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Tuesday 6 June 2017

White Denim, Grey and Black with a Side Order of Chicken Pitta

Hi, peeps.  How's the summer with you?
It's a bit windy and chilly here today so I've moved out of shorts and skimpy (in my dreams!) dresses. 
And because I worked you so hard with my last ginormous post, I thought I'd keep it lite today.  Though, it was my most immediately popular post EVER, so thanks for visiting dear readers.
The so dapper Photographer is off at the dentist so I am left to my own devices.
That means selfies.  Arrghh, I hear you groan through the Blogdom.  Pouting Pensioner selfies!

Me trying selfie shots again is only ever going to be amusing embarrassing. 
But I see a win-win though. I don't have to wear make-up and you don't have to look at my face!

 I was inspired to wear Per Una black skinnies and a Next long sleeved grey long sleeved t shirt (my love of grey showing through yet again!).  Note the clump of grey beads on the arm.

Over this I wore a white denim East jacket, about 15 years old, and pink shoulder cross over bag (must keep up with the fashionista lingo).  Black Ecco strappy heeled sandals.
And this is how my selfies were supposed to look.

(Please tell me, how do the youngsters take such good selfies?)
Tadaah, this was my inspiration. How do you think I did with my recreation steal? 
I thought it was just perfect for today's chillier weather.
 I found this pic on Pinterest.  I think.  I wish I could attribute it but I've lost the link. 
But perhaps this lovely lady wouldn't take too kindly to being linked to my badly executed selfies!
Let's move swiftly on.  I haven't posted a recipe for yonks so I give you today's tasty lunch, made with some chicken scraps.  It's based an old Weight Watchers recipe that I found years ago and continue to make as I absolutely love it, dieting or not (and it's not right now!). 




Chicken Pitta
Ingredients per individual serving
Some chopped up cooked chicken
About half a dozen cashews, chopped
A couple of chopped spring onions
About 1 tbspn mayo
Squeeze of lime or lemon juice
Chopped fresh coriander
salt and pepper
1 pitta bread (that's the only ingredient I give with absolute accuracy!)
Toast the pitta bread. Leave to cool, then halve.
Whilst toasting, mix all the ingredients together.  Stuff the pitta with the mix.

Garnish with salad stuff and enjoy, because it really is very yummy!

A la perchoine.


  1. Her answer may be selfie stick:) you recreated that perfectly though. Style steals are great for getting inspiration for your own wardrobe aren't they. That chicken recipe has me at weight watchers and coriander. It's going to be tried in the Mutton household.

    1. Oh you mean the kitchen broom :-). Yeah, I can see she's getting help.
      I love steals, just the inspiration I need, they start with "hey, I've got most of that. Somewhere".
      Do try this pitta, it's delicious and so quick to put together; wrapped in cling film it works for an office lunch.

  2. Thanks for the double inspiration! Just bought a white jacket, so will try to duplicate this look. Also will try the recipe since I am still on WW. Looks good. And so do you ;-)

    1. Fab, Susan, I'm always popping on to your blog so I'm excited to see it. The look is simple but so useful for chillier summer days.
      Word of warning, WW uses low fat mayo. I don't like the texture of that, so I use regular. Otherwise, I don't think I've deviated too far from the original recipe over the years. Enjoy, it's a yummily satisfying meal.

  3. Looking good as always. Thanks for your recipe. It's a good reminder for me to get back to stuffed pitta bread.

    1. Thanks, sweet Christy.
      It's my fave stuffed pitta. I hope you try this simple recipe, it's a great summer meal. It's supposed to be a lunch but these days we treat it as a meal!