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Thursday 7 June 2018

I'm Off The Off White

Hi my dear readers.  Hope you're having a better day than moi.
I'm trying to find an off-white cardi for the warmer months when my cosy Windsmoor is just too big and warm for the job.  You'd think it would be so simple.  Turns out it's quite a quest.

This M&S cardi is described as neutral and made of merino wool.  It's actually a pale grey and it's gossamer thin, which is OK for summer you'd think, but it creases.  Big time creasing.

I've hung it up for a week and the creases don't disappear, which is no good for a summer cardi which gets bunged into bags and generally thrown around. Yes, that's me in summertime, a cardi abuser.

Here's what it's supposed to look like.  If it looked like this IRL it would definitely be a keeper.

And here's what I want, this winter cardi's summer sister.

When I realised the M&S cardi was not going to cut any sort of mustard, I went a searchin' and found another on the Debenhams site.

It's heavier than the first cardi, but still creases.  And it's a pinky beige IRL.  So again no mustard has been cut with this one.

Again the website piccie was giving me the illusion of the perfect off-white cardi.

An off-white version of my White Company cardi would be ideal.  This weight, this cut, oh how ideal would that be!  And this one is a stuff in the bag and come out lookin' good sorta summer cardi, so ideal for someone like me who abuses her summer cardis  puts her cardis through their paces.

I'd like to try this one

It's from M&S too.

But you know, I'm getting disappointed at being disappointed.  There's a big divide between pics and reality with these off-white offerings and as texture and colour are important to me, well, seems like the solution is the High Street.  Unfortunately mine is quite miniscule.

So I'm drawing a line.  I'm walking away from this search.  I'm off the off white.  No more searching, ordering, try-ons, returns.    I'm going to wait until the perfect off white summer cardi finds me!

So maybe I'll just work with what I have right now.

Maybe utilise this utility jacket to the max in these coming weeks.  Which ended up being my OOTD.  Minus the shoes.
You may spot the tags on the espadrilles.  They're a try out too.

So as I sign off today, I'm wondering if you've come across the perfect lightweight off white summer cardi that's totally doing it for you.   
And whilst we're on this subject, what is your summer cardi of choice?  Colour?  Off white?

A la perchoine.


  1. Haha! I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune but I have been through this frustration too and settled with a tissue paper cardi! Don't settle - I hardly ever wear it! Good luck with your quest if/when you return to it xx

    1. Haha, backmatcha because I'm feeling your frustration and I'm laughing too! Great advice, I won't settle with just it'll do, because from your experience, it won't.
      Wishing you the most el skorchio of weekends 🌞, x.

  2. I think the utility jacket is the way to go. For me it is a light weight denim jacket. Lise

    1. Thanks for your advice, Lise. The jacket has the right early summer vibe so I'm walking away from the cardi!__Wishing you a glorious weekend, x.

  3. Hahahahaha, I was wondering what was hanging off your shoes! They're cute, are they taking up residence now at Chez Pout? I say good for you, let that dang ff white cardi come knockin' on your door! Have a great weekend sweet sista!!!

    1. You know, I do think they are keepers. I picked them up yesterday and they seemed v. comfy during this try on session but I didn't wear them outside as I want a second try on. Mrs Cautious is my name ...
      Hugs sista, go sizzle in the sun this weekend, x.

  4. Sounds like the story of my white, off white laces. Who would have known offwhite is such a tricky colour. Pensioner pennies are going a long way these days. New espadrilles too!

    1. So pleased you get the off white minefield, AM. Yup, I think I'm going to pull the tag off these glitzy babes. And espadrilles are like buses too, not just Poldarks and yellow cardis - I found a red pair in the Cancer Research, same day !! Hugs sweet twin, x.

  5. Have you looked on Woolovers? I think you was dissapointed last time? I hope you find what you're looking for Mary. I do however love the neutral tones on you xx

    1. Oh Laurie, I just found this comment when linking this post to my latest post on ... the Woolovers off whites! I'm now trying Woolovers and Madeleine, as the high street seems to have failed me. So thanks for your suggestion, I should have read your comment back in June!!!! Hugs, x.