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Monday 23 January 2017

Pleinmont Walk in Grey and Camel

 Hello, dear readers.

What a gorgeous day!  I've had a lovely walk around the headland at Pleinmont.

But first the outfit.  Grey Peacocks jeans, Artigiano ivory cowl top, taupe Woolovers cashmere cardi, Clarks dependable bendables.

Livened up with a bit of pattern, a grey and taupe from my sweet Dutch friend.

Snuggled up ...

... and good to go.

And I went to the south-westerly most tip of the island.

Here's Fort Grey, or the Cup and Saucer as we call it.  Because that is what it looks like.

This used to be a busy fisherman's spot.

Quiet beach.

Beach hut.

Another fort in the distance.

And not so distant.

Tunnels formed by the seaward wind blowing in on the trees.


A signal flag.  A flag post was originally erected in the 1800s, before radio.  Flag messages used to be sent to the lighthouse men.  That was the only form of communication.

The cottages which the lighthousemen and their families lived in when the lighthouse ran manually.

And after a lovely walk, a spot of lunch at the hood's Imperial Hotel - I'll save dieters out there the agony of food pics.
So, a pretty perfect day for me - and for dieters!

A la perchoine.


  1. Lovely photos, and a great outfit for a cold day.
    Margaret P

  2. Thanks for popping in, Margaret, and thanks for your kind words. The day was lovely.

  3. Oh that is so much my outfit. I must do a being Mary my twin! Did you mean to find the tip of the island or was it a walk of Lostness?

  4. Thanks Anna, yes I could see my twin in that outfit. Being Mary ... So funny! There's a challenge for you.
    Was on the Walk of Lostness and ran out of walk.

  5. You look lovely in your outfit Mary, hope you had a great time. Jacqui

    1. Aww, so sweet of you, Jacqui. It was a glorious day, cold, but it's so good to get out this time of year!

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Tamara, it certainly is a lovely spot for walking. So pretty in summer. Won't be pretty tomorrow, Storm Doris is on the way!