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Sunday, 18 February 2018

How YOU Doin'?

How you doin'?
  I've just typed that in my best Joey voice.  Impressed?  Am I versatile or what?!

It's been a fraught week and one day soon I may man up and tell you about it.  So I haven't been doin' too well.  Nothing serious, but just ueberly serious to me.  However, today I'm keeping it light with an outfit post.  Oh how soothing they are.  I love reading others' outfit posts, especially when the daily grind grinds just that little bit too hard - they are the perfect antidote and bring a soothing glow to all that is dark.  IMHO. 

Recently I mentioned that I actually had some going out dates in my diary (SEE HERE).  Unusual for me.  This week started with a catch up meal with friends at The Imperial. 

60s+ -style-winter-white-berry-knee-hoots=pouting=pensioner

When it came to attire, all I needed to do was check my post for outfit ideas.  And this one screamed at me. 

There is something about this simple winter white sweater dress that screams "wear me" for so many occasions and weathers.  I chose a simple strand of beads to accessorise, linking the colour to the boots.


Oh yes, my love affair with these berry knee boots continues!

A pash tied "fashionably scruffy" around the neck to ward off the evening cold air, and I was good to go.

The Photographer has a huge dislike of my badly tied scarfage but sometimes a gal's gotta focus on health and not style, eh?

60s+ style-winter white- berry knee boots- pouting pensioner

I'm my most humble of opinions, winter white and simple berry boots and accessories gives me all the cose and style I need, whilst making me feel just right for a February trip to a nice restaurant.

The Imperial Hotel was our destination.  It's situated at the south-western most tip of the island.  The drive along the coast to the restaurant is so uplifting.

The restaurant has uplifting views too.

We dined up here.

The hotel is the larger white house on the left above.  Of course, we could have taken a leisurely stroll along the beach after eating.

We could have watched the sun set over the bay of this pretty little fisherman's harbour.

But we did none of those things.  It was evening.  February. The elements which make up cold and dark winter's night.  So we went straight home after dinner.

Oh how I am looking forward to spring and summer light evenings.  An evening stroll.  You too?  Have you had your fill of winter now?  Are you ready to pack up the winter whites and the berry boots?  Are you ready for white jeans and loafers?

You know, right now I wondering How You Doin'?

A la perchoine.