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Monday, 13 August 2018

Skirting The UV

Hello dear friends, and I hope that is what we are because today I'm publishing a post that any pro blogger would bin.   Let's see if you can spot why; answers in the comments box please!

The other day I was noting how a simple switch of shoes can change an outfit.  You can read that post HERE.

Today, I'm looking at skirts.

I needed a longer sleeved top as the temperature has dropped in recent days to v. low 20s.  Yes,  I hear ya, brrr.
I wanted colour and was drawn to this M&S boatneck top in ... ultra violet!  
Yup, when I discovered my UV cardi (shown HERE) I found its mate (£7) lurking on a rail as I was leaving the store.  They were the only two UVs in the whole shop, so maybe brands take all this Pantone Colour of the Year hype with a pinch of salt. 

1.  East cotton lawn/lace panelled skirt.

Perhaps too much going on with the skirt, when it was the top I wanted to showcase.  And a bit irreverent to The Rule of Thirds perhaps?

2.  White, linen draw-string skirt, H&M.

Oh yes.  Instantly I was getting good vibes from this look.

Straw hat with leoprint fabric trim, M&S.

3. Beige drawstring linen skirt, M&Co.

The shape was fine, the neutral colour classy, but I wasn't getting "vibrant" from this combo, the adjective this UV top deserves.

So that was my choice of skirts and those were my thoughts.
What did I feel worked best?

My final choice was the white A-line.  My rationale:  
I felt the white made the UV colour pop.  
I felt that the simple line allowed the eye to focus on the pretty coloured top.

The differences in the change of skirts is perhaps subtle but a striking colour of top needs just the right backdrop to showcase it in all its glory and simple and white are the absolute musts for a strong colour in summer, like my vibrant UV gloriness here.

Did I make the right choice?  You tell me.
Do simple differences in bottoms make a substantial impact to your tops? You tell me.
And have you spotted my blooper yet?  You tell me!
Yup, it's over to you, readers.

A la perchoine.

Post note, 15.08.2018.
The Blooper Revealed
It's the wet patches on my right shoulder and down the front, best visible in the penultimate pic.  I must have stood under a hanging basket or something before the photo shoot and only spotted the splodges after I posted but I thought, what the heck, we're friends, so let's make a game out of my messiness!
Thanks for humouring me with your participation, x.


  1. I don't see any blooper, but I love your outfit! I love cobalt blue and white together. You made the right choice with the A-line!

    1. Thanks Amy, and if no one spots it then I'll fess up! Hugs, x.

  2. I totally agree with the skirt choice! You look great. I think your fun necklace and bracelets really help the color pop too.

    1. Oh thanks, Kelsey, and you're right, a plain outfit needs some jewellery for texture and discrete intros of other colour for the pop to work. Hugs my dear, x.

  3. You haven't credited THE PHOTOGRAPHER !!!!

    I just wanted to thank you for continuing to use Blogger to host your blog - having it all on one page is so much more enjoyable to the reader than the "click through" host that so many professional bloggers are using these days - which is why I enjoy your blog and have stopped reading many others!!

    Re your comment about the Pantone colour forecast - I live near a very large M&S, whose Autograph range has a selection of PURPLE garments. I am so pleased about this as my favourite colours worn together are purple, off white (ivory) and charcoal grey.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks to TP ��

    1. Well, I didn't credit TP, but then I rarely do so I will remedy that!

      I am so with you on that WordPress thing, so irritating; perhaps that clicking arrangement doubles the page visits for marketing purposes. Just guessing now, perhaps someone might explain it to us in a comment.

      Oh those purple colour combos are exciting me, A! Hope you bought something from the range, I love Autograph and Limited Collection too. It's such a flattering colour too.

      So flattered you are enjoying the blog, thanks for your most kind words and I'll pass on your kind words to TP too!
      Hugs, x

  4. Love all the skirts on you in the cobalt and white combo and looks great with your jewellery. I often read your blog and realise I have the same items of clothing! I also have the M&S hat youre wearing today which will be good in your new car.
    Saw your comments about Madeleine clothes a few days ago and thought I was alone in loving them, you're right they are fiendishly expensive when you're retired, i bought a few jackets reduced when I was working and they are still great, I also as you mention bought some of their beach type dresses that are great for hols. Just wish they were cheaper. Love your blogx

    1. Thank you, kind Lin. Wonderful that we are drawn to the same things at M&S. Isn't that hat so great to wear?!

      Funny but Madeleine isn't "out there" like some other classy brands. Glad I've found a friend who's come the same route with the brand. I'd love to work with them but I'm thinking they won't be interested in lil' ole me as my page views don't run into the millions!
      So pleased you like my blog, it's comments like yours and A's above that give me the heart to carry on.
      Hugs, x.

  5. Sorry no blooper spotting on my part! I do however, love your skirt choice, the a-line showcases your figure and the vibrant color of your top! Of course I do love the leoprint on your hat as well!!!

    1. Well I'll have to reveal my blooper soon, perhaps readers are being kind by not spotting it.

      Oh what kind words, I'm flattered that my figure is worthy of showcasing! Must show the back of that hat, it's dinky.

      Hugs! X

  6. I can't see any glaring errors either. Do tell.

    1. I'll announce it shortly, but I do think some are spotting it but are holding back out of kindness!
      Thanks for popping in Nicky, hugs x.

  7. OK, saw no bloopers, just you usual wonderful thought process of how you make your style decisions. UV is one of my favorite colors. Outside of some nail polish, I don't think I picked up anything in it,however. Style on, Terri

    I finally watched that Guernsey book club movie on Netflix.

    Take care, Terri

    1. Glad you like the thought process, Terri. And I hope you've noticed a few mentions of 2nd Loves lately!

      What did you think of the film? Please be honest - it's not written by a local, there's no local accents or names and it's not filmed locally. So I won't cry!

      Hugs, x.

  8. No I didn't and I love the outfit, these colours look super together. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  9. I think the colors are perfect together and I do love the accessories! I can't see anything out of place on the shoot!

    1. Thanks so much, Ruth. I'm going to announce the blooper on the post now. It'll be an anti- climax for sure! Hugs, x.