on cooler evenings.
I've pretty much turned the house upside down this spring, but am still having no luck in finding my cardi, so I have declared it MIA and gone searching for another these past few weeks.

The search has been hard because yellow is such a fickle colour  but I got there, via a t shirt or two of course!
And I make no apology for the t shirts - they're what I wear through most of the summer.  They're perhaps the lower end of blogworthy, but they are eponymous with retirement dressing in summer, in my universe at least.

White jeans was my blank canvas for this try on - is there a better place to start a summer try-on?
(All pieces are from M&)

I started with a stripey yellow t shirt. The Photographer shocked me by telling me it was a bit see-through. Yikes!  No matter, I'd grabbed the wrong size (a size down) and my gut feel is that a larger looser size will create some opacity (perhaps not a word, but it should be).  I size up 1-2 sizes for t shirts and that always seems to work for me, no matter how many washes I put my t shirts through.

Now, I liked this cardi but the yellow was verging on mustard.

I need something light for the floral dress.

Well, this was in no way transparent as it's made of a thick cotton, so this one's a keeper.

I found an off-white necklace in my stash (and was about to topple over in this pic!).

Then added this lighter yellow cardi and I was all twinsetted up.

The lighter yellow is not an exact match for the dress but it doesn't fight with the colour of the dress.

I spotted that my winter berry cardi (my BIG hit of winter) actually picks up flowers in the yellow dress, so I'm going to give that a whirl sometime soon.

But you know, I'm a big fan of yellow with chinos.  I think the stoneyness of the chinos tones down the yellow, for those days when I want a more mellow yellow feel.  Have you found that white, like black, sometimes makes a colour too brash on a day when you want your eyes to relax a bit?

This mellow yellowness suited my mood and so I switched to a necklace which toned with the chinos and off I went, to Seafront Sunday (more on that in the next post).

And I've discovered there's an added bonus to wearing yellow - TP found me easily in the crowd when I went AWOL!

I'm not the only blogger who's been playing around with yellow lately.  To mention just a few, Terri of MEADOWTREE STYLE, HERE, has found herself a beauty of a jumpsuit and has noticed that there's a lot of yellow out and about for SS18.

Gail of IS THIS MUTTON, HERE has taken my breath away with this elegant yellow dress!

And do you think that perhaps Amal Clooney has been getting some inspo from Gail's blog?  Is this Amal style-stealing Gail, I wonder?!!
(I make no apology for giving you yet another pic of George either and I can't even kid myself that it is for the purpose of fashion that I do this, though Amal's dress has been declared The Outfit of The Wedding by fashion pundits).

Now, perhaps yellow is a bit Marmite, you like it or you don't, there's no middle ground.  Well, I happen to love Marmite so for me, when I hit this time of year and the sun is shining and the skies are a cloudless blue, my heart tells me that I want to cover myself in sunny yellow.  It's such a fresh, enlivening colour and I swear it does something wonderful to my soul each time I wear it.  My heart sings, my step springs and I get a blast of youthful exhuberance and playfulness.  All that from a simple colour ain't no bad thing, eh?  
Yellow gives me that "Summer, I'm comin' ta getcha!" feeling.

How do you feel about yellow, my dear readers? 
Have you tried the colour lately?
Is your wardrobe a little sad when yellow is missing?

A la perchoine.

COMING NEXT: I take my yellow on walkabouts to Seafront Sunday.


  1. I'm honoured and thrilled that you included my dress! The funny thing is, I never wear yellow and somehow I thought this dress was tangerine!

    You look lovely in yellow, particularly the lemon sherbet colour of the thicker t shirt. X

    1. Thanks Gail. You look gobsmackingly gorgeous your dress, and I can see what you mean about "tangerine" as Amal's looks a bit tangerine too. Yellow really is a fickle colour! Hugs my citrus sizzler, x.

  2. Yellow does seem to be in the air. I love that floral printed dress but really do like yellow and white together. I also like the idea of toning the yellow down a bit with a darker color. I my case, I picked navy.

    Thank you for the link. I have been enjoying my jumpsuit and quite honestly when I got it, I really didn't realize what a big deal yellow was going to be this season. And Amal probably really put it on the map Saturday because face it, we were all watching the wedding, even if it meant getting up with the chickens!

    Take care and have a "bright" and wonderful week!
    Terri xox

    1. Thanks, Gail, the yellow with white is for my days when I'm not looking for a place to skulk! Must give yellow and navy a whirl. You're right, it does seem to have caught on, abd much more than the Ultraviolet fanfared by Pantone - I haven't seen any of that in the shops, though I do live on a small island and when I DO go shopping, I go into three shops max.
      Glad you got up with the lark to watch it, it made for pleasant viewing, though I missed most of the arrivals fashion parade as I was rushing to finish the housework - and Amal was an early arrival! Fortunately, they showed her a few times in the church and she was everywhere in the newspapers.
      Hugs my loveliness, go forth and make the world smiley yellow! X.

  3. Thanks for sharing this bright post, love yellow and I recently wore mustard too. Love Gail's dress, doesn't she look fabulous. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Oh you are so welcome, Jacqui, it's a pleasure to wear sunny yellow, or mustard, chirpy yellow's more intense cousin. And Wowzers to Gail, eh? How fabulous is she?!!!!
      Hugs sweetie, x.

  4. Yes you look good in yellow, I like the darker cardigan with the dress. For ages yellow was a colour I wouldn't wear but now do wear it, but my colour is more gold and mustard.

    1. I did like the more mustard cardi, it's a nice thickness and more jackety, but I already have a mustard cardi and two of them would have been way too indulgent! Isn't it funny that you and me both have steered clear of yellow for so many years. Is retirement when we let colour spring back into our orbit, I wonder? Oh I would love to see you in your golds and mustards, Polly, are they your colours? And do you Pin photos, by any chance?
      Enjoy these sunny days, hugs x.

    2. Thanks, I'm not quite sure how to Pin Photos.

  5. You embody the bright, happy sunshine in yellow my friend! Not everyone can wear yellow that well but you sure can. It looks great with white but you (oh wise one) are right about the khaki chinos - they do mellow your yellow! That pretty dress is another yellow stunner I can't wait to see you wear!
    Enjoy your fabulous weather! It has rained non-stop here for more than a week with no end in sight. Collin has graduation tonight right when the storms hit - such a bummer - I have no idea how I'll dress around that - yuck!!!
    Hugs to you sweet friend!

    1. Oh, Mrs R, you are so full of all sorts of kindness, and I like it! I say, let the sun shine in on days when you need yellow to sprinkle some joy around and you know, I think you would look knockout in the colour!
      That dress tends to pop in on my blog a fair bit in summer, for it makes me feel like a young girl again.
      Ooooh, you must be dancing in that rain, my Floridian Hottie needs a bit of cooling off! I'm sure you'll look fab at the graduation, I think you could even pull off the Glastonbury raincoat and wellies tonight, that would put a smile on dear Collin's face!!! Enjoy.
      Hugs, my sweetness, x.

  6. Yellow! Amal has made it the color of the year. And Gail in her look-alike dress! Love your yellow looks. Aren't you so glad that the season for white pants is here?

    1. (So sorry Susan, I deleted the comment you deleted above and now the message on it looks like I've been censoring you comments which of course I am not!)
      Anyway, back to your revised comment. Yes, yellow! It's THE colour and I have to say, Gail had posted her yellow dress a week before Amal did the style steal!
      Oh you are touching on something I do so like, white jeans! I love pulling them out this time of year. I tend to buy a new pair each year (especially if they cost £8!) as they do lose their pristine whiteness ... well, let's qualify that, they lose their pristine whiteness in the Pout Laundry! Result - I have a fair few pairs.
      I'm so looking forward to seeing how you wear you white pants; our blogs are going to be one big white pants fest!
      Hugs, my lovely, x.

    2. Oh, and then blogger goes and delete your deleted comment like I wanted it to, and now my comment above looks very strange indeed !

  7. Love your yellow looks. You do look good in yellow. I am not sure I like yellow on me as I had a yellow dress many years ago and hated it. Perhaps I should try again with a yellow t-shirt.

    1. Hi Christy, now I'm not one to boss around (I have another blogger mate who takes care of the bossing on this blog!), but I do like your idea of re-introducing yellow into your life, in baby steps. I think perhaps there's something our skin needs as we, err, mature, and yellow is it! Suddenly it looks good on us again. So please dip your toe in the yellow spectrum with, say, a t shirt and see how that goes. And please pop back and let me know how it went - I'm excited!
      Hugs my sweet, x.

  8. I'm a late convert to yellow, Mary,and as you'll know from my recent blog posts I wear it a lot.

    I actually liked the mustard cardi but all your yellow tops looks cool. Loved the yellow with the grey chinos; it's such a lovely colour combination.

    I do find, though, that wearing yellow makes you a bug magnet...

    1. Hi Vronni, well as I've mentioned above, I'm beginning to think that yellow comes to us when we reach a certain age. Maybe we want to feel 13 again, maybe it's because we see it doing something to our skin tone. Something happens anyway!
      I've already got a mustard cardi so it seemed a bit of an indulgence to have two, thought it was very tempting! So funny (or maybe not so funny!) about the bug magnet thing; fortunately I haven't been pestered ... yet!
      Hugs my lovely, x.

  9. Ah my friend we are luscious yellow lemons. Wish we could wear yellow together and sip lemonade and eat cookies, lol. You look so fab in yellow!

    1. We are two luscious lemons bobbing in a huge gin and tonic! How funny that we both posted yellow.
      Oh, Andrea, my sweet friend, how I do wish we could get together over some cool lemonade, shame about that huge pond in between us!
      Hugs to you,citrus cutie, x.

  10. I think you have found your colour of the season. As I said in another comment, it suits you so well. I look forward to seeing your sunshine yellow outfits over summer.

    1. Thanks and trust me, there's plenty more sunshine heading your way! Hugs, x.

  11. Now you can get in the mood for making lemonade with your GS! :_) Mary, I love yellow, and used to not wear much of it either, but as you saw with my yellow lemon top and will see with another top I bought.. Im sold for summer!
    Your yellow tee looks lovely on you and I just love it with white jeans.. so fresh and summer ready! Im looking forward to seeing your floral dress on.
    thank you for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks for all your niceness Jess - I'm in yellow T and white jeans as I type! You are looking super-fresh in your yellow, I'm so pleased you let it back into your wardrobe. And yup, GS is queued up ready to make lemonade again; One thing stopped us this weekend - no lemons! Hugs and thanks for hosting, wishing you a nice memorial day, x.

  12. Love the freshness of yellow Mary. I will be featuring a new yellow top soon! I really like the floral dress and I think it would also look great with blue, bringing out the flowers? Thoughts? and hugs right back at you lovely xx

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Laurie, the flowers are a sort of teal IRL. I'm on the case now!
      Yes, I think fresh when I see yellow. I'm so looking forward to seeing your yellow top ... soon please!
      Hugs my beauty, x.