Remember ...

If not now, when?

Thursday 30 April 2020

I’m Back!

Hello and how are how lovelies doing?
Me?  I’ve had a three month break from blogging. Did you notice me gone?
I’ve probably lost all of my followers but I needed the break.

None of us has too much time for reading copious amounts of blog narrative in these busy times IMHO, and I certainly don’t have time to spend hours writing and editing blogs, which was the impossible task I’d drifted into previously. 

So I’ll keep my posts short and snappy until I rethink a way forward with The Pouting Pensioner.
Hope that works for  you.
So here goes!

A summer dress isn’t just for swelteringly hot days. A cardi stretches its use through to the transitional months. .
I’m loving my new ritual of changing into something pretty when my day’s work in the garden is done.  And this soft duck egg cashmere cardi is perfect for dealing with spring’s evening chills.

Are you wearing light dresses in these cooler prelude days to summer?
With a cardi over?

A la perchoine,
Mary x