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Wednesday 1 August 2018

Holiday - Sailing

Hi my darlings, I hope you are enjoying your season. I personally am loving my summer and do. not. want. it. to. end.
Today we had a glorious fun pool day - I swear I regress about 60 years on days like this, back to the bliss of carefree summer days of childhood.
So as I lounge around, happy with my day, I'm giving myself an easy ride with today's post.  I'm letting the pics do the work as I share with you a relaxed evening sail around Plymouth, Devon. 

This classic sailing yacht is owned by a fella who'd just launched this gin brand which is distilled on the farm where we stayed (oh heaven, a vineyard and a gin distillery!).

The evening light was breathtakingly beautiful.

We enjoyed sundowners on board.  G&Ts all round. No surprise there!
The gin has a distinctive herby flavour and was so refreshing on this hot evening.  It's a winner.
We were talked through the herbs he and his wife had settled on and there were many.  Don't ask me to name any, other than the ubiquitous juniper - it was a long night!

Selfies just have to be taken on-board

I think it's the law.

I'd never seen Plymouth from this aspect before.  It's attractive and its shores are steeped in history.  If you're in Plymouth, this is a pleasant way to see a bit of the city's beauty.

A la perchoine.


  1. Wow, how beautiful! I can see why you don't want summer to end. You live in such a gorgeous place. I love the picture of you and handsome TP! Now I want a G&T and it's 10:43am - you are bad for my health, lol!!!

    1. Oh my, just what AM I doing to you?!! The gin was certainly good and it's nice to holiday in England. And now, back home, this glorious summer is invigorating every single one of us! Huggly weekend to you, x.

  2. These photos are beautiful! What a stunning place!

    1. Hi Laura and thanks. I guess people think of England as London, Buckingham Palace and The Eye, but throughout the UK there are stunning places to visit. Hugs, x

  3. Selfies are a must! You know you don't want that well if you didn't take a photo, where you really there?! Lol These photos of Plymouth is beautiful and that sunset is gorgeous. I have seen multiple sunset but it never gets old. Ah, how cool is that to have a gin distillery! Must have been great fun all around!

    Maureen |

    1. Absolutely, re the selfies - a selfie makes a visit official! Glad you enjoyed these holiday photos, and you are so right, each sunset seems to reinvent itself as something new and brilliant.

  4. What a beautiful spot! Love the selfie!

    SSG xxx

    1. Hi SSG, a selfie just seems the thing to do when somewhere memorable eh?!
      Wishing you a huggly weekend in Sydney, x.