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Sunday 3 June 2018

Saturday Six #3

Well my dearies, I hope you've been having a smashing weekend so far.  I've experienced a bit of Saturday Slippage.  The sun was shining yesterday morning and quite honestly I chose it  over the laptop - yup, the sun blew my Saturday post clean out of the water.  So my Saturday Six becomes a Sunday Six. Oops.  That's blown my consistency out of the water too!

#1.  Golf

TP got back on the golf course. 

The Crazy Golf course !

But seriously though, he's played a few rounds of proper golf now and is feeling more like "normal".

#2.  Getting a man in.

There are times when I just have to swallow my pride and get help.
The garden has had little attention this year.  Constant rain, then TP's hospitalisation and convalescing has resulted in the back garden looking like it's owned by Miss Haversham.  We keep the front reasonably tidy, of course, and we've done some replanting there - must keep up appearances eh!  But the back of the house, well, I can't even bring myself to show a shaming before shot  Maybe one day ..
So we swallowed our pride and the gardener arrives tomorrow. 

In the UK we call this type of help "getting a man in". 

So we're getting a man in tomorrow.

These days we accept that there will be times when circumstances beyond our control result in our getting in help when needed. Or that physically we aren't up to it any more, like climbing up a ladder and painting the stairwell.  Or that quite simply we've got other things we'd prefer to do with our time.  And I'm comfortable with all of that.

Tomorrow, I'll just pour myself a coffee, settle myself comfortably in a conservatory armchair and just watch the entertainment.  Just watch Poldark do his stuff.  Gardening, Pout-style.

Do you find yourself getting in help these days, for things that you just would have easily got on with ten years ago?

#3.  Bertie

Oh life is certainly a rollercoaster with Bertie.
We hit a low point midweek.  Bertie hadn't eaten anything for a few days and he was quiet and lethargic.  I'd run out of ideas to tempt him to start eating.  Wednesday evening I resolved to take him back to the vet the next day.
Then Thursday morning he sprang on the bed at 5.30am, his normal chatty, demonstrative and noisy self, and downstairs we were greeted with empty bowls licked totally clean!

He's still eating fussily but he's eating again and is his normal self ... annoyingly so at 5 30am!

#4.  Cleansing, facial.
For years I've been using this

Recently my head was turned by the new guy in town,  micellar water, a cheaper and quicker solution. 

It's designed for removal of face and eye make up.
Clever product, thought I, time to walk away from my more expensive suite of cleansing products.

After a few days of using the new 2-in-1 cleanser, I discovered that I awoke to panda eyes and dry skin next morning, instead of the clean under-eyes and dewy soft skin I get from the Clarins cleansers.
I expect in the cleansing world micella is a sort of sofa-bed ... not the best sofa you've ever sat on, not the best bed you've ever slept in.  But it does the job.

So, turns out Clarins and I were only on a break.  We're back together and my eyes are not going to rove again.

Have you tried micellar water?  How's it working for you? It's probably just me it doesn't work for.

#5.  Cleansing, house.

I'm on a roll with house gadgets.

I'm loving life with my cordless vacuum and steam floor cleaner.  But I don't want to rest on my laurels.

I now am on the hunt for a wood floor polisher.  So I'm calling out to you lovely readers.

Have you tried this Ewbanks polisher?
 Can you recommend a good polisher?

#6.  Salmon Pink.

I had to run around doing various bits and bobs in town on Thursday.

I perked up a simple cotton jumper with what I am now calling my Corfu jewellery.  I don't think I've worn them since Corfu, 2002 and now reunited, I'm loving them to bits.  #2nd Loved, By Me Again.
The day was a little overcast so I went for bright comfort.

  I positioned myself next to one of our ceanothus bushes.  The flowers are fading fast as you can see from the fallen petals strewn around the base.
The intense blue of these bushes brings me such joy.  We planted this one in its infancy two years ago, in poor soil and against a wall (all the things you're NOT supposed to do) and still this beauty has burst forth with gargantuan growth and bright blue joy for the past two summers. 

So, hair scragged back, I was ready for errand action.

Then I prissed up my scarf and took a selfie to show you I'd left home a little tidier.  And practically all of the scarf is out-of-shot.  I'm not very good, am I?

A la perchoine.


  1. Just got back from lunch with friends, and we talked about this exact subject! It's not so much that we are too feeble to do things, we just don't WANT to do things, and now we can justify getting help because we are old. ;-) Plus we all said that NO ONE we know needs to get on a ladder! Love the coral!

    1. Oh how spooky is that, Susan! Yes, our age negates all any guilt we may feel about buying in some help now and again.
      Hugs my lovely, x.

  2. Loving the coral and white combination; so summery and it really suits you! I am somewhat (almost 'very') disappointed about the gardeners coming in... What is a Dutch woman to do now when visiting??? I do hope that they bring some geraniums that I can sit behind!!? :o) Did you ever find something (cardi) to go with that gorgeous royal blue dress?

    1. Don't worry, they'll be plenty weeds around again soon. I will post pics of the absolute mountain created this morning in just 3 hours. Too much work even for slave no. 2!
      The nearest I've got is having bought a kimono that sort of goes with the dress. What's stop me posting it? It needs ironing!
      Hugs my sweet, x.

  3. Coral really suits you! I have used miscellar water and it is quite nice on the face for an in-between freshen up. I am not sure that is for eyes though... Lise

    1. Hi Lise, I guessed it would work for others. Thanks for sharing your positive experience. Mine states it can be used for eye make up removal, but it's sofa bed syndrome and it doesn't quite remove it all. Hugs my lovely, x.

  4. Bertie is stealing the show! How gorgeous is he? I use Simple miscella Eye make up remover and I think it's great. But I do use a different cleanser.
    Laurie xx

    1. I'll tell him he's got a fan!
      I use Simple moisturisers and love 'em, Laurie. I think the issue is that I don't wear night cream and my skin is beautifully soft next morning after using Clarins. No other cleanser leaves my skin feeling like that. Most ladies use night cream, I expect.
      Happy week to you, my pretty, hugs x.

  5. I think you're very good! Ok I want to "get a man in" to do a lot of things. Yard work, pool, cleaning but alas the man we have will soon be leaving for college and I'll be the "woman in" - so that's ho wit goes here.
    I use micellar water after I remove my make up with a wipe and wash my face with cleanser. Then I use it just to get any trace amounts off. I'm telling you I have quite the arsenal at my disposal!
    My sister in law and I were talking on Friday night about how much we love watching all things British and she told me about the Guernsey Book Club movie - ha! I gave her an earful about all the inaccuracies since I actually know a true Guernsey native! Wasn't I the know it all! Anyhow she and I have decided to start using all the British phrases we can when we speak to one another. It's going to be AMAZEBALLS!!!
    Love you sweet friend!

  6. That cotton jumper is a lovely fresh colour on you Mary! I also had a set of what I called "my Greek jewellery" because I can't remember exactly where I bought all the pieces ---- sadly the earrings were stolen a few years ago along with a charm bracelet (from Turkey). Good to see the hubster on the golf course again!