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If not now, when?

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Beach Life

 Hello my lovelies!

It’s fair to say that life’s a beach right now!

I’m spending so much time on the beach, swimming and then drying off in the sun.  Sun-dried Pout!

You must be getting a little bit fed up of my two swimsuits.  But they’re pretty much all I’m wearing.  
The days are scorcheracious.
So if I’m not on the beach wearing them, I’m at home wearing them in the garden and around home, keeping cool as best I can. 

I love that these swimsuits cover me up so well that I can decently wear them from beach to car simply by tugging on a pair of shorts - or in my case longs. 
The décolleté cover makes them wearable like this and it also protects that thin-skinned area from any more sun-ravaged wrinkleness. 

Not so easy to sort out are the wrinkles in the new Blogger update. 
I’m keeping post content simple at the moment whilst I attempt to come to grips with it all.  
As another blogger wrote yesterday, it’s difficult to navigate this update without any hints or tutorial. 
Perhaps this may be the final straw that gets some ladies to leave Blogland. 
Hobby bloggers like me don’t want to spend money on a bought platform like Wordpress.  We don’t earn a penny from blogging and unless you’re a avid blogger with something pertinent to say to the world, it makes no sense to spend money on blogging in addition to the time already spent compiling posts. 

Moan over.  Onwards and upwards my friends.  Meantime, please bear with the weird formatting and sometimes scarily oversized pictures!

Because right now, life’s a beach.

A la perchoine,
Mary x.