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Monday, 16 January 2017

Red and Black - The Disastrous Finale!

It was a day of two skirts.

Skirt 1, a red Principles skirt, with black Woolovers cashmere V-neck.  Clarks heeled lace-ups.

I haven't been out for about three weeks.  Unless you count two visits to the doctors' surgery, one to the optician (all lurgy-related) and a routine biennial mammogram.  I don't count those as "out".  I associate "out" with hair done, the slap on, and perhaps a modicum of thought given to my attire.  Those four "outings" did not fit my criteria.

The Photographer, bless him, unsuccessfully attempted to take me out to afternoon tea yesterday.  Undeterred, he tried again today with a lunch.  After several attempts getting to find a restaurant/bar that had a free table for two we finally found one that could actually fit in our two bodies.  Didn't realise that with the many restaurants on the island, this impromptu idea would be so difficult to fulfil.  But we got there, so all was good.

The Photographer sporting his Christmas pressie jumper and his Birthday pressie Uniqlo Light Down jacket; his seafood platter.

And here's the thing, we I decided that for this special first-time-in-three-weeks outing I should be driven like a lady, in The Posh Car.  Posh being The Photographer's sleek Peugeot 508 estate with leather the upholstery and all the bells and whistles.  

And it was me who decided that after I nipped out for a newspaper on the drive home that I should show The Photographer how I could get into the car "like a lady".  You know, the way we were taught back in the 60s, when mini skirts presented a challenge to our modesty, video here.

I showed him my technique, pretty smooth actually (without the recommended guiding hand and pashmina).  Then rrriiiiipppppppppp.  I heard my skirt rip, up the back seam - forget the kick slit, I could now do the splits in the skirt (oh I wish)! What I hadn't thought through was how cars have changed in 50 years.  They are lower.  And deeper.  My moves weren't conducive with such a drop to the seat.  I fell plonkingly into the sleek seat, rather than smoothly gliding.
I had used the method designed to work with 60s seats.  Designed for a Triumph Herald. 

Triumph Herald 1200 first registered April 1964 1147cc.jpg

So this is what I did when I returned home.

I changed!  Into Skirt 2.  Grey.

And that, dear reader, was The Disastrous Finale to my week in Red, black and occasionally white.  And at the last hurdle, grey

A la perchoine.


  1. Where's the YouTube video? I'm surprised January restaurants are so full. What will you do with the skirt? Is it repairable or is it an inadvertent wardrobe cleanse victim?

    1. It worked for me but I've just posted a new link. I'm not techy,
      Seems everybody had the same idea. Never mind, we had to drive 15 minutes to the restaurant (rather than 3 minutes to our local!) so that would be your equivalent of driving to Dover for lunch, so it felt like a proper outing!
      The skirt just needs the seam sewn again, the stitches unravelled and the back slit became enormous. I took flowers to my mum's grave before going home but fortunately my puffa coat hid my embarrassment. Mum was probably laughing!

  2. Haha Sorry Mary! This has given me a good laugh! This is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me when I'm trying to be ladylike. Then the OH will laugh and I would scowl. Did the photographer laugh?

    1. Oh yes, Laurie, he laughed alright! Relieved to hear we may have some common ground when it comes to playing the lady!! Thank goodness for jeans, eh?