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Wednesday 17 February 2016

A Time to Gain, a Time to Lose

A Fast Day. 

The weekend was a time to gain.  Now it is time to lose - that's the theory, anyway. 
Firstly, let's keep with the spirit of this blog and check out what I viewed as
the dress code for a Fast Day!
Dress code for a Fast Day? Oh behave, PP!  I really am joking, of course;
there isn't and there definitely shouldn't be a dress code for such an event
but this is what I wore when I happened to be fasting.

Woolover's grey cashmere/merino cardi here and vest top (looks like it's discontinued), M&S slim jeans, a print scarf, Gabor bootees and a Corde clutch.

Now, I rarely do blogger-style links to items because my stuff is usually very old and long-discontinued.  However, Woolovers seems to be a rare exception and keeps the classic lines going for ages.  But, queue sad emoticon, it seems that even they don't keep their lines going for as long as PP wears them!  The cardi is now in their on-the-way-out outlet section and the vest top has totally disappeared.  Shame, but the cardi is now available at a bargain price, so it's all good as it turns out!

Here's a close up of the scarf.  It's covered with long strands.  Makes it look itchy but it's not. 
I've had it for years.  It came from Creasey's.

So, I am digressing as usual.  Let's get back on track.  A Fast Day.  A day to make amends for any prior naughtiness.  And there was some at the weekend, the party wine, the breakfast crumpets, the creamy crab pasta, oh and did I mention the chocs previously? Maybe they just slipped my mind!  And there's me thinking that's it's a mystery that I'm not losing weight!
Anyway to claw back some Brownie points with my body after those little indulgences, I made

It is so satisfying.  I used cannellini beans instead of chickpeas, as that is what I had in the larder; in doing so I shaved about 45 cals per portion, according to my calculation.  Job's a good'un.
 I always make enough for soup for two days' lunches so that there's something easy to hand the next Fast Day. 

Lunch, done.  Here's the evening meal.

This tasty burger recipe also originates from the same site, but as a burger with an artichoke dressing.   I did a quick search just now and can't find it there but I've tweaked it quite a bit over time anyway, so I'll give you mine.  It's really quick to make, beautifully moist and I make extra to freeze.

Makes 4
Calories per person, 290 (per the original recipe)

600 gr really good finely minced steak
about 25gr stoned black olives
about 1 tbspn capers, drained and rinsed if they are very salty, and chopped
some chopped coriander if you want
pepper (no salt as the capers take care of that)
2-3 tbspn of a relish/pesto/chutney/pickle - for these I used M&S red onion, tomato and mint relish
 a few slices of jalapeno peppers for topping
1 tbspn oil for cooking

Mix together all ingredients and shape into burgers. 
Fry 2-3 minutes each side. 

I serve with a salad drizzled with balsamic, or stir fry vegetables (I like a mix which includes lots of bean sprouts).
Even if the weight isn't falling off for me this time, I do find that a couple of Fast Days a week is are cleansing experience for the body.  Temple Days.  I do feel better in and with myself after a day of meals like these.
.I do hope you find these recipes helpful. You know, when I started this blog I envisaged it running with just a sprinkling of food talk and recipes.  It has not panned out that way, food seems to creep in most days.  Now, what does that say about me? :-). 
Maybe that most days I am busy with the building blocks for A Time to Lose!
A la perchoine.

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