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Saturday 27 October 2018

Saturday Snippets - The Blender

Happy Saturday, my lovelies!
This feels a bit strange, sitting here with you, on a Saturday.  It's a bit like going into the office at the weekend.  I know that I've posted on Saturdays BITD, but since I've been sticking to my consistent approach to blogging, I've been posting on weekdays only.  But hey ho, needs must, my drafts are building up as a result and anyway,  it's good to mix things up sometimes eh?

So I'm here today, on a Saturday (!) to share with you something that's been rocking my world these past few months.

If you've been reading my blog for a while (and that pleases me greatly) then you may have spotted this little bottle that I occasionally use as an accessory, and one which I excitedly point out goes so well with some of my outfits

But it's so much more than a cute accessory.  It's my breakfast shake bottle.  Sometimes I have breakfast on the go, like here at an early morning physio appointment.  More often it sits by my side as I catch up with blog comments, or work at a blog post.

Just how did I hook up with my shake bottle/cute accessory?

 Well it started back in June through a combination of wanting to lose weight (me)  and wanting to up fruit intake (us both).  
Our solution has been by having a fruit-packed breakfast shake.  And it's quickly become a habit. 

At the beginning of this new habit I bunged fruit and stuff in a large bulky blender, which was a messy job to clear up, especially as The Photographer and I use different ingredients.  The process was miraculously streamlined when on holiday we stumbled upon a Breville blender. 

Shaking is now so simple!  This blender comes with two bottles, and more can be bought.  One-serving shake ingredients are put into a bottle,  blitzed up, then a cap is placed on the bottle to give you an on-the-go  shake bottle - and often I fill it with water after for my out-and-about fluid intake.  And we're all filling up with water during the day, right?  

We bought our first during our June holiday in the UK.  By the end of the holiday we were smitten, so we kept that one at the house in Sussex and the night before we left we ordered one for here from Amazon - it arrived the day after we got back (how do they do that so quickly?!!).

This in-bottle blending system has seriously reduced our morning palaver.  We're good to go in a couple of minutes.
It's a simple solution and ideal if you and your partner have different shake ingredients, as we do.  For example I prefer adding 8-10 ice cubes to create a frappe, TP doesn't.

I'm sure the system is great to blitz up small quantities of other foodstuffs and I'm looking forward to using up left over vegetables to make up soups in the colder months.  Blitzing is neat, quick and effective and I'm a total convert!

A morning shake is a good way to wolf down a few of our 5 a days in one sweet swoop.   I have to say, I don't think we would have continued with our increased daily fruit intake had it not been for this simple Breville solution.  And I do think this efficient morning discipline has helped me lose weight in these past few months, so what is not to love about the cute, simple solution which takes little space on the counter top?

 So, losing weight ... I'd love to talk with you some more about that so why don't you pop back again and hear how my approach to food has changed in the past few months.

A la perchoine, 


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  1. I thought you were looking thinner. Good for you. I love Smoothies but I use a blender and I actually think they are a lot of work to make so I don't make them too often.

    1. Oh thank you, Amy! And that's the beauty of this little blender, it's so easy. The idea of all the faff and clean up with a regular blender would have soon put me off the fruit shakes, but it's simplicity of use and the clean up operation has kept me going. And I'm basically lazy!! I don't do any chopping and throw in whole skinned bananas etc, though I do de-core fruit like apples and pears and take the green tops off strawberries. It's so easy-peasey! Worth you maybe giving shakes another go ...? Whatever your breakfast choice, have a great weekend, x

  2. Thanks for sharing this tip Mary - I like the sound of these fruit filled smoothies. Do you add any veg or protein/whey powder?

    1. You're welcome, Gail!
      I can't lie, I'm loving my morning shakes and the tidiness of the whole operation. I use a protein powder as I don't use milk for mine. I also take a calcium tablet daily to compensate for that. I'll give more detail in my diet post.
      I'd say for a working girl a morning shakes is ideal, you can park the shake next to you as you do your make up etc. - I've been there so know how frantic those early mornings are! Have a cosy Sunday, x.

  3. Can't wait to hear about your weight loss and any ideas, I have been to a couple of weight loss classes but have given both up now as I wasn't losing, so have given up and weight that I had lost is gradually creeping back, I know it is all down to attitude,so would love to hear your ideas, is the shake all you have for brekky.

    1. Yes Polly, it's a familiar story, sadly, the yo-yo-ing. That's why I've decided to shake things up a bit (get it?!!) by doing something that suits me, not a one-size-suits-all, and maybe it will suit you too. Just a breakfast shake but it's loaded. Have a great week, x

  4. Hi Mary. I am recieving emails from your posts again - yay!
    I have been envious of your ability to continue to enjoy clothes you brought several years ago because you can still fit into them. Sadly, I dont have that wonderfull pool of favourites as I have gained weight. A stone after my collapsed lung and another stone on top of that after I had to have my gallbladder removed. I just dont seem to be able to shift this weight. So I am looking forward to your post on weightloss. I've stored my previous clothes. But sometimes I dont feel very hopefull about fitting into them again. I now have a rather boring, small capsule wardrobe due to having to buy basically an entire new wardrobe. I miss my old clothes. If money were no object, my wardrobe might be more exciting. But I think, even then, with my new size and changed shape and increase in age, it might be a challenge. There is not much choice in the country I live in, for women over 40. I either need to loose weight or get back into sewing.

    1. Yay, Kathryn, thanks for letting me know you're back getting emails.
      My dear, some of the things I've been excitedly wearing are things I haven't worn for 10-15 years (like the skirt above), so have faith as I've returned to my pool of favourites!
      Yes, you've been through a lot and I remember you writing to me as you were recovering from the collapsed lung, you poor thing. Given your medical history, it's extra-important to check in with your doctor before stepping out on any change of eating plan. Has your doctor offered any guidance on losing weight?
      I'm surprised the brands where you live haven't latched on to the grey spending power! Have you tried buying online? I don't know where you live, so sorry that I can't be more help on that one. But from my early teens I made my own clothes as our High Street aimed at old ladies, how things have reversed!! Sewing can be fun, there's much inspo on Insta, check out,
      and tell her I sent you!!!
      Hugs my dear, keep safe and keep warm/cool, depending on wherever you are, x.

    2. Hi Mary,
      No helpfull advice from the doctor re:diet. Public services are very stretched here in nz.
      We are a long way from anywhere for online buying and returning. I find with my irregular (☺) shape, I like to try things on first.
      It is a challenge to find clothing that is not frumpy in a variety of price points in the shops here, for the over 50's. Not much choice.
      As for the health issues, well you just adjust to the new normal, dont you. And do what you need to to stay positive.

    3. Do you have follow up consultations due any time soon where maybe you could mention the weight issue.
      Oh dear, I'd not thought about the delivery obstacle with online. Maybe it could be exciting to take up dressmaking again. And if you have charity shops in your nearest town, try buying a few pieces with nice fabric and then adapting them with a modern twist. Saves having to sew the whole thing and it avoids the cutting out part, which quite honestly is what puts me off sewing!!!
      Please keep me posted on how things go, with weight and the whole clothes challenge. Hugs, x.

  5. Good for you both - it's so much easier to stick to a healthy routine when it's easy to make and clean up! Sounds like your new bottle is worth it's weight in gold!

    1. So right, my sweet, it's gotta be simple and easy to be sustainable and once the habit is enbedded then it's brainless work going forward. Though don't think I'll ever get into the 4.30am gym sessions habit, no matter how inviting that heated car seat is!! Hugs lovely lady, x.

  6. I love to read of these transforming bits of kit, so well done to you. And congrats too on the weight loss. I'm a huge 5 a day fan, but really love to chomp my way through them rather than drink them, but hey we're all different! You're looking the picture of health BTW, so keep up the good work!

    Have a super week!
    Anna x

    1. Oh you are so sweet, Anna, thanks. I have to say I get bored with the chomping so shakes work for this old gal with a low attention threshold!
      Hugs my dear, x.

  7. I'm feeling a little guilty here about the being healthy topic! Well done Mary. I'm allergic to all fruit, but I could use something like this for veg soup. Interesting xx

    1. So sorry, Laurie, I can't imagine a world without a daily banana but you look so darn good on your food restrictions!
      Hugs, x.