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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Thieving Thursday - Summer's LBD

Hello my lovelies.
Let's keep things nice and simple today.  Like with an LBD.

I felt inspired to slip on a Little Black Dress for a date night.
It's such a simple thing to do, slip on an LBD and feel comfortable wherever you are and whatever the weather.
Like Ashley, who was my inspo for my LBD in summer today.

Yes, wondering what to wear, I'd stumbled upon Le Stylo Rouge, HERE wearing her LBD and I was reminded how simply stylish the LBD can be, all year round.  This lovely young lady has styled her loose LBD in a young and modern way, with a statement necklace and sports shoes - sneakers.  
We called them pumps BITD, then they became trainers, and now heavens knows what they're called in the UK!  But whatever the name of the footwear, this sweetie is looking so good in her loose and airy dress, perfect for late summer.

And that's the beauty of an LBD.  Suitable for all ages.  Suitable for all seasons.
Mine is a mid-calf Dotty P jersey dress (it looks longer in pics).  I cinched it in at the "waist" and wore heels.

The Woolovers beaded cardi is the aqua version of the cardi I wore in my last WIW Wednesday post.  Yes, I couldn't resist the 2fer deal!

So, that's how I'm wearing my LBD in late summer.

Here's another LBD I wore last week, in ribbed jersey and styled with a lacy scarf.

And here are other summer LBDs from previous years.

The same old Dotty P dress, last year. 
Here the look is more similar to my Ashley's styling, without the belt.

Again from last year's post, a Next linen LBD, with and without the belt.

You can see from the pics that the look changes with the simple addition of a belt.  So if you're looking for a quick variation to your LBD, simply add a belt and see how it changes not only your silhouette but also the mood of the dress.

I find myself drawn towards LBDs through the summer, but especially this time of the season, when the days are a little chillier and the nights are drawing in.  An LBD in August just sorta feels right.

Now why don't you pop along to Ashley's blog following the link above and see some of her clever stylings.

A la perchoine.


  1. Oh my heart can barely take all the cute and catchy titles! You little thief - in the very best way I might add! Thieving Thursday could really catch on because after all aren't we all getting inspo from one another? I think so, you are so clever! I love your LBD belted and that selfie with the head scarf - another va va va voom!
    Well done friend!

    1. Oh thanks, so pleased you're enjoying my fun! You're so right, we're all petty larcenists together - probably not a week goes by without me finding some small inspo on the net and wearing it.
      Late summer is the season for the LBD,so let's see what ya got, girl!
      Sending you a week of happy hugs, x

  2. Wow! You look so stunning in this dress! You need to wear this more often. Amazing.

    1. Oh I am soo flattered, Amy! Like I said to Kellyann, late summer is when my LBD work happens so why don't you give the black dress a try too?!
      Sending you happy hugs, x

  3. You look great in all of those LBDs! I especially like them with a belt or with the cardigan. Great ideas!

    1. Oh Stacey, I'm flattered! I'm always amazed how a belt lifts a dress.
      Thanks so much for popping in.
      Sending you happy hugs, x