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European Union laws (GDPR) require me to give European Union visitors information about cookies used and data collected on my blog. In many cases, these laws also require me to obtain consent. 
I am the sole editor of this blog. I treat the matter of your privacy responsibly. 
I am a hobby blogger.   As such, I do not see or collect or retain any personal visitor information, such as email addresses.

In accessing my blog, you are accessing through the platform.  Blogger has placed a notice on my blog as a courtesy in order to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies, and other data collected by Google.  I do not subscribe to Google Analytics. 
Please take a few moments to read this information.

I do not collect data for marketing and analysis purposes etc.  I do not collect email addresses through give-aways and competitions.  Thus I do not hold any of your personal information but like other websites on this platform, mine will collect page view data which is automatically generated by Blogger, e.g. location by country only, web browsers  i.e. IP addresses, type of browser (Safari, Silk etc) and operating systems (Windows etc) etc.  A blogger tool allows for limited analysis based on that information only and thus is produced on a totally anonymous basis.

Third party links 
I have elected not to add my posts transparently through to Instagram or Twitter (although I have used the latter for a short period some time ago).  I post a photo and title from posts frequently (but not always) on Pinterest.  Within the narrative of my post I may create links to other sites which you may chose to follow.  All of these sites (over which I do not have control) may utilise cookies.  Those sites should provide information on their own privacy and cookies policies.
My posts are not transparent through to Instagram or Twitter, which I do not use for marketing purposes. 

Commenting on my blog
Should you choose to comment on my blog (and I hope that you do) the title of the account name you have chosen in order to comment will appear on the relevant post and will be retained in annual archive files on the right side bar of my page.  Please note that only the name you have chosen to made public will appear, e.g. "Anonymous" or "Jane Bloggs", and any Google/Google+ information you have elected to be made public will appear if your account name is drilled down, e.g. your hobbies, blogs you follow.
Only information you have elected to provide publicly on your account will be visible to me and readers of my blog.

Subscribing to my blog
If you subscribe to my blog by email in order to receive notification when a new post is released, then you will have proactively opted in to receive these prompts from the site when new posts appear on the blog. Should you wish to opt out then just unsubscribe and the facility to do so should appear on the email.

As I do not collect your email address information, you will not receive unsolicited mail from me.

Created in my capacity as The Pouting Pensioner,  25 May 2018.

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