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If not now, when?

Wednesday 22 August 2018

WIW Wednesday

It was a week to remember.  Not the week I look back on but the one that preceded it.  For out of bad came good.  Serendipity.

The Photographer was in hospital (he's recovering well, BTW and thanks you all for your kind wishes). 
I wanted to dress smartly for him and as I was without his valued services for a whole week I decided to take mirror shots.  Because a week without outfit shots to post isn't a week I relish.

So I then used those selfies to create my What I Wore Wednesday and as I had enjoyed the daily WIW pics and post process, it seemed like a good idea to repeat it.  So I did.

Then a duh moment - having had a decent iPhone for 6 months after flushing my older version down the school toilet (I sound that a naughty school girl!) it dawned on me that my new iPhone was potentially Instagram compatible, which the older (and wetter) version wasn't.  
Duh, that's taken me all of 6 months to fathom!

Much as I'm not too keen on IG, I decided that if I had the wherewithal it might be an idea to  at least dip my toe in the IG water.  So I did that too.

Alternatively, a briefer version of the above:
{0 Photographer = 7 x selfie days = weekly post =  Instagram} 

But enough waffle.  I give you -


Trying out a Woolovers cardi.  Not sure, though TP likes it.


Weather improving. Am liking this coral mix, wore similar, forgot to take selfie, here's one I prepared earlier (old OOTD shot!).
What did I say about discipline?


Discovered a pair of white jeans still with tag.  Embarressed.
(Embarrassed about nails too, had them de-gelled Friday).

Bought jeans about 4 years ago, had to turn them up 2 x 2" - and they're so-called "regular" - does this make me a hobbit?!

I made myself a kimono!  (SEE THE KIMONO POST HERE)


Friday must have been my fun day.

I played around with head scarves.

I went a bit crazy!

The scarves were going to my head!

And eventually settled around my neck.

The day was warm so I wore a sleeveless vest dress.  I am calling this my Corfu outfit. It's a black ribbed dress, worn with the exact same jewellery and sandals that I wore in Corfu, 15 years ago.  I make my own fun.

I also made my own shrug from a scarf.

Then I walked away from the scarves and into the spa for de-gelling.
(Went a bit newbie-crazy on IG with pics of this little exercise.  An IG-er observed was that I was clearly bored.  Have exercised restraint since then.)


Calmed myself down with panic-wearing of shorts.


Had fun trying on various black tops with white shorts.  Tried on about half a dozen (See HERE); (posted just one on IG).

As I said, I make my own version of fun. It's the kind of fun a pensioner has on a quiet day with a huge wardrobe of old clothes to play with. 


Having been in black for days, I needed colour!

Woolovers beaded shortie card (in sale, £10-15).  Love it.  
2nd Loved espadrilles.

And there you have it for another week.  I've been trying to squeeze in panic shorts days and dress days when the weather allows.  Otherwise, on cooler days I'm now slipping back into jeans.  Really hating having to adjust my attire for the cooler summer we've slipped into.

What about you?  If it's summer where you are, are you starting to adjust your summer outfits for cooler weather.  Or are you still celebrating The Year of the Shorts? 

And talking of which,  this is the closest I could get to Year of the Shorts

The Year of the Cat, Al Stewart

I fell in love with this song back in the early 70s, and I still get the shivers now.  The song, voice, guitar and sax, the production …

A la perchoine.



  1. Sorry to hear that hubby is poorly, but glad he's on the mend. I love this weekly round-up, in particular the white jeans and those fab shoes - very me! You're looking very trim my dear. Have you lost weight? Looking fab in that cute coral cardi too!

    Have a super week!
    Anna x

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for your kind words and yes, TP's well on the mend now. It amazes me that I wore those shoes for whole days when working, they feel like clown shoes now they're so long at the front! And you get the prize for spotting I've lost a little weight - I'm all a-glow at being called trim so thank you for making my day!
      Happy weekend, island girl, x.

  2. Your head scarf is fabulous!! You should wear one every day! Hope your hubby continues to to get better xx Maria

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for your sweetness; Vronni does headscarves so much better than me, she's the queen! Hubbs is doing fine thanks.
      Happy weekend hugs, x

  3. Great array of fashion outfits and all different which is what I like. Thanks for sharing and hope hubby is on the mend. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Hi Jacqui, thanks muchly, it's interesting diarising a week in outfits and seeing there's variety - phew!
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  4. I've enjoyed your IG posts. Good to see you back there my twin x

    1. Thanks twin, I've been just a commenter on IG in the past (mostly on yours!) so I'm being brave in actually posting. Bot admin's a bit tedious though.
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  5. Brilliant photos, you look great, just off to IG to follow you!
    Hope your other half is improving.

    1. Hi Lin, oh thanks for following me, you might just tip me over 10 !
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  6. Good job my friend! Your selfie game is strong! That dress is fantastic on you - va va va voom!!! Wowzers, if TP wasn't feeling well before I'm sure seeing you in that dress did wonders for his health! The head scarf is chic - not a fan of the bow but all the other ways are on point! Especially in your convertible!
    Looking lovely my friend!
    Hugs to you and TP!

    1. You know, I read TP your comments and sometimes struggle because I'm laughing so much! But thanks for the voomy wowzers, and I'm with you on the Minnie Mouse look, it was just me going a bit scarf-crazy.
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  7. So many great outfits, I especially love the first one!

    1. Oh thank you Amy. I've enjoyed the discipline of the daily photos. Hugs, x.