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Monday 27 August 2018

Monday Mode - 50 Shades of Off-White

Hello my lovelies,  I hope your weekend was super-peachy!
For those of you who've been enjoying a long bank holiday weekend, I hope it's been all you could have wished for.
It has been low-key here at Chez Pout.  Medical appointment for TP, afternoon tea at friends, walks, beach picnic, housework and (for me) moving furniture (oh how I love doing that!).

For what seems like months now (SEE HERE)
I've been trying to find a perfect off-white/stone coloured cardi, mainly to sub for my cosy old Windsmoor when a posher light neutral needs to step up to the plate.

But golly, the search has been arduous and has spanned several months.  And even after a Woolovers try on last week, I still don't know if I've actually got there with my off-white.
You see, there are sooooo many shades of off-white.  Some have a yellow tinge, some with a pink tinge … oh I could go on and on and bore you to tears with my research but suffice to say, I am nothing if not dogged and relentless in my quest and I think I've tried on most of the  off-white shades the universe (or Pantone) has created.

So here's my latest try on.  I wore the cardis with a white column so that I could assess the subtle shades of the woolies without distraction.
And I kept the tags on as history has proven that many off-whites are tried and all many (?) are returned.

This cream cotton mix cardi is a contender the more I look at it.

It has pockets, a huge plus point for a lady who doesn't like carrying a handbag in her dotage.

And it's length is good, for that essential derriere coverage.
I can see this cardi with jeans or thrown over a summer dress when the evening chills.

And it's in the sale! £25, though make that £20 if TP asks!

This cashmere/merino blend is a contender too.  It's length is fine too.

But it is without pockets, a.k.a. my handbag.

Such are the intriciacies of off-white that I almost didn't take this one out of it's wrapping, because it looked a weird grey/pink tinge.

(Though it looks "normal" off-white here.)

But something compelled me to try it on and I quite liked it, especially when I tried it later with jeans.  The jeans ensemble is in my WIW Wednesday offering.
The thing that's going for this one is that TP liked it!

So, to summarize, I did like them all but as two out of the three are full price, I'm giving the pricier pair some serious thinking time.

My search is important to me because I think the right fit/right shade of an off-white cardi looks pretty darn classy.
But what is really hitting home is the amount of frogs you have to kiss before you hit on that perfect prince of an off-white summer coverup. 
50 shades is probably only the tip of this off-white iceberg.  And that's a lot of kissing!

Now, over to you.
Do you have an off-white cardi?
Do you get a lot of use out of it? Through 3 out of 4 seasons?
Did you struggle to get the exact shade that you liked and that worked for your wardrobe?  And just how many frogs did you have to kiss?!!

A la perchoine.


  1. You look beautiful all dressed in white. The all white always produces a wonderful effect of relaxation. I loved your necklace and also your hairstyle.

    1. Hi J-M, thanks for your kind words - I loved your description of what white evokes, that feeling of restfulness and relaxation. Thanks for popping in, hugs x

  2. Gosh I hate to say this but I like all 3! I say keep them all. They seem like they'd each serve a different purpose. In fact I LOVE the final look and I think you have inspired me to wear a cardi that way - I may be doing my own thieving!

    1. I won't tell Brian you're encouraging me to buy 'em all if you don't tell TP about the sale price !
      I love buttoned up classic cardis, in my mind it's as close as I get to classy! I would love to see your thieved version of this!!
      Happy hugs, x.

  3. Crisp, clean and cute. White is so chic but I agree, the shades, oh the shades. To be honest, I’m still hunting and I presume I would wear it bout half the year. Worth the search and you’re wonderful in shades of white!!!

    1. Oh thanks for making me feel better, Andrea, it's good to know you're struggling too and that you're not going to give the off-white cardi hunt any slack until it's on your back!
      Happy hugs, x.

  4. PS; Keep the one you LOVE most!!

    1. Now there's a challenge ... that's a useful approach to getting to my decision. Thank you! X.

  5. I know what you mean about trying lots of frogs before finding the one. Why is that the case with clothes these days? Like all your choices but I am particularly drawn to the first as I like the texture against the smoothness of the cami and pants and it fits you like a dream. My only reservation would be that it looks a bit cream on my monitor, or maybe it's the lighting under the greenery, and that maybe not the look you want. I look forward to reading about your final decision.

    1. Hi Christy, so interesting that you've experienced the frog kissing too - is it them not getting it right or is it us knowing just what we want and sticking to our guns?
      Also interesting that you picked up on the cream, because that's why I'd avoided the brand earlier in my search - yellowy cream tends to be the only light neutral they roll out, so well spotted!
      Sending you happy hugs, x

  6. My favourite cardi is the cashmere/merino cardi. OK, it doesn´t have pockets but...pockets start sagging after a while and then style becomes less stylish, in my opinion. All the more reason for a cute little handbag to finish off the outfit? Never thought that off-white and white would go so well together. Very classy!

    1. Well thank you, Dutchie, I hadn't thought about pockets losing their attractiveness after the honeymoon period. Wise words which I'll use in the decision process. I do love the mix of whites, so Swedish; for more of my blonde on blonde love see
      Hugs, x.
      P.s. I'm glad the Dutch rain is keeping you indoors reading my blogs 🙏.

  7. My favorites are the first for the details and the last for it's "throw and go" simplicity that I'm fond of. Good luck!

    1. Hi Kim, so pleased your meet up with Mrs R went well!
      The first cardi has some nice detail on the back which the pics don't show. Love your throw and go approach!
      Hugs, x