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Wednesday 8 August 2018

Breakfast in Bordeaux

I am just not tiring of our glorious summer.

It inspires me to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Like breakfast on the beach.

Throwing on bathers, shorts and top.

Filling water bottles with fruity shakes and a flask with coffee.  Piling them and us in the car and pointing it in the general direction of the sea.

A dip in the sea afterwards.  Is there better way to start the day?

Checking what my hair looks like in sunlight. 
It's grey (no surprise there!) but it's starting to look less skunk-like, and that pleases me.
To grey or not to grey?  Which way have you gone?


Are you giving yourself al fresco meal treats?
Early morning swims?
I'd love to hear.

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A la perchoine.


  1. What a lovely way to start the day! I love to dine alfresco any chance I get! Your hair looks fabulous!

    1. Oh you must have so many al frescoes sitting out in the warm evening air, practically all year round. I'm moving to Florida! My twin nephs are there right now, maybe they'll stay! Have a hot day, hottie, x.

  2. Lovely to see a bit of Bordeaux - but I'm slightly distracted (and giggling) at Mike Jagger pouting in the corner haha xx

    1. You're the first to comment on MJ, I was fed up with my red lips pout and upgraded to a real pout some weeks ago. I've got a soft spot for him; I met the Stones (briefly) as a spotty schoolgirl in 1964 and he was the nicest, so friendly and kind. Charlie was plain grumpy! Hugs, x.

  3. All grey, all the way! You couldn't pay me to color my hair again. Bordeaux looks absolutely lovely...

    1. Hi Liz, thanks for popping in, I like your catchy phrase and from what I can see in your little photo, grey is looking so good on you. Have a nice weekend, x.

  4. I love summer too! And I love your grey hair! I will keep dying mine professionally.

    1. Summer is for us!
      Thank goodness we have options on how we deal with aging hair these days eh? Hugs, x.