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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Retirement Dressing - Leoprint and Leather

Hello my lovelies.  How's it going?
I'm guessing you're busy like me.  There seems to be so much going on right now that I can barely find time to string a few paragraphs together on paper, figuratively.  But here goes ...

This post creates a bit of a dichotomy.  It's not sure which way it's headed.  It has a dual identity.
It could be about the versatility of a classic black leather skirt.  It could be about the versatility of animal print, which can be considered a classic print.  It's probably both, truth be told.

A plain A line leather skirt is infinitely versatile.  I'd have shown you exactly how versatile if I hadn't accidentally deleted 105 photos a few days ago.  Fortunately I'd already copied the animal print themed shots onto this post.  All the others showing how beautifully a variety of jumpers with the skirt can create casual or posher looks are lost forever so you will just have to trust me - a black leather is the very top end of versatile and a perfect piece in the retirement wardrobe.  I reckon I could live for a month just wearing this skirt ... now there's an idea for a post!

So let's see what happens when leather and leoprint mix.
It has all the makings of a Bet Lynch barmaid look but done right, I think we can swing it in the direction of Retired Lady does Left Bank!

Take a Leoprint blouse

A black cocoon cardi and blouse in grey, black and ecru.
Maybe for lunch in a smartish restaurant?

Next up, a leoprint shirt

A longline print shirt, worn loose.  Supper with friends?

Then belted for a more vampish look.  Perfect for a date night methinks, TP would love this!

A black jumper slipped over the shirt creates a more casual  twist.
If you're unsure about how to dress for your night out, a jumper creates Bohemian-arty smart casual.  Then simply take off the jumper and stuff it in your bag if you feel the need to ramp up the vamp!

 What about animal print knitwear?

Take a cheetah print knitted tunic and wear it as it comes to create something akin to 1920s style line and proportions. 
Perfect for smarter daytime wear.  Like a family lunch.

And again a waist cincher belt creates more of an after-dark look.

Another animal print jumper works just fine as it is, no belt trickery required as the line and length are a perfect balance for the skirt.

So what's my point here?

Well, what I'm trying to rather hurriedly get across today is that when putting together some smart casuals at this time of year, a simple black skirt forms the perfect alternative vehicle for a whole range of smartish jumpers and shirts.  Step away from the jeans and trousers, haven't we had our fill of those by now this winter?  I know I have!

And if that skirt is leather, it brings a slightly edgier feel to the outfit, gives an outfit a Left Bank touch.   I don't think leather should be ruled out as we get into middle age.  Provided the skirt isn't too short or too tight, it works in the retirement wardrobe, IMHO

But here's the thing.  This skirt is coming up for its 20th year soon.  If it were made of fabric, I don't think it would have lasted this long.  It would have got to look a bit tatty, worn and tired.  Leather actually improves with age (rather like us, eh ladies?!).  So buying a good quality leather skirt in a classic line and neutral colour makes for a good investment over time.  
Do you have one?  Maybe one you'd forgot about, like I had with this little beauty?

And then there's the animal print.   I quite surprised myself when I put this little suite together.  I didn't know I had this much.    Perhaps you've experienced leoprint creep into your wardrobe these past few years too.  It's infinitely versatile and manufacturers seem to like to roll it out, so perhaps you'll find you actually have several shirts and tops too.

Try them with a skirt instead of your usual jeans or trousers.  It may be my mind playing tricks on me but it is my humble observation that switching to a skirt turns our favourite animal prints into something a little more, er, dare I say it, sophisticated?  A little closer to the parisienne style many of us hanker after?

Then add a waist cincher belt into the mix and we're talking a whole new ball game for the humble black skirt and leoprint top.
N'est pas?

A la perchoine, 
Mary x.