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Sunday, 10 December 2017

My Clarins Coffer

Do you have a beauty range that you continue to buy. even in retirement or when money is tight?
Mine is Clarins. I think I must have made that known because look what I received for my birthday recently ...

A 12 Days of Christmas chest filled with Clarins goodies!

I was super excited to receive this as there will be some products in my little red chest that I haven't heard of before, let alone tried.  And I may never have received an advent calendar before either, so #feelingsuperpampered!

I'm not rushing to open my drawers (so to speak!) as I don't want to glut my senses with too much too soon.   I want to try out each product individually so that I can truly gauge the merits of the products.  And of course, it prolongs the excitement of opening these cute drawers so that it all lasts that little bit longer.

So I thought it would be good to update you from time to time on which products I've given a fair run.  Starting with these two.

This product is Eclat Minute.  It's a soft coloured lip balm.  I tend to prefer to wear lip balms most of the time as I feel anything going on my lips should be nourishing them.  And this certainly does. 
I suspect this product is going to be a keeper.

I am a little embarrassed telling you about this one - because in doing so I have to fess up.  I don't usually exfoliate my skin.  I didn't think I needed to, but I've been using this product in the morning, about 3-4 times a week, instead of just splashing my face with cold water.  The embarrassing thing is this - I have an area of bumpy skin on my forehead ... and it's reducing as I use this product.  I should have realised that these bumps could be shifted with exfoliation, but instead I shrugged my shoulders and put it down to Aging Lady Syndrome.  I feel that as the bumps keep reducing I will need to continue the process and this product is going to become a keeper too.

So 2/2 so far in terms of product keeperbility.

Opening these little drawers every few days is so exciting. 

It's become a little ritual.  I sit down with a coffee and look over my new product.  And with the mornings still being quite dark now in December, I light a candle - oh and maybe I do add a few spicy Christmas biscuits to enhance the pamper experience!
For that is what this little coffer of goodies is ... it's ultimate pampering.
And I am so thankful that I received this lovely gift, a luxurious reward for being another year closer to 70!

A la perchoine.