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Thursday 16 August 2018

Thieving Thursday - Kimonos

My week of structured posting continues with Thursday's offering - some thievery!

Firstly, thanks for your sweet message Mary G, TP's doing just fine thanks.

Secondly, have you noticed how the Blogosphere has been a-buzz with kimonos these past few weeks?
Well I have but I have to say I haven't been jumping on the trend as I didn't see much pattern that I liked, and I'm quite picky with print.

However, I was sruggling to find a second piece to wear with my Ultra Violet dress and in desperation I ordered a white/blue kimono.  Well, I wasn't convinced when it arrived that it went with the dress but, hey, maybe I could work it into other outfits.  But I had hit on a technical problem - it needed ironing, and if you've been hanging out with me long enough you will know I don't do irons.  So that kimono stayed in a holding pattern.

A second kimono kept popping out at me on Pinterest.  But if one kimono had gone technical on me, could I dare try my hand at another?   Well I did, some weeks ago, but it was only on Saturday that I tried both of them on, spurred on by my blogger mate Lisa of Coast to Coast who'd been kimonoing herself with flair and panache (see below).

So let's take a look at my try-ons.

Here's my steal from the seller's pic.

Hmmnn, not totally convinced.  Maybe kimonos aren't my thing?
 Or maybe it's just that the fabric doesn't have much hanging weight.

Looks more crepe de chine-y in the pic, which would hang better.

Apart from wearing this with jeans or an all white or all grey column, I'm a bit stumped for ideas.  Can you help?

Then time for my first purchase, the blue on white kimono.

The Lovely Lisa of Coast to Coast had sported a kimono in the same colourway as mine.

Lisa's kimono is longer and looks like it hangs beautifully.  Seen here with a white column 

and here with denim shorts.

Doesn't she look a treat?! In both looks she's brought in some brown so maybe that's the route to take.  I plan to steal these two stylish looks in these last few weeks of summer and hopefully come up with a few ideas of my own, encouraged by Lisa's " show us what you've got" response to my comment on her post!

There are many styling ideas to be had by visiting Lovely Lisa's blog HERE.  I race to pop in each time she posts!

Here are some other bloggers who have been kimono-ing.
Shelbee and Nancy's good buy/good bye features kimonos this month SEE HERE for the concept.
Kim of FIERCE FASHION, HERE posted a really natty idea.

A scarf kimono!

I tried it out for myself today and posted it on Instagram *

Oh so many kimono steals out there, but so few weeks of summer left to wear them 😱😖😢.

If you fancy giving kimonos a try, visit the links above for ideas.  Hey, you may already be an old hand because, heavens knows, I've turned up late at the party ... again!
Perhaps you could drop me a comment sharing your kimono experiences - you know, I'd really like it if you did.

A la perchoine.

* Yes peeps, I decided to man-up and dip my toe back in the instagram water today.  Hours later I realised I'd posted about 15 pics.  I don't think that's supposed to be how it works!


  1. It feels decidedly too cold today for a kimono. I've missed wearing one so far this year . Mine are all synthetic material and were just too warm for the summer we had. Now it feels like scarf weather. I love the first kimono look on you. I think a third colour in the last would add more interest. Tan as Lisa has done or red red/coral maybe.

    1. Oh what a shame weather and kimonos have failed to gel this summer, but there's always autumn eh.
      Our day has been warm so my scarves went to my head today, which you saw on Instagram!
      Thanks for the idea of the third colour, clever.
      Happy weekend hugs, enjoy x.

  2. Yes I have - now I want a new one!! Thanks for sharing your collection. Have a super week Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Oh Jacqui, my aim isn't to encourage shopping!! So please see what fantastic outfits you can put together with what lovely kimonos you already have and, as Lisa says, show me what you've got!
      Happy weekend hugs, x

  3. You little thief you, stealing style inspiration! You know what that makes you? JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!! Hahahaha, you are in good company my sweet friend! You look dynamite in your kimono and I say try it with that cute a-line white skirt you wore on the blog the other day. I LOVE it with your jeans though. And how about that crafty Kim taking a scarf and making it into a kimono? Guess what? I'm meeting that crafty lady for lunch in a week and I cannot wait! In the meantime take care of that sweet TP and go wear your kimono!

    1. Haha, we're all thieves together eh! Thanks for your styling suggestion. And you're meeting Kim?! I only found her this week and already I'm stealing from her but didn't know she was another Floridian. Please give her my hugs and tell her I'm loving her blog and then raise a glass in the direction of Guernsey!
      Hugs and weekend happiness, x.

  4. Oh Mary, You sweet, sweet woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet words. I LOVE your kimono (even better than mine��) It looks adorable on you. Steal away my friend. And I found you on Instagram!!!❤️ Have a great weekend!!! XO

    1. Oh phew! It's always a relief to get feedback when linking to other bloggers (and in most cases stealing from them!). Your kimono is fabulous (and ironed!). So pleased you found me on IG, I've been playing around on it this week, first time in, well, EVER! I'm giving it a try.
      Hugs and weekend happiness to you, x.

  5. Really like the blue and white kimono on you. The other one is pretty but the version you have purchased does not look the same as in the promotional pic. Kimonos work well as a light coverup.

    1. Yes, you're right Christy. The fabric is negligee-like, transparent, lightweight and a lighter shade. Shame. Hope you have better luck sourcing your kimonos. Have a great week, x.