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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday Six

Hello my darlings!
Hope you are having an amazing weekend.  Our Saturday has been glorious.  So I've popped up to my garret to get some respite from the sun.

It's been a busy (for me) week with bits n bobs going on, so I thought I'd do a bits n bobs kind of post.  As I'm posting on a Saturday I'll call it Saturday Six.  But please don't think I'll be doing this every Saturday - I am not a consistent blogger.

So my dears, in no particular order, I give you my Saturday Six.  Something for the weekend.

#1.  Peace.


I went to an open air gig.  Great music, great company, great events van burger.

#2.  Lunch with Son

I am still trying to master the jeans and jacket thingey.  Here my more fitted navy Alexon jacket with a white layer t shirt and M&S mum jeans.

 My inspo.

I left out the belt, bag, necklace, bracelets ... well pretty much everything other than the jeans and jacket.  But I did go off-piste by accessorising with head and feet.

Taking the ultra lazy route, my only other accessory was an infinity scarf.

# 1 note to self: must thrown myself into the look with a little more verve and gusto.

More inspo

#3  Feeling Wretched

I attended an AGM/dinner, wearing my fave First Dress of Summer, this year teamed sinply with a jade cardi.

My First Dress of Summer is often this ivory linen strappy dress bought from M&S about 15 years ago.

Every year it comes out of the Summer Bag and every year I fall in love with it all over again.
Isn't it wonderful to have pieces that you never fall out of love with? 
Are you with me on that?  Do you have a fave old dress that pitta-pats your little heart every start-of-summer? 

So it was an AGM, starting at 7pm.  The AGM dragged on a bit and then we seemed to stand around chatting for ages before we finally sat down to eat.  Result: I enjoyed my fig and goats cheese starter, struggled with my poached salmon then played around with my spoon picking at the cheesecake like someone with an eating disorder; I have seen this done so I recognised the look and fleeting wondered if I had become anorexic.   

I glanced down at my body and decided that if I have, it's not working.  Evidently my struggle wasn't down to a life-choice, so why did I feel so wretched?  
Only then did I glance at my watch to see 9.30pm on the dial and with that I downed tools and pushed away the plate - I cannot eat after 8pm and this late night eating had crept up on me by stealth.

Of course the damage was already done and my feeling of wretchedness continued into the wee hours.

#2 Note to self: attend AGM only next year, skip the networky chatting and eating stuff. 

Are you finding you just can't digest food properly after a certain watershed?  It really is an age thing eh?

#4.  Reunions

I dug deep in my jewellery cupboard and found this necklace and earring set of heavy glass beads - the colour went beautifully with the cardi, though this doesn't really come out in the photos. 
Trust me on this one.

Found when tidying my flag bag.  Souvenir Viking butter knives, bought for girlfriends  in July,2911.  Found in May 2018.

Why oh why did I put them there?!  
Flag bag?  Souvenirs?  No logic to that!

#3 note to self: when storing things ask the question -
is this a place I will think to look? 

#5.  Wedding

It was a pretty special Saturday.  Harry and Meghan day.

Across the country, there was much celebration.  Street parties, barbeque parties.  So many parties.  The parties continued simultaneously across the pond, despite the time difference.

No doubt my fellow bloggers did some amazing things.

Mr and Mrs Pout had a more low-key celebratory lunch of nibbles a-deux.

What a fabulously elegant OOTD?!!

I don't think I'd describe myself as a passionate monarchist - but as I considered this matter over a glass of prosecco I decided that it seems to be preferable to the alternatives.
So I raised my glass to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

#6.  Apropos of Nothing

George Clooney (and his lovely wife, of course!)
What a pleasant way to make up the numbers, to bring my total up to an alliterating Saturday Six !

And that, my dears, is my Saturday Six.  Something for your weekend.

A la perchoine.