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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Rellies, Balance and Getting Lucky

I'm mostly really on the ball with my admin, but occasionally something will slip through the net. Like this post.

So I'm taking you back a couple of weeks, to when I ignored my own dressing rules and stuck with the day's "lady-wot-lunches" outfit for the evening's bar meal, even though normally I'd prefer jeans.  Pub = Jeans, one of The Pout's simple dress codes!

Out with rellies.  My Sis, two cousins, and me, at The Rockie, my local.  My lovely local ladies.  We had a great catch-up.

You can already see the fish and chips on the left of the table.  And because I've been amiss considerate in withholding food pics until my previous post, let's address that balance some more with the rest of our meals! 

For our table was piled high with other tasty morsels; sausage and mash, a seafood platter.  It groaned under the weight of this abundance.  Then I groaned the next day when I dragged myself on to the scales!  Or the balancing scales, as I think they were originally called, though sadly my electronic scales are a cruel imbalance of aspiration and reality check.

Here's my dish.  You'd think my tempura prawn tails would have had been a slightly calorie-friendly choice with that pile of salad stuff on the plate.
But then a side order of double-cooked chips had counter-balanced any hint of healthiness!

Yes, I'm all about balances today, folks.  And posting oversights.

For if I'm fessing oversights, I'd better open up to this one too.  This little pic was also in my drafts box.

There are a few things I don't skimp on in retirement, like my beauty essentials.  My quality-budget balance.   A few weeks ago I shopped for three of my four staples, YSL false lash mascara, Clarins Gentle Eye Make Up Remover and Clarins One Step Facial Cleanser (orange extract).  I've used these products for about 15 years and I love them for two reasons. 

1) They are one-stop-shops so fit in with my lazy-girl, corner-cutting approach to life.  A flick of the mascara wand or a swipe with the cleansers and the job is so effortlessly a good 'un.

2) These staples leave my lashes, eyes, and skin feeling good.  Noticeably so as when I was in Southampton a few weeks ago and I used facial wipes for travel - well, on awakening after the first day of using them my skin felt so taught and dry.  I don't use night cream, believing that the skin should have time to relax and breathe, and my skin feels so beautifully soft when I wake up after using the Clarins facial cleanser the night before. 

So I stick with these products, hang the cost.  Their priciness is off-set by their efficacy and my life gets balance, harmony, order.

And I got lucky! When I did the essentials shop recently in Creaseys,  my local department store, I totally lucked out and the freebies kept coming! I was allowed to choose three products from Clarins; and the mascara came with two gifts as well.  5 gifts!!  I haven't used them yet so nothing to report back on.  But I will.

Sometimes I have to buy these beauty essentials on line because of logistical issues, like the 100ml flying restriction.  But mostly I buy in the high street.  I get a great personal service and just occasionally I am showered with freebies! 
And we pensioners like freebies, eh?  Life's give-take balance.

Do you have any beauty product must-haves?
Products that never let you down?
Products that you don't ditch, even when money is tight?
I'd love to hear.

A la perchoine.


  1. Nothing better than a table groaning with food! Re. expensive cosmetics, I am a complete pushover for freebies. I'm not really very brand loyal so if I see a good brand offering a travel bag with samples if you buy 2 items, it's a no brainer. Unfortunately!

    1. Hi Gail, are you popping in from Nashville or are you back ?! The problem I have with those samples bags is that I've often bought products I'm not familiar with, I now have so many of those bags and a lot of products I haven't used but can't bear to throw away! So these days I stick with my familiar buys.
      Hope you enjoyed your anniversary, 6we celebrate our tenth in September :-).

  2. Your outfit is lovely. I love the scarf attached to the bag. The food looks delicious!

    1. Oh thank you, Amy, I think it looks very Parisian each time I wear that combo. Which is not often as I went off handbags when I retired and I know have about 30 gathering dust which will hopefully become vintage one day for my granddaughter!

  3. You look beautiful and I could eat that food right off the screen!

    1. Dearest Andrea, so sweet and so funny! Thanks for popping in, hugs.

  4. Love the bag wearing the scarfage. I've just started a lotion cleanser and toner instead of a wash. I've used a wash for about 15 years. I've noticed a difference in the glowyness of my skin. I may stick to the routine now. Gatineau is what I'm using.

    1. Thank you, Anna. I love the idea of glowy skin. It's great to find something that works perfectly, so hold on to that Gatineau.

  5. Now I'm hungry and want to go shopping for cosmetics!

    1. Hi Kellyann, thanks for popping in. Go treat yourself and give yourself a pamper weekend!

  6. I love your outfit - very classy!

    Re skincare - I'm a bit of a skinflint! I used E45 cream as a moisturiser for years as it is a great barrier cream and for more than 20 years I never washed my face but used baby lotion to remove my make up!

    Once the wrinkles kept on coming I switched to:

    Superdrug Vit E face wash in the morning
    Aldi serum round my eyes - 2.99 - and highly recommended by the Guardian beauty editor
    Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturising Creme Complex

    and at night

    Remove make up with Simple face wipes
    Aldi serum
    Aldi night cream

    My daughter uses Clarins skin care products and loves them.

    1. Thank you, Vronni. Interesting to read of your travels through skin care. I too used to use baby lotion, from when I was 15. Loved it and still do. Must try it again as I prefer a lotion moisturiser. What's the EA cream texture like?
      Now, serum! I'd never bothered with it, then I tried Aldi Cuvee last autumn and I was a convert. It did make a noticeable difference. I tried to get it again when I was in the UK in the spring but couldn't find it. However I did buy another of their serums, 2.99, and again felt a difference. So, totally with you on Aldi too! I wouldn't spend crazy money on serum but next time I'm in the UK I'm going to fill my suitcase with the stuff!

  7. This is the best time to buy, when the freebies are flowing! That's why I always sign up for alerts to my inbox waiting patiently for the right time! I don't feel so guilty! xx

    1. So true, Laurie. We've got to stalk the offers and if it's a freebie that we're going to actually use then it's a no-brainer, eh.