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Thursday, 11 October 2018

The 7 piece Travel Capsule

Hello my friends, are you having a good day?
What's not to like about sunshine?  That makes for a good for day and on this super-sunny day I put together a pretty good travel capsule for an upcoming trip with The Girls.

Ultraviolet long sleeved top.
Black skinnies.

Add one leoprint scarf.
I think the print really pops out against a strong colour backdrop, like ultraviolet  here.

A black leather skirt.
Black modal vest.
Ultraviolet cardi.
Bare legs and heels.

This creates an outfit for nightlife dining.

Change the vest top for a lace cami creates an even posher meal look.

Add the leoprint scarf to create something a bit more daytimey.

And daytimey was taken out in daytime.  To visit TP's surgeon for his post-op (all good).

(Yes, we haven't quite mastered the vlogging yet! #wherestheeditbutton?)

Add  a white top into this mix and this and you get a #7piecetravelcapsule, which would all fit comfortably in a carry on.  This will make a huge outfit selection.  

How many outfits can you make from this 7 piece?

These pieces fit comfortably in a carry on.
But you can't put ALL your clothes in a carry-on, eh peeps?  
You need to actually WEAR something for travel!

So I see two bigger-picture choices here.
A.  Travel in complementary pieces additional to what I've shown here, popping all 7 pieces above in the carry-on.
B. Wear some of the 7 pieces for travel, leaving a cavernous vacuum in the carry on for destination shopping!

And now let's have some fun!

So what would YOU do, A or B?
How many outfits do you see with 7 pieces, incl. a white top?
If you chose A, what would you travel in?
How many outfits would you get with the addition of your travel pieces?
And if you chose B, what would go in your shopping bag right now?!

What I do realise when writing this post is that I see MANY outfits.  
I need just 7.

A la perchoine,



  1. Mary, it maybe my eyesight but I find it very difficult to read the orange text in your blog. We were taught on my teacher training courses not to use yellow or orange markers or use these colours as text in our teaching slides as they are difficult to read.....

    Anyway, I think you have done well to get so many different looks out of a skirt, a top and a scarf! Love the black and blue contrast. If you just added another one of each you'd get even more!

    1. Oh dear, Vronni, I should have trained to be a teacher because I had NO idea I had presented readers with impossible tasks! And there's me thinking I was perking up my blog with autumnal colours - I'd better quickly switch to Christmas red and green!
      You're so right, throwing in a couple more pieces benefits from the multiplier effect. Unfortunately the weather was rubbish for my trip, so the colour palette changed 😖.
      Wishing you a fab week, x.

  2. That sweater and cardigan are both such a pretty color on you! I love how they look with leopard, too!

    1. Oh thanks Laura! I too love how leoprint plays so dramatically against strong colours. Hugs and have a great week, x.

  3. Great example of a capsule Mary, you've nailed it with the high impact ultra violet and the leo scarf to add some oomph. I would probably go for A, because I'm trying not to spend so much on clothes!

    1. Oh dear, Gail, I'm embarrassed to say I sorta did A and B! Hugs and have a colourful week in your super greens and mustard, x.

  4. I choose A. If you buy stuff, just squish it in! Love the capsule. Great job.

    1. Yes Susan, I sure did squish in a few things! Hugs and have a super week, x.

  5. I have to go with A too. Capsule packing isn't something I do too well, so you've done good Mary!

    Anna x

    1. A worked for me, Anna, with a bit of Susan's squishing too! I pack a good capsule, but then panic-add random things at the last minute that don't get worn! Hugs and have a scenic week, x.

  6. I love cobalt blue and both outfits look great. I've never been a fan of capsule wardrobes though, I like variety too much. Enjoy your sunshine, it's been nothing but rain, rain, rain where I live.

    1. Well, we got some of your rain during my weekend break but fortunately not when I was out and about. Yes, I like to have options when I'm away too. Hugs and I hope this week stays dry for you, x.

  7. Looks like you put together a great capsule. What do I pick? I guess it would depend on how long I was going for and where I was going. Usually, I would have to have more than one pair of shoes; one for walking and one for going out to eat in. I would always need a pair of pants so I'm already 2 over! Have fun on your trip!

    But I love capsules for traveling and they are so much fun to put together. That cobalt kills!


    1. Thanks, Terri. I needed 7 outfits for 4 days but the capsule I packed created 30 outfits! I took two pairs of boots and one pair of flatties but could easily have managed with just one pair of boots - I wore the second pair just because I had them and didn't wear the flatties at all! Hugs and have a creative week ahead, x.

  8. A is my choice but is that cheating. Oh wait, having a wardrobe of alternate clothes at your destination is cheating, haha. Aka Hastings

    1. Haha! This trip wasn't visiting my alternative wardrobe, it was a genuine travel case capsule! However, it was raining on the day I left and I went to grab a raincoat.
      Neither could be found. Think I've left both in my alternative wardrobe. How stupid! Mad scramble before airport run and ended up with my hooded ultralight down coat - and sweltered 😨!
      Hugs, wishing you 5 ways to have a good week, x !

  9. I hope TP is ok Mary? I'm hankering for a leather skirt! I wish I had kept mine from years back xx

    1. Oh thanks for asking, Laurie, he's doing so well that we're planning a trip to the mainland.
      Leather skirts. This one must be about 15+ years old and I'm so pleased I kept it, it's still like new. AND I have kept a pencil skirt in leather .. from the 80s!! I can't quite wear it (my waist seems to have spread about 8 inches!) but I'm still hoping! Have a look around for one because they're timeless and enduring.
      Have a super week, hope all your hard work in Essex is now done and dusted, hugs x.

  10. You should have a ton of ultraviolet in your closet Mary-- such a fab color on you! Vibrant and it stands out with your hair color. Love the bit of sexiness with the leather and lace cami! I pack light and think it is briliant to mix and match!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Awww thanks, sweet Jess. Glad you appreciated my touch of ooh-la-la! My mum used to wear violet in her later years and she looked gorgeous in it. I think you're right, it does flatter mature skin and hair. Goody goody, there's something working for us oldies!
      Have a lovely weekend, hugs x.