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Sunday 25 June 2017

Blonde on Blonde Revisited

 Hi, my midsummer maidens.  Pout here, reporting rather sheepishly for duty.

In case any of you haven't picked up on it, we've had a heatwave in GB this past week.
Our hottest temp since 1976 has been recorded.  And that was a drought summer, I was told, but I was living abroad and didn't experience it.

It was hotter here than Ibiza.  Skiathos.  Los Angeles.
I have decided that I like heatwaves.  I cannot imagine how many times I must have said "Gosh, it's hot" this past week.  But it was such a nice place to be.  I enjoy waking up to heat and seeing a clear blue sky every day.  I like planning my early morning walks so that I'm home again before the sun starts to sear.  I love sitting out in garden in the evening sun, with not a wisp of wind around to rustle the patio's olive tree or palms.  I wallow in sipping a sundowner and watching the sun drop down in a deep cerulean blue cloudless sky.
But the heatwave hasn't spawned OOTD pics.

My day job at home has been dealing with roofer, builder, window maker and electrician, making decisions about where things should go and how things should look as the roof is replaced and the big window area starts to take shape.  Or I've busied myself trying to make some sense out of the inevitable clutter and dust building up around me.
I've done a fair bit of work in the garden too.

So all of that meant I was invariably beclad in some variation of my heatwave uniform, that being shorts and camisole.
It goes without saying that no good OOTDs come out of such work and from such heat.

The rare breaks from my day job have been spent on the golf course or the beach and again, no cute outfits come out of those leisurely pursuits either.
Golf wear has consisted of a sleeveless polo shirt and more shorts.  Beachwear was a swimsuit over which I have thrown a beach dress or yet more shorts.  My focus was on keeping cool, and only now do I realise that my week in outfits has been photograph-unworthy.
BTW. as I write this post I have resolved to treat our next heatwave (in my dreams!) as being a holiday situation.  I will wake up each day and slip on something cool but cute, as one does on holiday.  And I will record my heatwave outfit for you, dear reader.

But all of that good intention stuff is now on back-burner as on Friday the heatwave broke.  We reverted overnight to "seasonal average", which meant a drop of about 10c degrees.
I have decided I don't like seasonal average.  Heatwave.  I like seasonal exception.  Who ever took my heatwave, please return it a.s.a.p. as I really do miss it.

So as it transpired, on the one day that I had to force myself to tidy up to go to the nailist*, that being Friday, instead of slipping on a pretty cool cotton summer slip dress, I wore a jumper!  Yup, my blonde on blonde look was revisited.  This time I tarted it up a tad with Clarks wedged sandals in nude, a white summer necklace and my recently rediscovered pink Tula crossover bag.  I hope my nailist appreciated my efforts, for she would not have liked having a be-shorted and camisoled Pout sitting opposite it her for a 45 minutes. 

* they're shelkac'ed CND Tutti Fruiti again, BTW

I hope she appreciated my laced up back view too, as I departed the salon.

So I apologise for my blonde on blonde revisit.  But during the writing of this post, my head has been a-buzzing with Dylan as I thought of my title.  The Blonde on Blonde album, the Highway 61 Revisited.  The title is a mashup of those two.  And in amongst all that cerebral mayhem, this song kept coming to me.  This is my "sorry gift" to you for not having taken shots of what I wore during the heatwave, even though the shots would have been none too pretty!


Seasonal Average seems to be sticking around and Normal Service should therefore now resume with some half way decent and photographable clothing.  In my view, anyway!

Now, tell me, how do you dress in a heatwave?  Does style go out the refreshingly window as you reach for whatever is coolest?  Or do you seize the opportunity to hook out some of your cool-as-a-cucumber little wisps of dresses?

A la perchoine.


  1. Well I enjoyed the heatwave too and as you saw it spawned dresses on me for a change. I hope it's returned soon. I could do with 3 days in 2 off to work and sleep then 3 on again.

    1. I do really miss our heatwave. I'm sad.
      But yes, you wore some lovely dresses. the train journeys can't have been so nice.

  2. Dear Pouting Penshioner,

    I have a heatwave for you -112 degrees F in Phoenix, AZ, USA where I read your wonderful blog daily --just discovered you and have been so delighted to "get to know you". Extremely warm summers are our "average" and you are invited to share them with us anytime you like!!

    Thanks for fueling my dream of a summer visit to Denmark, the land of my ancestors! Your detailed descriptions and gorgeous photos of your recent trip really helped inspire my new savings and travel plans-ugh, the savings part is the hardest!!

    Long comment to say thanks, love your blog, and come share in the heat!

    1. Hi Jules and welcome to my humble blog. So pleased you've found me! Oh I cannot imagine what your heat must be like. I visited friends of the family in Phoenix in 2008 and it was hot, and it was only February!!! I think that was just about right for me, I can't take intense heat any more.
      Now I am so thrilled to fuel any dreams that you want about Denmark. It is my spiritual home but obviously something more tangible for you. Did you catch my posts I wrote on Denmark last year, would have been June/July. Just search Denmark in the box on the right of my page. Can I ask where your ancestors come from? Do you speak Danish? Looking forward to hearing from you again. Knus!

    2. How fun to hear back from you Penshioner-thank you for your time! I have read your Denmark specific posts again and again-- they are so wonderful. I especially enjoyed seeing the Moens Klint photos. Oddly enough, my mom (1/2 Danish) gave me a carved wooden string holder with the words "MOENS KLINT" on it...supposedly a trip taken by my full Danish grandmother many years ago.
      Sadly we lost her some years ago so I didn't know more details UNTIL I saw your post. Have added that site to my must see list! I think I need a month in Denmark to see everything :) I believe that my family came from an area that was held by Denmark and then held by Germany for some of its history...Schleswig-Holstein ?? I think it is in the area where Denmark and Germany meet. No, I speak no Danish, again wish we had Grandma to help out:( I know the names of food (haha) and celebrated most Christmases of my childhood with many Danish traditions. Teach me "knus" please....thanks again for a great blog-it's hot again today but down to 108 degrees that's about 42 C I guess! have a lovely day!

    3. I'm thrilled to have helped out with your string holder mystery. It's always the same, eh, all the questions we needed to ask come after our loved ones have sadly gone.
      I'm not familiar with your family's area of Denmark, though I do know Sjaelland well, where Copenhagen is situated.
      It's lovely to hear the family kept their ways and food loves. Have you read my series of Danish Food ... My Way? We had kartoffelmad earlier this week, yummy.
      I will try to remember to drop in Danish words for you now and then. I usually finish off my Danish food post with "velbekomme" = bon appetite (nothing really in English similar). Our grandchildren say "Tak for mad" (thanks for the food) before they leave our table. And "kram" = hugs!

    4. Hello again and thanks for the Danish Food suggestion....I will check those posts! I push my "Viking-ness" on my husband and son (mmmm, pickled herring!) but they aren't always willing to try things,SIGH. I remember tak for mad (in my head it's taak fuh my, is that close?) when my Danish relatives would gather for our family reunions! Thanks for thinking to include a few Danish words, I will be so thrilled :) Just wanted to say again how much I have enjoyed all of the other posts-your outfits, your beautiful area of the world-is it England or Wales? I am a latecomer so don't know your whole story, just tagging along for the laughs!

    5. We had kartoffelmad this week! The "mad" is difficult to describe, it's like the "d" becomes "th" but you push it back in the mouth and the tongue gives it an "l" edge - if that makes any sense!
      Gladð you're enjoying the other posts too and getting my humour.
      I live on an island called Guernsey, it's not English or Welsh and has its own government.
      Vi snakkes snart - speak soon.

    6. Ah,yes the Guernsey recently made famous with a book -"Guernsey Potato Peel Society" or something? No insults intended if I have completely mangled that title! I grew up in the Midwest of the US and there were Guernsey cattle on many of the farms...originally from your part of the world then?? The posts of your Danish food are so tempting! I grew up eating this style of sandwich-my mom called them "open-faced"- must try them again and definitely when I get to Denmark. Thank you for showing them off! One Danish word I heard often and sometimes still utter is "UFFDA"! Hoping to enlarge my vocabulary soon. Hubby and I took Gaelic lessons when we traveled to Ireland and Scotland in the 1990's and that was fun-not using it much since!! Have a lovely day-thanks for your time spent chatting with me:)

    7. Ok, now you've inspired me to write a post about Guernsey! Can only think that your UFFDA can be "ofte" like our often, frequently etc. Most thorough to learn a language before travelling. I try to learn a few words, feel I engage more with the holiday.

    8. Oh yes please, do post about Guernsey-love to learn about new places!! May I ask, how did you learn Danish -I have tried Duolingo app on my phone to work on my French but get distracted and then have to begin again!! Do you recommend a native speaker? Perhaps it helps to have a good friend in Denmark like yours to help out-you are a lucky gal! Big holiday to start our week here in the States :) hope you have a great week there and that your lovely warm weather returns!

    9. Oh dear, another post to queue up, learning languages! Hope you had a great 4th.

  3. I love a good neutral outfit and you capture it with such sweetness and a very "cool" vibe despite the heat!! Lovely lady as ever!

    1. Andrea, you brighten up my day with your comments. Thank you for being you. It's raining today - business as usual for a UK summer!

  4. Shame to miss the fashion "Hot" photos, but I'm pleased with what you did share! Love the jumper with the detailing on the back. I'm pouting now because I want one! I hope your building work is completed for you soon Mary. I hate anything like that going on. Can I just say I'm often admiring your interior as well as admiring you! Oh and can I jus say I think creams are definitely your colour.xx

    1. Such a sweet comment, thanks so much, Laurie. And so funny about the pouting! The jumper was a snip in the sales, maybe because they'd snipped so much from the back! I'll definitely heed your words about cream. And tidy the house up a bit now I know you're looking!!

  5. You look great in this outfit, really suits you. Good luck with the building work Mary, hope it's finished soon. x Jacqui

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. We've now got a bit of a pause where nothing happens until a window is installed in 10 days or so, so unfortunately I have to get on with dusting again :-(.

  6. I love the details on this top! You look fabulous and no one would know you've been living in a heat wave. :)

    Thank you for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    1. Hi Chrissy, welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for your nice words. The heatwave has sadly left us and I miss it so much - temps have hovered around 20c for days. Hope you're having a sunny summer. Enjoy the weekend.