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Tuesday 24 May 2022

Pout’s Puffin Patrol

 Hello my lovelies. 

I enjoyed an amazing trip recently on a friend’s boat and it really is best described in pictures.  So my plan for today’s post is to let the pictures mostly do the talking. 

Let’s see how I do. 

We went out on a Puffin Patrol. 

At this time of year cute puffins fly from near the arctic to nest.  They find their way instinctively to a specific section of rock around the back of neighboring island Herm.  This happens every year without fail.  Clever eh. 

So last Saturday we left St Peter Port for the short trip across to Herm, which took about 8 minutes at a top speed of 30 knots (about 35 mph).

And then we cruised around to the eastern side of the island, where the puffins nest. 

Just before Puffins’ Place is a blow hole, hewn out of the rock by the sea over time. 

Fortunately we’d chosen a lovely day and the sea was calm. 

We found quite a few puffins.  Unfortunately my blow ups don’t do these little cuties justice.  

This one has a fish in its mouth. 

But as my pics aren’t that clear

here’s some someone made earlier!

The little cuties have short wings relative to their chunky bodies; they still fly well obvs, heavens they get here from Iceland!  But they’re not the most elegant of landers and tend to crash land on the rocks when taking the fish back to their babies. 

Then we went on a seal search. 

Around this rocky area. 

A cormorant. 

Neighboring Jethou on the left. 

And finally we found a pair of seals!

This one popped up his head out to check us out. 

A better pic of a seal. 

Anyway I think I can tell the story better on film, so here’s a little snippet I put togetherness amateurishly for you. 

If the link above doesn’t work for you, please follow this link

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to our neighbouring island of Herm. 

A la perchoine,
Mary xxx. 

Monday 16 May 2022

White Jeans ON!

 Oh what joy when summer means,

You have your first outing in white jeans. 

Well, they’re chinos not jeans, but that’s just semantics.  They’re white.  And Summer White, not Winter White.  And they’re sparking joy as this was the day I unpacked my summer wardrobe and to be sporting white jeans is the first sign of summer.  In Pout World.  You can forget your swallows, white jeans truly do mark the coming of summer in my universe. 

I realise I’ve unpacked summer a whole month later than these past few years.  Now, I’m not hurtling in opining that this is evidence of global cooling, but this summer has been slow to kick off.  Just saying. 

Maybe you’ve been wearing white jeans for weeks?  Maybe you never stopped wearing them?  Maybe you NEVER wear them?!

Moving on from jeans v chinos, warming v cooling, this was also the first outing of my slip-ons, so comfy.

I teamed my white column with a chocolate brown  and elevated this smart casj look with old gold jewellery.  

Job done.  Go to pub! 

 Or rather, beachside restaurant for that is where I took this outfit. 

And ate this monster of a fish and chips. 

Of course half the fish and most of the chips came home with me . 

And next day I made fish cakes* with the leftovers, and they were delicious.   

I allowed myself ONE chip. The Photographer had the rest of course.  I’m good like that. 

*left over cod and some salmon from a few days before

4 small new potatoes, crushed

Chopped onion, basil and chives


Bound together with one egg and left in freezer for half an hour to man up a bit before frying in a mix of olive oil and butter. 

You’re welcome!

And an update on where my dressing mojo is at right now. 

I’ve resorted to style steals again.  But not taking inspo from other blogs, Instagram or Pinterest.  

I’m now stealing from myself! 

Outfit on the left was something I wore this time last year. 

Yup, I’ve got that desperate I’ve been stealing style from myself!  It wonder if there’s a word for that …

I leave you with a song which captures the thrill of jeans 

A la perchoine, 

Mary xxx. 

Chinos @marksandspencer 

Slip-ins @fandfclothing 

Cardi @woolovers



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Sunday 15 May 2022

What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

 Hello my lovelies, 

I do hope you are keeping well. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but house and garden are keeping me pretty busy of late, but occasionally I force myself out of my working scruffies and into something half way decent for “my public “!

So here’s a round up of some smarter than scruffy grunge I’ve managed to prise myself in to recently. 

Casually sporting jeans and a stripey top, long cardi and red flatties to just slightly elevate the outfit. 
This may be simple and mundane attire, but at least I’m not wearing paint stained sweatpants! 👏👏👏

In the above pics I’m looking on incredulously as my photographer’s finger dominates every. single. photo. 

. Shamelessly on repeat. 

A variation on my current uniform of blue jeans stripey top and cardi.  Khaki cargoes.  How’s that for innovation?! 

Wore this for brunch with my lovely family. 

After brunch we had a walk around the area. 

Overlooking Portelet Bay. 

The old fort.  Fort Grey.
At high tide this looks like a cup and saucer.  And that’s what we locals call it. 

But the tide was low that day. 

The bay is a mooring space for small boats. 

Another day and another un-blogworthy outfit.

I managed to make up red white and blue combo for our Liberation Day from my transitional stash*. 

The white is subtle, a pretty pearl drop from Guernsey Pearl.

*no, I’m not turning all Insta and fashionista!  It’s still my winter wardrobe but I’m searching out the lighter weights and lighter wash jeans and calling it “transitional”!

And this day I was inspired to write poetry!

. Amidst the work in progress on the old patio I do frolick, 

My heart ♥️ pounds excitedly, it’s positively systolic. 

As, for first time this spring,  I’m with an old friend,

This gypsy top from Primark, and to the The Captains I did wend. 


I thought I’d challenge myself with some rhyming words, apropos of nothing.  I found the above to be quite Bacharach-esque

And here’s an example of Burt’s poetic genius:

🎶 What to you get when you kiss a guy, 

you get enough germs to catch pneumonia, 

after you do he’ll never phone ya,

I’ll never fall in love again. 

Poetry at its BEST !!!

The outfit is everyday, 

the old patio has seen it’s day, but I’m here promoting real life outfits, yet again. 

I’ll post on the #patio-renovation soon.  

The reference to the Captains is a small hotel that has a popular bar which does excellent pub grub.

In the pic above, I’ve just started tucking into my tasty fish cakes. 

@the.captains.hotel #guernsey #guernseypubs #Guernseylife

So ladies , my dressing mojo is coming back in very small baby steps.  I’m hoping summer will give me a boost.  This weekend I’ve been washing all the summer clothes taken out of winter storage.  There’s rather a lot to go through if I am to wear every single item this summer!

That’s my challenge to self. 

I noted that last year and the year before I was wearing summer clothes in April, a month earlier.  This year has been colder and summer slower to fire up.   Maybe we’re heading for the summers of yore when our mums would abide by the old adage “never cast a clout till May is out”

. I wasn’t allowed out of my liberty bodice till June!

A la perchoine ,

Mary xxx. 



Friday 6 May 2022

Poshing it up

 Hello my lovelies.  

Today I give you a lady who lunched, and with a handbag!

I continue to up my dressing (IMHO) in baby steps.  But a birthday lunch with a friend saw me escalating the ladder SEVERAL steps with blazer, posh pearly jumper, jewellery and a proper handbag!  That’s FOUR  whole rungs of that ladder!

And yes peeps, I finally withdrew momentarily from the security of the cross body.  It’s an age thing. 

 When I was younger I partied till the cows came home with a handbag and it always returned home with me.  These days an attached crossbody has a greater chance of making it home with this dizzy old pensioner.  I’m comforted by its tethering.  So being left in charge of a loose handbag was quite a risk!

Do YOU feel that way about handbags now that crossbodys have made it a doddle to get the bag safely home?  Or is it just doddery old me?


@marksandspencer blazer

@zara pearl jumper

@guernseypearljewellery string of pearls @claudiabradby double pearl earrings

@jonesbootmaker handbag

@marksandspencer cream/gold flat tied


Hubs was so impressed with my poshed up look that he said my next outing would probably be in a BALLGOWN!

Watch this space!

And here’s a summary of my dressing up journey to date. 

A la perchoine , 

Mary xxx.