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Sunday 10 June 2018

The Book Club Appendix

#5.  Book Club

Yes, I attempted to write about the film in yesterday's Six, but it just got too big and unwieldy within that post format so here's your bonus feature today.I

I dragged The Photographer along to yet another chick flick last weekend.  It did sorta feel like I was dragging him, and he almost escaped!

(Me with poster, to evidence that I was there)

For we'd almost not seen it as I messed up the online booking and the machine printed out tickets for Solo: Star Wars.  TP said "oh well, it could be a good film to watch" and I found myself momentarily resigning myself to watching a fantasy fiction film, a genre which is not totally my bag.   But I'm headstrong and I snapped myself out of acquiescence.  I'd  gone to see Book Club and Book Club I shall see.  So I used my "charm" on the ticket office fella and despite that he kindly switched the tickets with a sweet "no problem".

TP's spoilt look: But I wanted to see Solo.

Apropos fantasy films, I tell TP that I don't like them because they are, err, fantasy.  I like Real Life films.  Raw.  Life as it really is.  So I like Rom Coms.  Chick Flicks.  For that is Real Life.  In my world!

 Not one cinema snack passed my lips.

I nearly passed these lips!

Our cinema is quite parochial, quite small-town.  We have 4 screens.

This is the smallest.  It has five rows of about 15 seats!

So, on to the film. It's OK.  It's not seminal, it's OK.

It's a chick flick - did I mention that I love chick flicks?
It's about a group of shall we say mature ladies who have been friends since  young adulthood.  Please look at the trailer for full flavour. 

It's pleasant enough, funny in lots of places.  It's definitely a feel-good kinda film and I walked away from our petite cinema feeling exactly that.  It gets my 👍.

It brings out some of the issues that we have to deal with when we reach a certain age.

A criticism would be that it has implausible pairings, like Don Johnson (lookin' good, Don!)  paired with Jane Fonda. 

Another criticism would be that it doesn't have the gorgeous interiors constructed to please female viewers, e.g. like in Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated
(how I swooon ... ).

Oh and if I can squeeze in just one more girlie gripe without sounding like Moaning Mary - outfits!
When Diane Keaton dressed for her date in SGG, she opened the door to Jack looking stunning in an unforgettable wrap dress and slinky necklace, a look so inspirational that I knew instantly that I would steal it, and I did.
In BC her friends dressed her for her beau in a forgettable shapeless black trouser suit/white buttoned up shirt outfit, no skin on view; it's a signature DK look but not one to wow on a first date, IMHO.

Otherwise, all fine.  It's definitely a chick flick.

And I whispered to TP half way through that perhaps it is not the film to watch when you're the only male in the audience (which he was), as some bits are a bit, er, personal.   But he whispered back that he was OK with that. 

So that's the film.

And Kellyann, TP says he'll back up Brian if he too is dragging his heels to go see the film!

The sun was just about to set as we drove home.  It looked glorious.  By the time I got out my phone, it had already set.  II felt as if someone had stolen my sun.

I leave you with the sun, having set.

A la perchoine.


  1. I won't be seeing Solo any time soon. I hadn't seen any Star Wars films until I met Mr Mutton and I'm now emphatic that I don't like fantasy things or anything with swords, round tables, hobbits, Jedi or Harrison Ford. But I do like Game of Thrones and things with aliens in.

    I have misgivings about Book Club. I read it has lots of references to 50 Shades of Grey. Noooo! And somehow films about older people in are always a bit twee or cutesy, even if one of them is inevitably "a bit of a goer." Having said that I'll probably watch it when it's on TV. Have a good week Mary x

    1. I was with you up to Harrison - I happen to have a bit of a thing for him no matter what the genre!
      Yes, I tried to ignore the references to Gre and I'll join you in that "Noooo" Gail! And you're so right on the "cutesy", perhaps filmmakers feel that oldie films need all the cutesy they can muster, reality just wouldn't sell!!
      Hugs my lovely, x.

  2. Well, like you, I did see "Book Club" with my significant other. I've probably would have not made the effort, but my friend, Diane, texted me that she finally made the connection, that Diane Keaton so reminded her of me (probably the hats I've worn over the years) and with that and the fact that is was a hot day and Michael didn't feel like working in the garden, he went with me (also, it was a good excuse to go out to eat afterwards).

    Honestly, I and we couldn't really relate to any of the characters. Except with the Diane Keaton and her two daughters who were reversing the mother/daughter roles. I have experienced some of that the last six years (it seem to start with retirement).

    Michael is a psychologist, so he always views these kind of movies as what was really realistic as far as advice, etc and did say there were a few good lines.

    Have I or will I ever read the 50? Nope, but I sure know a few who have. Heck, I haven't even finished my audio of George R.R, Martins' first Got (got three hours left) but have seen all of the HBO series, with the exception of the Red Wedding part-turned it off when they shut the doors and went on the the next episode.
    OK That it, Terri xox

    1. Oh yes, Terri, I get the connection with you and Diane … the long blonde hair, the hats, the stylishness you two have. I totally get it.
      Glad Michael got a day out of the heat of the garden and also that there were some lines in there which he thought good from his perspective. But, no to the book from me too, I couldn't finish the first, so badly written and about stuff in which I have no interest. I'm afraid I haven't got into GoT, but TP read all the books and now is totally up to date with the series.
      Thanks for popping in for a good old chat, speak soon,
      Hugs x.

  3. I'll watch on TV. I like the big screen for good graphics such as Solo and sci-fi, fantasy. Stuff you need to see on a big screen. I would like to read Book Club. My sort of holiday by the pool book I think. I wonder if it is a book. Probably you all know the answer and I'm being a bit dim.

    1. I think the Book Club book is tautology's perfect paradigm and if it does exist then you're so right, it's an ideal mate for a poolside sunlounger, which you'll be doing soon lucky lady 🏊🌴🌞. Hugs my lovely, x.

  4. My mom went to see it, she had super high expectations due to the funny trailers... she liked but was disappointed. We’ve been striking out ourselves at the theater lately, perhaps I should agree to Solo, lol. Happy week ahead sweetness!

    1. Yes, I guess that's the way the film leaves you. A real shame after our high expectations, but I always feel a chick flick is never a wasted trip. Hugs, m'lady of the Chateau,x.

  5. See if we lived closer to one another TP and Brian could go see Solo and you and I could see all the chick flicks we want! Ha!

    1. Oh yes, we could fill our boots with chick flicks and our boys could enjoy the action stuff. One day ... Hugs my holidaying honey, x.

  6. I went to see Book Club with my book club...and although I laughed in a few places, I hated it. The only bright spot for me was Candice Bergen who was funny and real and classic Candice Bergen. I thought they all played caricatures of women of a certain age, and of themselves, especially Keaton... who is much better than this movie. The jokes were so predictable.. kind of like Benny Hill but with older women. But maybe I'm just being cranky:)

    1. Oh so funny Sue, almost sounds tautologous, book club with book club! And how I love your Benny Hill but with older women! But yes, they were caricatures of older women, right down to the excessive amount of wine swigging for every single mundane occasion - oh how that began to irritate. I don't come in from the supermarket trip and reach for the wine bottle!
      Have a crank-free week, my lovely, happy camping, x.

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing this too! xx

    1. Oh I hope you enjoy it, Laurie, I'm a bit critical as I age, but as Sue say, Candice played a good part, especially on her internet dates with the most unlikely pairings!
      Have a good week, enjoy the glorious weather, x.