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Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Lazy Girl's Approach to Cleansing

I am pretty lazy, especially when it comes to cleansing off make-up at the end of a long day.  It's then that I wish that my beauty routine entailed nothing more than a quick brush of my teeth, or a meticulous brushing and flossing if my hygienist happens to read this :-). 
I have never been a fan of the 4-step palaver of eye make up cleanser, facial cleanser, tonic - gosh, what is it called, it's so many years since I used it, that astringent stuff anyway, you know what I mean - the Night-time Removal Team!   Follow that with night cream and you're talking a 10-15 minute routine surely.  I wouldn't know because I never really subscribed to all that malarkey, for I am a lazy person.

When I was in my early 20s I discovered a wonderful all-in-one cleanser/tonic called Cosmedin - anyone remember it?  It was a magic little bottle and I continued to use the product until it was discontinued.
There then ensued the wilderness years, and really when I look back I can't think of what I used for make-up removal ... if any product at all :-).  Most certainly the full complement of the Night-time Removal Team never came a-knockin' at my door!     It's all a bit of a blur now and certainly no product stands out as being memorable.

Then about 10-15 years ago I discovered .... ta dah ...

It is just what it says on the bottle.  And it is wonderful.  No matter how tired I am, cleansing is but a cotton wool pad wipe away - I actually enjoy the process and my skin is left soft. 
I don't use night cream as I think my skin needs some time to breathe and rest and what better time for that  than during all those glorious heating-free sleep hours.
My skin feels beautifully soft when I wake up and I just splash my face 3-4 times with super-cold water, smooth on some light moisturiser and I am good to go.
Clarins One-step Facial Cleanser with Orange Extract - surely the Clever Granddaughter of Cosmedin?

But, hold on, what's this?  Queue more ta dahs ...

When Clarins came up with its magic facial cleanser it gave it a best friend. This again is what it says on the bottle - just leave soaked cotton wool pads on the lids and lashes for a few seconds then gently wipe away.  It removes even the most challenging of mascaras.
I take good care of my eyes and I am very cautious about what goes on them.  I trust this little bottle with my precious eyes.
It's funny but in retirement I have cut many corners to fit in with my reduced income. Yet not once have  I considered switching these cleansers for something cheaper and anyway, they  last for ages.
Ordering these products from is such a simple process, their site is so Granny-friendly and deliveries are received within a day, maybe two tops.
That's my cleansing routine in a nutshell.  A one minute nutshell, for that is all it takes to thoroughly cleanse my face of makeup. Follow that with a few minutes for teeth brushing and  Bob's votre oncle!
So, what about you?  How do you feel at the end of the day, ready for some meticulous cleansing?
Are you a night cream person?  Have you mourned a discontinued product but found an equally excellent replacement?  I'd love to hear - you can comment below. 

A la perchoine.

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