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Friday, 13 January 2017

Red and Black - 4, Dressing The Pout

Dressing The Pout

Tell me ladies, how do you wear your hats?
At a jaunty angle?
Or simply plonked on your head?
Well, that wasn't my only dilemma yesterday when Dressing The Pout.
I also I had shirts to contend with.  Bloomin' shirts!
I first tried a black Next shirt under the jumper, creating the a layered column look. I felt claustrophobic in it.
Maybe I'll feel better in something lighter.
Switch to an ecru Monsoon much softer silk shirt under my red festivity.
I felt like I was going to work, ca. 1995.  Or that I was a school marm.
I moaned and muttered tetchily about my look over breakfast.
"Nothing wrong with looking like a school marm now and again" responded the ever-diplomatic always hedging his bets Photographer.
 But, hold on, maybe he wasn't being diplomatic, maybe he wanted me to dress like a school marm.  There followed a full 5 minute interrogation on this very subject.  His lot is not an easy one.

Interrogation over.  Turns out school marm was not a look he had been harbouring.
So I felt comfortable-er when I ditched the shirt immediately after breakfast, substituting the trusty old black modal vest.  Predicable maybe, but the vest creates zero claustrophobisity so obviously that was going to make The Pout feel comfortableacious.
Oh spellchecker's gone mental during that paragraph! But I had fun.
So, shirts. You know there's something about shirts and me.  Or rather, not shirts and me.  I don't feel comfortable in them.  I'm OK if they are loosely open with a vest or cami under.  But closed up I feel claustrophobic and dare I say it, a tad manly.  And don't get me started on the Crisp White Shirt ...!
Am I the only lady in Blogland who doesn't like shirts?

So having deliberated for 45 minutes over what-to-wear-under-a-jumper-even-though-the-item-is-barely-visible, I was now ready for the next stage of Dressing The Pout.
Neckage.  These days my neck needs hiding from the world.  It needs neck-cammo.  So I pulled on the Tie rack silk scarf, casually yet elegantly :-) slung over the shoulders.

But hey, I was going out, so didn't want that scarf a-slippin' and a-slidin' under my coat, so it was lashed around my neck, cowboy style.

Then on to footwear.  Clarks lace-ups.  With heels.  High heels.  I am so proud of myself! 
A bit 1940s, a bit on the school marm side of dressing but the thing is, because the heels are high yet uber-comfortable, I feel good sassy walking in them, so I walk like I feel - Confident Lady. 
 I think the way shoes get you to walk and get you to feel about yourself is very important.  "Do these shoes get me to hold my head high and walk like a lady?" is the test I apply in shoe shops. 
It's important.  To me. 

And oh the temperatures are dropping.  We got down to 3c yesterday with 60 mph winds.  It was brrrrr.  But no snow :-(.  So, another scarf.  This one there for warmth, not neck camouflage!

So, "brrr" calls for headwear too.  Thus the final stage of Dressing The Pout is to find a hat.

And that's where we came in.  How do you wear your fedora?  Plonked or tilted?
So, dear reader, today we have Dressed The Pout.  It's a gruelling process, eh?

A la perchoine.



  1. I have major league hat trouble. I look like a turnip in most hats, either plonked or tilted. There is an excellent hat shop in Rye - Herald and Heart, if you are ever there....

    1. Love the turnip analogy! I guess I feel turnip-like too. I have quite a few (hats not turnips) but wear them so little, it's rarely that cold and they play havoc with the hair!
      Thanks for the Rye tip, I'll be there in the spring sometime.

  2. Very pretty hat, and red top.

    I always put my hat on dead centre.

    Good post

    1. Aw, so sweet Heather, thanks. I expect dead centre anchors them down, mine was nearly blown off several times when walking today!

  3. Yes like you I feel a bit uncomfortable with shirts not quite sure how to wear them and feel a bit bundled up with sweater and shirt.

    1. Oh phew, Polly, I am not alone! I am so thankful the lycra top came along whilst I was working, that was a game changer. What's your alternative to the shirt, BTW?

  4. Afraid I seem to just wear a sweater, and then probably moan because I am cold. I am not very good at putting outfits together, that is why I have started to look at ladies like you that blog.

    1. Hi Polly, I started this blog for the very same reason so I hope you enjoy my it. Who needs shirts anyway!
      Keep warm.

    2. Yes, I also started mine for similar reasons. It's a great community too.

  5. Mary you are so right about how shoes make you feel and walk. I do the exact same thing trying on shoes! Hat's do not suit me at all :-( And I love hats and how they can finish an outfit. I tried wearing one the other day (post coming up) But I'm not happy with how I look.The Red looks fab on you btw xx

    1. Ah, a fellow sassy shoe tester! Perhaps your readers will change your mind on the hats, looking forward to the post. Thanks for your kind words, Laurie x.

  6. I'm a plonk it on person. As for school mam. I relate that to tweed skirts. Really because my parents had a awful experience with an elderly old school school ma'am at my school. She was sat on the stage with parents facing seated in the hall and well she could have done with learning a bit about getting in and out of cars etiquette from your later post. The story related to me by my mother. Just glad I wasn't witness.

    1. Oh Anna, thanks for sharing, I'm getting the picture ... And it's not nice!
      Some can do hats so well but so far my survey says we're a plonk it on nation.