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Friday, 17 August 2018

Freedom Friday - Beach Glass

Freedom Friday is my day of free activity in my imaginary structured week.  No parameters apply, it's the day I've given myself free rein to post pretty much anything.

So how about beach glass?  I love its opaqueness, the aqua, green and milky white colours, it's varied shapes, its softened edges.  Who would think that glass could be so tactile?
Each piece has a history that we will never know.  We can only let our minds create imagery of the journey it's been on to get to its destination on our island's sandy beaches.

But what do you do with it?  Well, you can put it in a pretty glass bowl or jar.  Or you can do this with it.

My dearest friend La Duchesse, was staying with us for a few weeks in June/July.  She brought over some pretty aqua coloured candles, which go with the colour scheme in my front lounge.
She's so observant eh?
Over her weeks on the island she collected colourful little shells and beach glass when walking along the beaches.  She kindly left them for me, as a momento of her stay.

I thought it would be nice to display the candles, shells and glass together cute little bowls of memories of my friend, our time together and the glorious summer we have been blessed with.

So it became a little project for the summer hols.  Free rein to fill the bowls, the only rigid rule being that a candle should be central in the bowl, cos otherwise it would topple over eh?  Health and safety is where I'm at!

They created two very nice beach displays.

Simple but evoking memories of friendship, sun and lazy days on the beach to keep me going through the bleaker part of the year that is to come.  Urggghhhh.  Please let me have more summer!

Do you collect memories of holidays in nature form?  Shells, beach glass, pine cones, driftwood, stones?  I collect 'em all.
What do  you do with your holiday momentoes?

A la perchoine.


  1. I do collect the odd item from beaches visited. I am a huge lover of glass and Chrystal! I have a little flat full of clear glass or chrystal vases. I had a beautiful three ft high glass drum until Beau wagged her tail and broke it last week! Everything has to be put up higher now.
    Your candle holders look lovely Mary and isn't it nice to know that it was all collected for you by your dear friend xx

    1. You sound quite the collector, Laurie, the connoisseur of glass. But oh heck, Beau must have had a shock, and you a tear or two maybe, for that glass drum sounds amazing. What a risky mess to clear up!
      BTW, I was hoping you'd pop in, I've had probs commenting on your blog - I can't find the comments section anymore. Is it just me?
      Hugs and happy weekend, x.

  2. I love beach glass and the colors are so pretty and soft! How about you coming up with themes for your Friday posts? Freedom Friday it is! ON a serious note it is nice to be reminded of such wonderful memories, your friend sure did bless you!

    1. It's lovely to touch eh. And it clinks so nicely. Yes, it was a lovely parting gift.
      I had such fun with my structured blogging, I just may continue it next week!
      Happy weekend hugs, please don't fret about that empty nest of yours, x.

  3. So pretty! I can never find beach glass anymore. I suppose that's a good thing as it means less pollution.

    1. Yes, that's a good sign of less pollution. We get what the Atlantic has to offer and that's a lot of water!
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  4. I love beach glass and shells, pine cones and rocks, feathers and pretty much any other found objects. I'm surprised to see the bright multicolors of your shells. Ours here on the coast (British Columbia) are mostly white or muted shades of brown or purple. Yours are lovely. I have green and clear glass bowls, plates and jars filled with lovely beach candy too. I loved seeing yours. Thank you! xo

    1. Hi Karen, well I've not given that thought before but yes, our shells come in yellows and oranges as well as t traditional colours. Your displays sound so pretty and I like calling them "beach candy"!
      Happy Sunday hugs x.