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Monday 20 August 2018

Monday Mode - The Year of the Shorts

Hi my darlings, are you doing OK?  More than OK hopefully.
And how was your week?  Mine was all about looking after my patient, exploring and picnics, oh and my debut on INSTAGRAM!

If you are in the northern hemisphere and enjoying your summer, you're either sweltering in your continued heatware or, like us in Blighty, feeling the coolness in the air that is our late summer.

I'm desperately holding on to each day of summer that is left and making the most of every shorts day I can squeeze in between here and brrrrr. 

Skorchio took me by surprise and I wasn't ready for quite so many shorts days and to be honest, I'm not good when it comes to dressing shorts - our summers don't usually give us many shorts days and for those there are, I only know how to do dress-down grunge.
So it may be late in the season to be posting on shorts today, but this is more an aide memoire to self on what I did with shorts and what I could have done better so's I'm ready for next summer's heatwave ... and not caught with my pants down, or my shorts either!

As I say, I'm mostly uber casual with my shorts but I've tried to up my game a little this year.  Like with this ...

I took this v. old black lace top and also created an OTS hack.

A plain black T works to smarten up my shorts a notch too. And I've become partial to these v. old black leather M&S wedges which help lift the shorts look and elongate the legs, IMHO. 

Though maybe best to skip the Carmen Miranda look?!

I tried another black lace top (just how many does this girl have?!)

I felt the top was a little long and messed around a bit with that Rule of Thirds.

However, although this  top is similar in length to the one above, it seems to work.  Perhaps it's because it's not a solid colour, and the white in the print links in to the white shorts?

Whatever, I was happy and that's counts.

I now give you some more inspirational shorts than mine, taken from internet/blogs.  If I don't credit you, then mea culpa, it wasn't intended - I'm old and I forget!

So to kick off, I do declare that this is a smarter black and white shorts outfit and I think it's sported by I Do declaire.  Potentially.  But it's a smart outfit, helped by the lovely wedges and a third colour.  As Anna of Mutton Style pointed out recently, an outfit benefits from a third colour, and even something neutral like brown works to lift the ensemble. 

Here, a loose vest, pendant and a bright print smarten up the classic combo.

I struggle with denim shorts.


What to do with them other than throw on a T shirt and Birkies?

Can denim shorts be taken to any level other than this?

Well the answer is a blindly gorgeous YES!!!  Look what Andrea Nine ( HERE) has done with hers. A white jacket, killer heels, a clutch, jewellery … how striking is she for her date night with Mr Nine?!!!

What have other bloggers been up to?

Well look what  Amy of Amy's Creative Pursuits (Find her HERE) has done with her denim shorts.  An off the shoulder bo ho print top, hat and bag take the denim shorts to another level all together.

What about a neutral like grey?

Laurie has turned to shorts many times over the weeks of our skorchio.  This stylish take on the shorts and top would not look out of place in a high-end restaurant.

There's so much to gain from the inspo here, eh?  Fancy trying out a few shorts looks?  I for one hope to do the odd steal over the next week or two, so watch this space!  Or watch my Instagram where I've had a crazy photo fest these past few days!!!

I guess the issue we have in the UK is that we just haven't seen such enduring temperatures for decades, well, since 1976 in fact.  I have NEVER before seen so much shorts wearing in the UK.  Swathes of shorts  EVERYWHERE.
I declare 2018 The Year of the Shorts!

And for those of you non-Brits ...

... THIS is skorchio!  It's all Greek to me!

So my dears, has Summer 2018 been a shorts fest for you?
And have you gone posh with yours?

A la perchoine.

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  1. Well, you shorts wearing sweetie, doesn’t get anymore precious than you! Love the white. It’s funny, I used to not care for shorts but these last couple years, I find myself worrying less about the cellulite and more about comforts and a who cares outlook. Happy counts the MOST and you bring happy smiles to us all!

    1. Well, I think it would take Sherlock Holmes to find any celulite on the Nine pins! Funny but same here, shorts returned to my world a few years ago and they ARE all about the who-cares attitude eh. Thanks for sprinkling happy dust everywhere your cloud passes, our world is a better place with YOU in it. Happy hugs, my sweet, x.

  2. Yep I have to say I've worn shorts even in the UK this summer. Fab isn't it.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with shorts. A lot of the times the fit is what's wrong and then the length. I am not bothered so much by print because those add character to an outfit! Love the second top you choose. It compliments your shorts much better! Cute pick.

    Maureen |

    1. Thanks, Maureen and I understand your frustration with shorts, the fit is crucial - the fit of my denim shorts is so loose that I can get them off without unbuttoning! Hugs, x.

  4. Since it will still be shorts season for several more months where I live I am totally on board with declaring 2018 the year of the shorts! You wear them well my friend, I think the key is wearing a wedge and getting a good fitting top and of course following the rule of thirds.
    Hope your patient is getting better each day!

    1. Oh I'm starting to get autumn sun envy 😌, shorts must be like your second skin! Thanks for your tips and you are of course sooo right, my wedges and slim top work so much better than my grunge!!
      TP thanks you, he's allowed to drive as of yesterday!
      Hugs my sweet friend, x.

  5. Oh my goodness! Your so sweet to feature me here. I love the longer shorts. I think they are more dressier than the short shorts. I have a pair of long white shorts just like you. I own a lot of shorts, but for some reason when I go out I usually wear skirts or dresses in the summer. I find them a bit more comfortable than shorts. I love all the way you styled your shorts.

    1. Well I had to feature you, Amy, you look so good in that outfit. Get what you mean about the shorts, sometimes a less restrictive dress feels better on a really hot day.
      Hugs sweetness, x.

  6. Thank you so much for including me Mary! I have worn shorts more this year than any other year. This has been the summer of wearing as little as possible!
    you look fabulous in your shorts. White is one colour I don't have. I must get some xx

    1. How could I not include your stylish take on shorts, Laurie? And your post on wearing very little was very clever! Get yourself some whities and do more fabulous things with shorts! Hugs my dear, x.

  7. Over the years, I just stopped wearing shorts and now I am a bit conscience about a certain vein that has popped up on the back of my lower calf so I have tended to keep things longer, so I hate to admit it, at this point, it seems that it is vanity over comfort for me.

    Of course, a few days in succession of self tanning would help the problem a bit, but, let's see, that has something to do with memory and I can never remember to do it.

    Love your looks and your experimentation with shorts. I like Amy's suggestion; a nice long breathable cotton or linen maxi dress would be a great solution to this heat.

    Fall will soon be upon us the way the summer has sped by. Take care,

    1. Oh so with you on the memory thing, Terri!
      So interesting to read your thoughts on shorts (hey that rhymes!). I hadn't worn shorts in years then had an epiphany. I realised my legs were just going to get even veinier than they are now so I had an "if not now, when?" turning point and I've been wearing shorts and bare leg summer skirts since. My essential tool is the tanning build-up body lotion and sight of my paling legs on the blog is all the reminder I need to apply it. I use Garnier and the colour comes through within an hour or two. Hope you give it a try.
      Happy weekend hugs, x.