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Saturday 26 May 2018

Saturday Six #2

Yes. #2!  Doth two posts a series make?

Well, my dears, I'm surprising even myself with this.   A sequence of two, yes TWO, Saturday Sixes!  Consistency isn't my forte so to do this kind of post twice in a row and on the right day is getting me to feel like I'm reaching Real Blogger status.  Next thing you know I'll be posting on the same days each week, posting monthly articles on precisely the day of the month they should be posted ... A Real Blogger who meets her reader's expectations.

Anyway, that's "in my dreams" stuff, and perhaps in yours too?  A controlled Pout!?

Enough of the reverie, I hope your weekend is going swimmingly, which is what I hope to be doing shortly when the sea heats up.

#1.  Bertie.  He's old.

From Active Cat

To Telly and Slippers Cat, watching Cat Casualty

He's still off his food but has actually put on a smidgen of weight, according to his physician.  His problems may stem from a bug or from his aging kidneys.  We're trying various medications but the predominant diagnosis from yesterday's follow-up appointment was "He's old".

#2.  Cordless vacuum cleaner

Well, this little beauty has been a game changer in Chez Pout.  I'm actually vacuuming regularly and with enthusiasm.  It's such a simple and quick exercise to grab this beauty and whizz it round the house when I have a few minutes to spare, for that is all it takes when there's no faff with cables, and it can delve into the nooks and crannies with a simple flick of the wrist.  The central tube comes off to create a little stair vacuum.  Love it!

Have you entered cordless world?
You've probably had some nifty little vacuuming arrangement for yonks, and I'm the last to join the party.

#3. Steam floor cleaner

Emboldened after our success with the vacuum, we bought this.  We have a large expanse of sealed oak flooring and it was a drag cleaning it.  The reviews put our minds at ease about using it on this type of floor so we got this little beauty a few weeks ago and ... Wow !   I put a dollopette of wood or tile cleaner in the reservoir with the water and voila, Robert est votre oncle!

But there's more!  It has an adjustment and attachment which creates a steam cleaner for horizontal tiles and glass.  Bingo! Squeaky clean and shining shower cubicles.

And there's even more!!  Our main bedroom carpet has got rather, err,  stained in recent years, what with the occasional nose bleed (TP), vomit (Bertie) and coffee spills (moi).  I've cleaned them up but the marks never truly disappear so recently I decided that it's time to replace the carpet.  Well, it's 15 years old and maybe cream wasn't such a sensible colour choice after all.

But then TP whizzed the steam cleaner around the room with water only and OMG, the stains have lessened considerably with just one five minute treatment.  I'm now even thinking the carpet might be good for another FEW years!

My dears, this little cutie is proving to be even more amazing than in my cleaning dreams (and yes, I do have those - sub-conscious guilt, maybe?).  So forgive me when I have a Kellyann moment now ... if you don't have one already, then get one, today!

#4. Golf
I deemed TP fit enough to try out a few holes this week as he is recovering well.   Well, I said we'd play 4-5 holes for his first time back but he had other plans.  He used his charm on me and we ended up playing 9 holes  (he's devious!).  And just from that one  half round he's now wanting to play three full rounds next week.  I see some patient/pseudo-doctor conflict ahead!

#5. Blue

Blue got a whirl during my try-on sesh this week.

T shirt (all from M&S), same as the yellow I've already sported on this blog.  Nice length.  Sized up.

A non-cotton T and TPWFV had issues with this one.  Something to do with its slightly flared bottom hanging off my slightly enlarged top.  I looked 7 months gone, apparently.

And a cardi.  I'd prefer a softer line, a more unstructured cardi in this statement colour but I've been unsuccessful.  Have YOU come across any?

I really have a concern about me and cobalt blue.  30 years ago I looked quite good in it.  Now, not so much.  I think it looks harsh against my (older) skin. TP likes it.  So I'm taking a very light touch approach with this one - I'm keeping just the one t shirt for a low-spend suck-it-and-see introduction to my wardrobe.
And that's my tip for today, peeps.  Unsure about a new colour?  Then try 1-bit-before-you-commit.  Buy the cheapest item you can find and live with the colour a while, best drive it,  see it in action.

#6. GDPR.

Yes, yesterday this piece of legislation came to even my humble and most parochial of blogs  - my privacy policy can be seen in the sidebar and Blogger's courtesy pop up should be popping up top for EU readers.
Rest assured, I am respectful of your privacy.

And now my darlings, it's over to you. Go forth and have the most splendid of weekends.  Take pleasure from everything you do, big or small.  Seek satisfaction in simple tasks, like floor cleaning - I certainly will!

A la perchoine.

Winter berries in summer


  1. Great posts and I think the blue tee looks lovely on you. Maybe try the lighter cobalts rather than the deep colour. So glad to heat TP has recovered enough to play a few rounds.
    I have both a cordless vac and a steam cleaner and would hate to do without both. My cleaner has a special head for pet fur and with two rabbits it gets quite a workout. Hape your weekend is warm and sunny.

    1. Aw thanks for your kindness, Pieta. Oh my, two pet rabbits, that sounds like a lot of fun! It's good to hear that the special attachment is up to the job. Aren't we fortunate to have these wonderful aids.
      Hope you're starting to enjoy some cooling winter temperatures. Happy Sunday hugs, x.

  2. My goodness I wish you'd flout my blog all over the place. Darn privacy. You've sold me both those gadgets. Well until I look up the prices.the vacuum thing, does the dust go into the cylinder at the top?

    1. Hi Anna, I think we can still do a bit of flouting eh girl?!!
      You really would love these gadgets. The vacuum picks up loads and the dust goes in the transparent cylinder, so you can see when it's full. It's so quick to empty it and you don't get old dust sitting there for weeks! Why not try the steamer,it's cheaper and it does amazing stuff. Hugs and happy bank holiday, x.

  3. Hi Mary, I usually agree with TP, but I thought the slightly flared shirt looked very nice. I love blue, but I went back and looked at your "yellow post." Yellow is it! You should wear it all summer. Or maybe try blue and yellow together. Or is that too much for your neutral-loving self? ;-)

    1. Hi Susan, I think he's right,you need to see it in the flesh! Thanks, yellow makes me feel so fresh. I absolutely adore bright blue and strong yellow together in the garden so I love your idea, maybe I should start to think of my body as a garden?!! Sending you wishes and thoughts for your memorial day. Hugs, x.

  4. You've somehow tapped into my psyche, Mary, because I was thinking about getting one of those cordless vacs! And now you've got me interested in a steam thingie. I like the idea of running it over the bathroom tiles. Plus we also have an unpractical cream carpet. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! x

    1. Well, please do give these a shot, Gail, the vac actually has got me fighting TP for it, and that steamer will do amazing things with your cream carpet too. We're going to tackle the front lounge this week, taupe carpet, should be a doddle!
      Hope you have a lovely bank holiday Monday, x.

  5. Well my sweet friend, as I was reading about your miracle cleaning machine I was thinking I need one NOW and then saw that little nugget with my name and yes- if you don't already have one fix that! I'm laughing my head off over here.
    So I bought a cordless vacuum last year and love it. But boy would I love that steam cleaner for my wood floors, shower tiles, and most of all carpets!
    I say the blue is very pretty on you but go ahead with your light touch approach as that's far better than a hands off approach!
    Yay for TP being able to hit the course again, good for him!
    Hugs sweet friend, I need to find that steamer NOW!

    1. Thought you'd like how you're rubbing off on me!
      Well just when you thought I couldn't boss you any more, oops, I mean, TEMPT you any more, I used the steamer again today on another old cat 'incident' in a corner of the front lounge carpet and some outdoor berry trodden-in stain, same carpet. Despite my previous attempts, the stains wouldn't budge. Again, I was thinking of changing the flooring. Well with just a short session of steaming today I'd say it's reduced both stains considerably and TP was quite impressed when he came home from golf. So, I say (bossily) again, if you don't have one (and you don't) then GET one!! (Oh I love the new bossy me!). Hugs, sweet friend, x.