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Wednesday 3 February 2016

Dressing to Stand the Test of Time

"Old" Friends ...

Fortunately. my friend's hubby took a little piccie during Friday night's outing at the Rockie. 
It is truly wonderful that our friendship has endured nearly 50 years.  We met in 1967. 
We have countless good memories of great times together and lots more good times
to look forward ahead.
Don't we look happy together?!
And don't we look happy together, back in 1967? 

But we seem to have swapped hairstyles along the way ... !!!

Looking stylish in our nude-coloured shoes, brown suede and fake fur short coats ...
and almost wearing skirts. 
My friend could still wear this look today, she has great legs.  
I couldn't.   I have legs that look great in maxi skirts.  (More on that at a later date.).   

Life at the Top

The falling of pretty petals is a sign that the beautiful orchid is getting to the end of her life at the top ... and is my call to go talent-scouting for the next flowering orchid to take up the No. 1 slot on the sill. 

And is this my call to cut a hole in the ceiling to accommodate the dragon plant's meteoric growth?
The call from 'im indoors would be to dump it.  Not gonna happen, buddy!

And finally, someone who "does" for me.

I spent a sunny (yes, sunny!) Tuesday with our little grandson, who is full of nearly-4 year old energy and enthusiasm. 
We had a lovely day together.  He is so easy to "entertain" as he self-motivates.  Aside from Lego and having a passion for Monster Trucks, he loves tearing around on his bike (indoors at this time of year), drawing treasure maps, "writing" lots of notes and instructions for us ... and washing floors.  My house is apparently "very dirty".  But not after his visits!
Luckily the rain held off and we were able to let off steam at a nearby playground with some mad climbing, sliding, running around and swinging. 
A super day.
The playground is by the beach and there was a cold wind blasting off the sea .. and directly into my hair.  A quite painful brush-out was needed when I got back home ... I got a taste of what my Persian cat must feel when I groom him :-(.

Snuggled up.  This cold and windy but dry day called for black stretchy jeans and puffa from M&S, a super-muffly Next animal print scarf and some v. old Van Dal flat brown ankle boots which have seen so much action in the 12/13 years I've had them.  But, breaking news, these WERE repaired, about 5-6 years ago!  But just the heels.

Now must dash off to find something to sling on for tonight's girlie get-together, something that will still look good in 2066!  

A la perchoine.

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