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Sunday 15 January 2017

Black, a Trace of Red, and Tea for Two

Hi sweeties, hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend fun.
I had to make my own fun yesterday (more on that later).
Yesterday I was mostly dressed in black, a bit left bank, un peu rive gauche.  You see, I didn't quite think through my red, black and white capsule.  I have discovered that I have little that is red in my wardrobe.  But conversely, I have lots of red jewellery.
So today I went totally black.  Existentialist.  Beatnik.

All black because I'm running out of red stuff. And I think you can tell from my face in these pics that I'm running out of enthusiasm for the colour combo too.  I'm ready to move on to something else.  Phew!  I hear you say.

The lesson I've learned is that the starting point when building a capsule wardrobe is to identify items in your wardrobe that you have, that mix and match.  Work bottom up.  Don't pick a capsule idealistically, top down, plucking a colour combo from the air without first thinking how many outfits can be achieved with what you actually have in the wardrobe.  That way doesn't work.  You will lose the will ...

So, Ms Satre wore black peacock jeans and polo neck.  With yet another red East necklace.  I think I've worked out why I have several red East necklaces, but the story is far too long.

Scarfage for the walking warmth and Clarks dependable bendables for walking comfort.

Then later, draped around my shoulders.  There is an afternoon window where the sun drops out of sight, yet the heating hasn't yet kicked in.  That's the time I pile on the layers.

Anyway, the fun I mentioned earlier.  We fancied a nice weekend afternoon tea treat, it sounded like fun, but the place we fancied with a nice sea view couldn't take us. 
Blow that, I thought, I'll make my own fun!
So after our morning walk (cold but calm and sunny) we made a quick trip to the Crab Cabin, got our fix and after lunch I baked scones *.
So you guessed it, we had our afternoon tea, but at home by the fire!
Fresh crab finger sandwiches.  Tea and coffee in builders' mugs.

Scones with jam and cream.
There is always the ongoing cream tea debate in the house - how to eat scones? 
The Cornish way, left, jam first then cream.  Or the Devon way, right, cream first then jam.
I've always been in the Cornish camp, that's how I learned to eat them.  Maybe it's because a century or so ago we had a lot of Cornish men over here working in the granite quarries and that is their legacy.  The Photographer was brought up in Devon so he puts his cream on first.
And I have to say that looking at the pictures, I like his way better.  More cream!
Yes, we make our own fun at Chez Pout!

(* 8 oz SR flour, 2 tspns baking powder, 1 oz castor sugar, 2 oz butter, 1 egg topped with milk to 1/4 pint; 10 mins at 220c.  Enjoy!)

A la perchoine.


  1. What a lovely spread! I can eat scones if I make my own.Sadly I can't eat Jam due to my allergies! So it's cream and more cream for me! Don't be hard on yourself about the capsule wardrobe. Cheat! xx

    1. Oh dear Laurie, what a shame about the double cream :-). And thanks for the great tip on capsule bail-outs!!!

  2. Loved this! I called Michael over so he could see the Devon vr. Cornish Scone preferences. They are one thing he will make (he even bought a fancy scone pan for himself). I guess from Missouri we are lazy-it's butter first then jam-but it is plum jam that I made from our plum trees. OK, that's it. Terri

    About red; I don't have much now either. Back in the 80's I did but now its a minimum but will admit it jives up an outfit when it is dreary outside.

    1. Just when am I going to learn to use the "reply" button?!

  3. I hope Michael enjoyed the pics. I guess by fancy scone pan you are talking about a griddle pan for griddle scones. Mine were baked in the oven. Your homemade plum jam sounds yummy.

    That's exactly where I was coming from with the red, Terri ... but I didn't get very far as I ran out of it. I've returned to grey today. A safe bet!

  4. My mum is from Devon and ate jam under cream. That's how I have it too just from upbringing.

    1. Well, that's interesting. There seems such rivalry between the counties, it's really akin to a Scottish tartan and usually the identification marker in a tearoom. Your mum now changes cream tea science!