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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2016 Reflections - Challenges

2016 was a year of challenges for many around the globe. 
The Pout Year seemed to be filled with its own more frivolous challenges, in many shapes and forms.
Here are some of the challenges I worked on during last year.
It's a long post but don't be deterred, it's mostly photos!

My Personal Challenges

There were a few styles I liked on others but had been too much of a wuss (how is that spelt?) to try them out.  Until I had this new platform, that is.  So via the blog, I challenged myself to try them out. 


Wearing white jeans in winter.
It seems strange wearing winter boots with summer jeans, but I loved the look as soon as I got the two together.


I've worn yellow!
It's a colour I never knew I liked. Apparently I do, now.  I love it.  It's so fresh.

Jeans with heels.
I tried a few combos over the year but these Adesso heels were my faves with jeans.
For me, heels with jeans works if the shoes are a tad sassy, so that they bring some femininity to the boyish jeans party.  The perfect guest!


 Jacket with jeans, still a work in progress.
I think this was number one of my wish list.  I've tried many combos over the year.  This is the first pic that came to hand but I think it's a good example of my early work!

I wore shorts, for heaven's sake!  And as soon as I did, I loved them.  A defo for this summer.

Winter florals.
This little exercise came in quite useful.  It gave me some OOTDs for the period leading up to Christmas, when something a little more special was called for.  Who would think that some winter daintiness be created by simply adding a cardi and boots to these fine fabric sleeveless dresses.

Anna's Challenges

Oh Anna of muttonyearsstyleandi has set a fair few challenges in 2016! She loves a challenge.  Her clothesy challenges get you to put together things you hadn't perhaps thought of previously.
I couldn't do them all (and I don't think that's her intention) but I've managed a few.

Some of the challenges I relished: Khaki and navy; plaid and pearls; khaki and stripes.

I've been a challenge cheat  - here with 30 year old OOTD shot (left, in case you can't work that out!) ...


... but nobody likes a cheater, so I had a proper go at the white t shirt and jeans challenge some days later.   It was a good look then, it's a good look now (says me!)

I completed a challenge without realising it!  Anna's teal and grey challenge.

I told Anna I didn't have any teal.  A few days later I posted a cardi that I thought was "jade".  Well. it's teal according to Anna and that was fine by me because, hey presto, challenge completed!

My "Being ... " Challenges

I've posted a few "style steals" from some of the bloggers I've admired.

I've been Nora ...

Nora of jacketsociety is very much a jacket lady.  Her look is epitomised by the white jacket, distressed jeans and heels.
I was itching to try this look as it amalgamates a couple of my own self-set challenges.
I will definitely put this together again in the spring, when jacket and jeans work best.

And I've been Jane ...

Jane of mymidlifefashion  rocks the military jacket and jeans and I became a fan.
I searched my clothes archives and found this velvet jacket with round neck and metal buttons and hey presto, I'd got  myself a trendy  "military" jacket.

You'll see again there is a jacket, jeans and heels theme predominant through this post. 
I appear to be a one-trick-pony.  Maybe that's all I want in pensioner life.

My, this post has been worth the effort because I see that I haven't done so badly.  I've kept on-message.  I've worn things, combos and colours that I would never have thought of/dared to try out without the setting of challenges.  I hope you've enjoyed it and can relate it to the clothes journey you've been on.
Have you been reflecting on your achievements in 2016?
Did you challenge yourself in any new directions, clothes-wise?

So ... going forward, there are looks I want to re-visit and more bloggers' style I want to "steal" in 2017 - watch this space!  
Is there anything you would like me to do more of?  Or anything new?

It's always good to talk.  Remember, this is 2017.  The year you and I have dialogue?
So please keep checking in!

A la perchoine.


  1. Thank you for referencing me. I love trying to make my wardrobe work and so my challenges are about using existing clothes in a new way so as we don't get bored. I think you've met all your challenges admirably. It sounds like you have some looks you'd repeat too. Shorts, khaki and navy, plaid and pearl, military jacket and jeans, jeans and snazzy heels. I'm looking forward to seeing you revist what you liked.

    1. Aw, thanks Anna, you've been an important and fun part of my year. A key driver of this blog is using what I have in my wardrobes and so challenges are a good fit. Doing this reflective post has identified what I liked and what I want/need to do more of.

  2. Hi Mary thank you so much for the lovely mention. I'm so honoured that you wanted to copy one of my looks. You look fab in all your outfits & you've reminded me how fab white jeans teamed with grey looks in the winter so I may just have to steal your style!
    Here's to fabulous & stylish 2017 for us all.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for your lovely words. I would be mega honoured if you tried out the white jeans in winter. You'll do it so well, looking forward to your white and grey!