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Saturday 17 June 2017

A Week in OOTDs

Hi maties, hope you are well and enjoying your summer. 
I guess it's fair to say that we have been reeling from the unfolding news of the terrible tower block fire in London which has caused unimaginable pain and suffering to so many.  Words have failed me.  My heart goes out to all of those poor families.

Needless to say, I've kept off your screens for a few days.
I threw myself into something physical and the garden benefitted from my labours.  Other than gardening and day to day life, I've been meeting up with family and friends and frolicking around in rock pools and the cooling sea  For it has been hot! 

Each day was structured somewhat differently, depending on what was on the agenda.  Some days I had to dress for my gallivanting, then change into shorts or swimsuit for garden or beach.  On other days, the tidy up happened later in the day.  It's fair to say that each day involved some form of shortage, either with a camisole for gardening or popped over the swimsuit for the beach.  As you can imagine, both of these types of outfit are best kept off your screens, as me in working clothes or swimsuit is definitely categorised at the higher end of health risk to readers.

Do you find that a hot summer totally changes your approach to dressing?
I tend to change at least once during the day, as events unfold.
So, as I didn't feel much like posting OOTDs as the week took its course, I'm doing things a tad differently and giving you a recap of OOTDs - that were photographable!  The main thrust of what I wore was in some way working around my little white skirt, with a bit of variation, as per my intentions here. 

The week started quite tidily in red, white and blue.  My little white skirt with a Primark stripey top.  And off I went pressi shopping. 

By the time I got back,  it was much hotter so after all my rushing around I changed into a short sleeved t shirt (which I think is from Peacocks) and decided to have a bit of fun with the headscarf, go a bit ooh la la!  And yet even later, I changed into shorts and birkies and went off to work on the grape-vined pergola.  Lots of cutting back and stringing up.

For another day, I gave "whitey" a break and donned this stone linen skirt from M and Co.  Topped with a Peacocks khaki split shoulder top.

Here more casually with Peacocks cropped jeans and Birkies.  Looking at this pic, I  wonder why I thought it was a good idea to wear this necklace with the Birkies!

Here I decided to wear my £4 Primark Greenery top I recently bought in Southampton with DoubleCuz (she bought one too).  It was cool for the warm day.  Can't remember which shoes I wore - TP was in a rush!  That must have been a golf day.

This little cropped Woolovers silk and cotton grey cardi is already coming into its own in my summer wardrobe.  It's an ideal little summer cardi for taking out as a light layer.  Here I wore it with a Peacocks cold shoulder pink print top which I showed you some weeks ago.  I didn't take a shot without the cardi.  Another golf day, maybe?  Oh yes, I was meeting him for lunch later!

(I've attempted to shift location but I am finding it difficult to find a spot in the house which is uncluttered!  Outside is either too sunny or too windy)

A Next top, which I do so like wearing these past few summers.
I tried to identify shoes and accessories when I threw the capsule on my bed at the start of this little exercise and this helped enormously with daily dressing, especially when I was in and out of gardening or beach clothes.  I only went off message a few times with the odd scarf, jewellery or shoes as I dressed reactively to the warming weather.

Here I was wearing a long grey cami and shorts.  I shoved on the cardi and necklace, changed the shoes and I was good to nip out to the Post Office.  What a turnaround!

A pink modal top from Peacocks was added to the little white skirt and some pink Clarks sandals.
I think I chose this for a trip into town when TP was jeans-hunting.  The scarf never even got out of the house.  Sooo hot.  Do you find you're ditching even the flimsiest of scarves now?

And that's what I made out of the little capsule I threw on the bed when I heard that the sun was going to be shining.  And shine it has.  I find wearing little skirts, shorts or crops ideal for this time of the year, when a slight wind can make such a difference to the temperature on a little island like ours.  But what I did find was that by deciding on mainly white bottoms, with the stone exception, it gave me a good base to work from.  It also helped with shoe selection.

Now let's have a bit of fun.  We went out last night for a bite to eat with The Sibs.   I let TP determine what I would wearing by choosing his fave outfit from this draft post.  Can you guess which one it was that I left the house wearing?  Please leave your answer in the comments box below!

A la perchoine.


  1. I'm guessing the stone linen skirt and the Khaki split shoulder top. My second guess would be one of the outfits with the new cardi.

    1. My first entrant! Thanks for entering into the spirit of it, Jean. Results coming out soon!

  2. Beautiful shade of blue. And Im a sucker for stripes
    Nice post

    1. Hi Heather, it's great to hear from you and thanks for your comments. Ditto on the sucker bit, stripes uplift me and make me feel raring to go, which is no mean feat with this OAP!

  3. Mary,

    I think all of these outfits are lovely on you. White trousers/skirt are
    a good base to start from.

    I like the headscarf in your hair and I also loved the same scarf tied in a big bow round your neck. But yes, it has been too hot for scarves round necks this week.

    I'm finding it very hard to choose my favourites but I think the grey cardi combos are all fabulous...

    Have a great week.

    1. Oh Vronni, the scarf around the head was inspired by you!!! So glad you approved. Thanks for your lovely comments and for your vote. Interesting. Looks like the grey cardi outfits are the leaders.

  4. I'm voting for the Next top with the cardi. As much as I am all about color, this outfit looks so nice on you. But really they all do.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your vote and your nice words. I do think grey is about as "colourful" as I can go! Let's wait and see whether the top got TP's vote too!

  5. It has been a very sad week. I went past the flats on a bus the day after. It's unimaginable to think what all those are going through. Some lovely outfit inspo here though to cheer me up. All made special with some gorgeous accessories.xx

    1. That must have been chilling.
      I started reading blogs to help me through what was happening around me at the time, so I'm pleased I've helped to cheer you up! Thanks for your nice words.

  6. I'm trying to think what his taste might be. The last one is my bet.

    Regarding your opening comment, yes I'm changing several times for different events in this weather and so single outfit posts are going be the wayside. I was pondering the dilema myself before I read this. I concluded I'd do more mashups.

    1. Thanks for your entry, Anna, I'm going to have to reveal his choice soon!
      Yup, definitely mashups in this heat. I came back from the golf course earlier after an early morning round and the tissues I'd shoved under my bra strap in case of pollen were a soggy mashed-up mulch! TMI? I'm on my second OOTD and it's only 13.30. We just aren't prepared this heat, eh.

  7. Wasn't it awful to see the terrible views on the news. We were very saddened by this horrendous accident. You, however would cheer anyone up with your lovely blog and super outfits. I think these bright summery colours suit you so well. Jacqui

    1. Jacqui, to quote from Wayne's World, I am not worthy! Such a lovely thing to hear, I will store that in Nice Things. But yes, as Buddha said, nobody said life was going to be easy, but recent events are difficult to deal with, for the country, for humanity. My heart goes out ...

  8. So many fab looks! I really like the first one with the bold striped tee. You guys have been going through so many tragedies of late, which is heartbreaking.

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!


    1. Aw thanks, Jennie, gotta love those stripes, eh.
      Yes, such terrible times, so heartbreaking.