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Tuesday 23 February 2016

A Day on the Beach

The forecast was spot on for today.  I woke up to a glorious day, a day for beach walking.  Yippppeeee!
I've been feeling a bit cooped up of late, like I've been housebound and the bad weather has limited me to just short walks through the ruettes each time a dry-ish window has allowed. 
So I wasted no time in getting out on to the beach today!

Togged up for my beach walk - Woolovers blue cashmere/merino tunic, worn with M&S jeggings, old, and Ecco walking books, old, similar here.  The scarf came from The Cashmere Shop about 10 years ago.  But it's been a winter fave ever since, such pretty colours.

Then, down to the west coast and to the Port Soif area for a long walk.

The recent storms have brought up a huge amount of vraic (that's seaweed to you)
- where's my lovely creamy yellow the sand?!!

And with the storms came the small rocks too, which still litter the beaches.

The sea looks so calm now.  You can imagine how the storms whip up the seas around here.
The US and Canadian winter hurricanes and snowstorms fly over the Atlantic and during the trip over the ocean they weaken in force and the snow turns to rain.  We get the diluted version, winter gales and storms and rain.

The storms picked up some of the vraic and left it high and dry on the pathway.  It's dried up, of course, and it now looks like writhing snakes!

Finally, on some vraic-free sand!

A closer look at the vraic.  Back in the day, it was harvested and taken home by horse and cart to use for fuel on the cooking range. 

So pleased to have had an envigorating walk.  And so pleased that the holidaying school children could enjoy such a lovely spring day.

A bientot.

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