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Friday, 6 May 2022

Poshing it up

 Hello my lovelies.  

Today I give you a lady who lunched, and with a handbag!

I continue to up my dressing (IMHO) in baby steps.  But a birthday lunch with a friend saw me escalating the ladder SEVERAL steps with blazer, posh pearly jumper, jewellery and a proper handbag!  That’s FOUR  whole rungs of that ladder!

And yes peeps, I finally withdrew momentarily from the security of the cross body.  It’s an age thing. 

 When I was younger I partied till the cows came home with a handbag and it always returned home with me.  These days an attached crossbody has a greater chance of making it home with this dizzy old pensioner.  I’m comforted by its tethering.  So being left in charge of a loose handbag was quite a risk!

Do YOU feel that way about handbags now that crossbodys have made it a doddle to get the bag safely home?  Or is it just doddery old me?


@marksandspencer blazer

@zara pearl jumper

@guernseypearljewellery string of pearls @claudiabradby double pearl earrings

@jonesbootmaker handbag

@marksandspencer cream/gold flat tied


Hubs was so impressed with my poshed up look that he said my next outing would probably be in a BALLGOWN!

Watch this space!

And here’s a summary of my dressing up journey to date. 

A la perchoine , 

Mary xxx. 


  1. I love a jeans and blazer combo, it's one I really need to wear more often! I really like your blazer and that bag is beautiful! I love all kinds of bags but crossbodies are my go to for sure, especially when I'm out with the kids!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Yes, the jeans and blazer looks fab on you - and I believe blazers are very on trend now. The pearly jumper is definitely 'dress-up' too. I'm a new convert to cross body bags and love them; I've re-donated most of my other handbags. I like having my hands free.

    Have a great week - I wait to see the ballgown appear...