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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

What I've Been Wearing Lately

Hello, my lovelies. 
Are you busy decking your halls with boughs of holly?
Is December busy enough for you?
It's a little too busy for me, that's for sure.  I'm pretty much there with pressies and cards, the tree's a work in progress and the busyness is down to me decking the Pout halls, reorganizing stuff and painting bits and bobs around the house.  
How are your Christmas plans going?  I hope you're not as silly as me, taking on painting jobs in December, who needs that on top of everything else?!

Amazingly (for me) I've still managed to get out of those dreaded leggings and scruffy T in recent weeks, so here's a round-up of what I've been wearing lately.

But before I start up today, a question.  Do you get notification of my replies to your comments or am I just replying to big void that is the ether?!  I'd love to hear from you in this, cos I spend a lot of time chatting away to you when you comment!!!

Cashmere cardi (Madeleine), long sleeved modal T (The White Company), skinnies (M&S), heeled boots (Gabor).

Coatigan (Zara).

Denim jacket (Gap), plaid shirt (Primark), coated jeans (Next), heeled boots (Jones).

Top and shawl (Next), jeans (Primark), flat boots (Pikolinos).

Cashmere merino cardi (Woolovers), silk scarf (The Rack), long sleeved T (The White Company), skinnies (M&S), suede boots (Debenhams).

Cashmere mix jumper (Next), silk scarf (charitied), coated jeans (Next), knee boots (Gabor).
Larger size (that looked like a potato sack) returned.  Size down a couple of sizing if going for this jumper.

Cardi (Peacocks), floral dress (East), knee boots (M&S).
Nice to wear a dress for once.

Zara chunky cardi, v. old.
I'm looking for ideas on how to wear this, any suggestions?

Ruffles jumper (Kaliko), velvet loose trousers (East).
The jumper has been sleeping in my wardrobe for 15+ years yet this was the first time I've worn it.  Suddenly the ruffles and the sparkly trim seemed "now".  I'm calling this approach SLEEPER FASHION, (find out more about it HERE).

Raincoat, hat, skinnie, twinset (M&S), scarf (Zara), heeled boots (Gabor).
🎵 I beg your pardon ... there's got to be a little rain sometimes 🎶

Cashmere mix jumper and hat (Next), scarf (shop in Lyndhurst), skinnies (M&S), heeled boots(Gabor).
I wore this to bring the potted tree in from the garden and drape it with a few fairy lights.  Then I took a break from tree decoration to go out for a turkey dinner.

Then returned to drape tree with a strand of pearls. They're just real, of course *!

Clearer pic of funnel neckline of jumper.
And clearer pic of work in progress potted tree, now on its third Christmas.  Thinking this may be it's last indoors as it seems to bleach with the sun, guess it really belongs in a dark forest.

V-back version of Next cashmere mix (size down just one size with this style).   
Oatmeal seems to be THE must-wear colour for decorating the tree this year.

Tree, still a work in progress as discovered I'm short of a box of glass baubles which we must have missed on our recent loft trip.
So, I stopped work and went out for a turkey dinner.  

Are you spotting a trend here?  Who knew that decorating a Christmas tree could be so fattening?!

So that's what I've been wearing (and eating!) lately.   
I expect you've been rigged up in smarter attire as you enjoy the round of December parties, dinners and all things Christmassy.  Am I right?

From what I see here today, this pensioner's life isn't the mad social whirl that you're probably experiencing right now.
Perhaps I just need to put on a few cocktail dresses and tell you I'm looking tired because of my wall to wall Xmas partying, when the truth is this month I'm just painting walls!

* String of Pearls, they're just real, of course.

A la perchoine,