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Thursday 2 August 2018

The One That Didn't Get Away

Hi my lovelies. Enjoying your week so far?  And your weather?
 We had rain at the weekend and it feels strange to say this but it was totally welcome!
Rainbound, we attacked the utility (laundry) room - it's now purged, and walls, shelves and cupboards have been painted a fresh white.  And of course I will share some pics soon, it's what I do!

We've returned to sunshine again so for my day's errands I chose a simple outfit.  And yes, often I just want to wear something comfy, uncluttered and, in summer, cool.  Sometimes my day-to-day leaves no time or inclination for outfits.
  There will be no accolades handed out to me on these days  (or probably ever!) but if I feel good and perhaps I get the occasional compliment from TP, then I'm happy with my work.
These are my "down days", my easy days.
And please tell me, is that how you roll most days too?!

This was such a day and I'm sharing it with you.
This top popped out when I delved into the archives last week.

2nd Loved, Terri!

The top is part of a set I found in a charity shop about 15 years ago, then pretty much forgot about.  It's a beautiful fine cotton lawn fabric and cool in this heat, so why it missed my radar all these years has me flummoxed.

There's a long story to the matching jacket. I won't ramble on.  Suffice to say it became estranged from this sleeveless top and I gave it away just recently, only to find its partner a few weeks later.
Have you ever done that?  It's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Sort of.

Such a shame that I let its partner get away.

It's just an everyday outfit, nothing stylish, but it is the kind of thing I wear when going about my day-to-day.  My down days.     Perhaps it's the kind of thing you grab too, with no thought to accessories ... or potential photos?!  Just a put on and shoot out the door sort thing

(BTW, I'll show you what I'm looking up at in another post!)

And before I go,

I don't think I've shown you my pretty nails!

CND Tutti Fruiti with a silver glitter overlay.

So my friends, do you have down days where no science is applied to your outfit, no pressure, yet you feel fine and relaxed with what you wear - and occasionally your OH likes it too ?!
 I'd love to hear from you.

A la perchoine.

P.s.  TP said I looked nice.  And I was happy with nice.


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  1. You look as fresh as a daisy! It is a shame you gave the jacket part away but hey we've all done it.

    Hope the weather is bearable for you.

    1. Thanks, Vronni, refreshing to hear you've done that too! Have to say, I keep out of the sun at its hottest point. What about you? El Skorchio in Ireland too? Missing you, x.

  2. What a pretty summer look. And I love your nails! What a beautiful color! I'm excited to see your new utility room. Mine is on my list to clean and repaint too..though it's probably 3 years away as I have other rooms to do first.

    1. Thanks, Amy, aren't they the glitziest?!
      Love that you have a programme of house maintenance, mine's just plain erratic. We started replacing things in the utility yesterday after three coats on the walls, which was two more than I anticipated! Huggly weekend to you, x.

  3. Um, hello? I think you shared the wrong photo. These pictures most definitely do not say down day, or thrown together. NO way sista, this ensemble screams Lady Leoprint (minus the leoprint) loud and clear. You look so regal and put together, actually I'll say - you look errand-chic, new term I've coined.
    Don't get me started on those nails, why they are amazeballs!
    I suppose some people just can't help it, they are fashionable and fabulous all the time - that's you my sweet sista!

    1. My dear sweet sista, you crack me up!!! You are so very funny, and kind, and giving .... oh I could go on till teatime ! You are one amazeballs of a lady and I am so lucky to have you in my life. And I am totally in love with errand-chic, what a mind you have!!!!!
      Hope you and Bri are having a fabulous of a weekend, big hugs x.