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Friday 9 June 2017

What I Saw On The Way To The Hairdressers

Hello sweeties, how's your Friday been?
Here it's been mostly trying to catch up on sleep after the all-nighter that was the UK election.  I don't get to vote (though with my DNA credentials I should be given an honorary vote!).  I am interested in politics, though, local, UK and global, so I had very little sleep last night.  And apart from doing the school run today, making lunch and some grocery shopping, I have mainly drifted into snoozeville throughout the day.

So as a Slobby-Pout quick fix I took a few OOTD selfies and applied them to a haircut post I'd already drafted. And that is my solution for posting on a day when I am drifting in and out of slumber.

Did you do an election all-nighter?  And how are you feeling today?

A nippy start to the day found me slipping on some cooler day clothes, black Per Una jeans, Peacocks stone camisole under M&S linen mix stone cardi.  Clarks metallic flatties and some East charcoal/mauve-ish beads finished off my look.  I was aiming for "school run yummy-mummy" ... did I get anywhere near?!!

Back to my recent haircut day.  The trip to the hairdressers started like this.

A cut is definitely needed - just look at that fringe!u

I'm fortunate in having a hairdresser who "gets" my hair and is just a short walk away from home.  The walk is through quiet little lanes, where you are only infrequently passed by a car.  We call these quiet lanes ruettes tranquilles.

Here's what I saw along the way.

On the right, a defunct greenhouse, a sobering memorial to the tasty Guernsey Tomato. 

 But some growing is still going on and there are always things to be found for sale along the hedges.

Even a kitchen!

But these adorable ponies are not for sale!

So, home, after my trim.  No change?  Believe me, it was much tidier!

My hairdresser cuts my hair in a way that allows me to "see my public" immediately after!  I like that it doesn't look particularly "different" after a cut, just a tidier version of the pre-cut me.

A friend once told me "I'm having my hair done today so do you fancy going out tonight?"
That sounded so weird to me because for most of my life I have either gone home and immediately washed out the hairdresser's creation and started again, my way, or in some extreme cases pulled myself out of public circulation for a couple of weeks until it grows out a bit.

But I'm finding that with this hairdresser, I feel acceptable after a cut and don't mind being "on view".  I'd even go out immediately after, if only I had an invite (TP - big hint/plea there!)   

But just in case I have second thoughts, my gigantic Solar Shields allow me to walk the ruettes incognito!

One of my top tips to self is to ask for a dry cut.  Sadly it does reduce my Hello! reading time but does save a little bit of money and because my hair isn't washed and conditioned to within a millimetre of its follicled life, I don't come home looking like a flat pancake has been placed on my head.  My hair clearly performs better dirty!

It sounds a bit, well, pensioner, asking for a dry cut, but that is who I am and where I am right now.
Where do you stand?  Wet or dry cut?

My hair has been bobbed or long through most of my adult life, apart a few short-cut blips along the way.  I'm intrigued to know if you've had lots of hairstyles over the years or just one or two, like me.  And have you made changes to your style as you arrive at a certain age?  Like gone shorter?  I have.
Do you still colour or have you let the grey come through?  You can see what I'm up to, hair -wise, via this blog, but I'd love to hear more about your crowning glory.  I'm nosey intrigued.

And how do you feel immediately after your hair has been cut?
Can you face your public?
Or do you hide away until it grows out a bit?

A la perchoine.


  1. You certainly look good for the school run. Do they no longer grow tomatoes on Guernsey? My mother always looked forward to the first Guernsey tomatoes of summer. They were famous.

    1. Hi Christy, thanks for popping in and thanks for your nice words. Tomatoes haven't been exported for some decades, since the UK joined the EU which put an end to our horticultural industry. So we have derelict vineries. It's lovely that you remember eating them and they did have a superb flavour, not like toms these days. They're just sold on the island now, on the hedges. I'll be doing an article on our old tomato exportation in the autumn, if you can wait that long!
      I guess you must have moved to the states some years ago.

  2. Hello Pouting Pensioner!
    I am new to your blog and I am enjoying your posts and humor.

    I have had a few bad haircuts so now I take a picture of myself when I like my haircut and take it in with me if someone new is cutting my hair. I no longer have to hide until it grows back out.


    1. Hi Mars and welcome to my humble blog. I'm so pleased you are enjoying my posts and humour. I do try!
      Now what a brilliant idea of yours and I have to say I experienced a "duh" moment. In recent years I've been taking in photos of celebs, Helen Mirren. Felicity Kendal, Lulu, etc. I always get "your crown is a different shape", "your hair's a different texture" etc etc. Duh! My hair on a good day is the way to go! Thanks for the tip.
      Hope you pop back again soon.

    2. Like you, Mary I have a hairdresser who 'gets' my hair. I have a wet cut at her house and she charges me half of the salon price. I've been a loyal customer for the past 12 years.

      I've had long, short, permed curly, naturally curly and straight styles over the years but always liked my hair very short the best. Now, I'm happy to stick with short hair and as I no longer colour it it's pretty easy.

      However, I do have alopecia areata and whilst it doesn't appear to be getting worse it hasn't improved, so I don't really know what the future holds for my hair. In the worst case scenario there are always wigs....

    3. Hi Vronni, well I think your hair looks perfect as it has some wave in it to make a short cut look good. Mine's too straight for short. Sorry to hear about the alopecia, I understand it can grow back at any time and it hasn't worsened, so hang on in there, Vronni, have faith. You look lovely.

  3. I've had generally my shoulder length ish length with one or two detours to short or afro. I also have a dry cut and my walk is just from kitchen kettle to kitchen table as hairdresser comes to me. I'm that important :)

    1. Wow! A VIP!! Your hair always looks perfect and to have that cosy arrangement with the cuppa just has to be the best. Lucky you.

  4. Pretty neutral layers and a beautiful necklace! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!


    1. Hi Jennie, thanks for popping in. The necklace is heavy makes lots of clanking glass noise, I like that! Glad you like it too.
      Just want to use this opportunity to let you know that unfortunately I can't comment on your blog, I can't get passed the email verification stage. Believe me, I've had many attempts as I often want to pop in to say something.