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Monday 30 January 2017

Faux, Done Posh

I need a break from grey.  You do too, I'm sure.
So let's switch from grey skirt and jeans to my furry faux friend, which has been posted a few times as an indoor outfit accessory for cold times, latest here.
I'd like to show you its furry versatility - 
its furr-satility!

A few years ago (well, many more than a few, look at the pics!), The Photographer and I went to a Liberation Ball, dress code 1940s.  Our table decided on Afternoon Tea Dance attire.

Whaddo' magazine, 1945.
For non-Brits, "whaddo'" is an old-fashioned matey greeting.  Hello!  Hola!  We Guerns used the greeting when I was growing up.

A charity shop yielded a shirt, tie and dress, the trilby was borrowed and the rest is models' own.

I wanted a fox fur shoulder stole to complete the outfit.

So I fauxed it.  I draped over my shoulder my faux-fur-neck-whatsit-snake-in-a-fur-coat.
I think it worked.  It finished the 40s outfit nicely.  It elevates me to Classy Bint!

So that is my is my style suggestion for you, dear readers.  Drape your faux over your shoulder.  A faux-fur-neck-whatsit-snake-in-a-fur-coat needn't be confined solely to your neck -  let it loose on other parts of the body.
Maybe use your faux as a super-cosy hat?  
Let me know what new ways you can find to wear your furry faux friend!

A la perchoine.


  1. Sick of grey, never! However you look so elegant both of you.

    1. Just a break from grey, I'll never tire! Thanks so much, Anna, so sweet, hope we pulled off the look.