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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Pumpkin Twinset and Machine-washed Suede

Oh I don't want to tell you about the palaver I'm going through trying to bring up photos on this infernal machine, then my attempts at cropping them, and then putting a post together on this infuriating laptop, for I may just cry.  Real tears.  Onto my laptop keyboard.  And we all know what happens when you throw a gin and tonic accidentally shed a few tears on electronics, eh?  No, my techy frustrations I'll leave  well alone.
Does your computer have that effect on you, I wonder?

And I don't want to tell you about my poor Photographer, who is suffering from extreme back pain as a side effect of his surgery in August, and add to that the aftermath of dental surgery yesterday.  I think he could cope with all of that but add to the mix Man Flu (😱😷) and boy is poor TP suffering right now.

No, I don't want to chat about all of that.  I want to go to a nice happy place and chat colour with my girls.

Today I'm wearing a transitional colour.  A chameleonic colour.
This soft colour can be all things to all seasons.
A Soft Zingy Orange in spring.
Cooling Melon in summer.
But what excites me most is its Perky Pumpkiness in autumn.

Who wouldn't be excited wearing Pumpkin Spice?!!

 Yes, when this edible delight came into my life in June, its soft melon colour put some subtle zing into a sunny day.  But it was autumn that this little twinset was calling me towards.
So I am super excited to be wearing it now, on the duller and chillier days of the year.

I soon saw the jumper and cardi as transitional pieces back then.

I could see the colour with soft stone suede, which is what I paired the twinset with today. 

I have many more thoughts on how this colour can brighten up my autumn days.

With white jeans on a sunny day.
Zinging against a duller day when worn with grey jeans.
But it's with black that I see this soft pumpkin working it's Halloween magic.  I can see the colour coming alive against black.  A black leather skirt. Black coated cotton bikers.

And soon I will give you them ALL !!

Twinset: M&S Cashmilon, SS18; try their StaySoft range like HERE  for a similar feel.
Suede Skirt: about 20 years old.
Cashmilon is such a super soft knit, at least as soft as cashmere, but perhaps even softer!

And if I'm feeling like more colour craziness, I may even play around a little more with coral. 
Do you wear coral or orange in autumn?

Unfortunately, these playful trousers have been put away for winter.
But no matter, it's black I want to play my orange card on right now.

Oh and I'm loving my little suede skirt, by the way.  It's about 20 years old and it had been archived so thoroughly that I only stumbled upon it a few months ago.  I thought to charity it.  But then I thought I'd give it one last chance. I washed it at 30c on a 15 minute quick wash cycle.  I had nothing to lose, it was otherwise on its way out the door.  I hung it outside to dry and bingo!  The washing process worked. And no ironing required!
And now that it's chillier and I can finally start putting it through its paces, I have quickly fallen in love with it all over again.  Perhaps I'm feeling even more in love with it now than I was last time I wore it, which really must have been about 15 years ago, come to think of it.

Yes, sometimes love is even more wonderful, The Second Time Around.

So now I'm going to smooth the bash marks off this keyboard, purify the air made putrid by my expletives, and head downstairs to see how my patient is feeling.  I may even play him a bit of Frank, that could be just the surprise tonic he needs.

And now it's your turn.  Which colours are you drawn to right now?

A la perchoine,


  1. I do love my oranges and fall colors, but I'm trying to be open minded about them all!!

    1. Way to go, Jodie! The whole pumpkin thing is relatively new to me so wearing an autumn vegetable is novel!! Hugs, x.

  2. I really like the soft tone of color of this proposal. A very elegant and simple look. The pants of the second proposal are cute!

    1. Hi J-M, Que colores, eh?! Thanks so much, elegant and simple, such a nice compliment. Abrazos, x.

  3. Hello Pout (Mary)-Autumnal change is finally here in the desert of the Southwestern US-also thanks to the effects of Hurricane Rosa in the Pacific, it came with RAIN!!! Hooray-it actually feels like fall here today. You asked about colors and I feel drawn to include deeper lavenders and more chocolate browns in my closet now. It's just a delight to be able to wear clothes I have not even seen since this past March so every piece I pull out of the closet gives me a thrill. And the thought of wearing shoes that are not sandals? Ahhh, a real treat. Loafers from the thrift store-all leather, black and brown. Simple pleasures, right? Sending wishes for a speedy recovery and ease from pain for your beloved TP. Haven't commented but continue to enjoy your site. Thanks!

    1. Hej Jules, hvordan har du det?! So happy for your rainfall. It's nice to hear how the changing seasons affect you and your wardrobe. Your colours sound just perfect and I'm sure you're going to look lovely in lavender and brown. I wish I could see your choices. I've been finding a few old browns during my season switch, watch this space! I do miss our little chats, hope you pop in again soon, I'll put the kettle on! Knus skat, x.

    2. P.s. and thanks for your kind wishes, my dear.

    3. I'm feeling fine thanks! Love learning some new Danish-just found out my in-laws will tour Norway and Finland in summer 2019 and I am so jealous-also am way too large to fit in suitcases as stowaway! I'll make it one day! Nice to hear from you as well-I am a collector of tea pots and all the little trimmings that go along with tea-it'd be so wonderful to have tea with you! Thanks again for all of your fun inspirational ideas and gorgeous photos of your part of the world. Coming to the States again soon?

  4. Love you in my favorite color....I think it is flattering to everyone. And sympathy to TP and to you for computer woes. I have been there many times. As we have said, blogging is not all that easy. But I am so glad you persevere, because your posts always make my day. Cheers and hope TP feels better very soon.

    1. I have to say that I'd forgotten just how flattering this colour can be and, as you say, across the spectrum. Thanks for your sweet wishes, Susan, and I'm so flattered my posts make your day, kind words indeed. TP is feeling a touch better today.
      Hugs my sweet, x.

  5. Fabulous twinset and I loved those patterned trousers with it!

    I bought myself a burnt orange cardi which I'm really loving at the moment, but I do like orange and yellow and green anytime!

    1. Thanks, Vronni. Oh how I can picture you in orange. I hope you post soon so I can see your new orange cardi! Hugs my lovely, x.

  6. The Corals and Pink tones really are colours that work for you Mary. I haven't got a twin set and I'm sitting here wondering why? So versatile. I hope TP feels better over the weekend xx

    1. Thanks Laurie, it's nice to hear what others observe eh, so much appreciated. This soft orange pumpkin colour is so cheerful to wear. I love making twinsets out of anything I have lurking but my take is that of a lady nearing 70, I'd love to see what a stylish youngster like you would put together. A challenge for you maybe?! Hugs and happy weekend, x.

  7. hehe, yes! computer problems can make me crazy! My hubby is in IT and he has so much more patience. Hope your hubby feels better soon! Love the pumpkin shades! I have a velvet pumpkin colored blazer I may have to take out. It is a lovely color wiht your suede skirt.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jess and hubbs is feeling much better today. But oh to be married to an ITer, you lucky thing! I've just found out my post notifications aren't getting through to subscribers and I have no idea where to start. Please, please, please, wear that pumpkin velvet jacket soon! Hugs, x.