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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

She remembered!

The 1st of February was greeted with rambunctious applause by much of the Northern Hemisphere. (A mot de jour in there, Marie?). I was one,  A new month.  I think we just may be limping into Spring now, as I think February is pretty much the start of it. So what a difference a day makes.  Not to the weather, which is still grey, wet, cold. 
But I mustn't think twice, it's just another day for you and me, for you and me in Paradise.
The golf course is closed, it's like a marsh out there at La Grande Mare!
So that means no golf today.  For anyone.  I personally have decided not to play until the weather get's nicer, there is no pleasure in playing ankle-deep in mud whilst a hoolie whips at my hair.  Not a good look. I've tried it, don't like it. 
As golf was cancelled we arranged to meet up with Owen, a golfing mate, for lunch at the Rockie.  This is getting a tad embarrassing.  I am eating there three times in one week.  It's just worked out like that.

I wore a jersey dress from M&S, bought more than 10 years ago, together with a Woolovers brown cashmere and merino cardi AW15.  Here's the link  My adored Gabor knee boots, this time brown, and some brown M&S opaques finished off this outfit.  I could have worn jeans, Monday lunch = jeans, but I fancied being a tad more ladylike today.  I am, after all, on a mission to smarten up my act in  pensionhood.  And I think dining with two hunky men calls for something feminine :-)

Look, she remembered to slip a camera in her coat pocket!!!!!!

I chose a burger this time.
Their hand-cut chips are yummy, BTW.  A few always get stolen from my plate but that's no biggie as I never finish the basket.  I am pleased to share the love.

Our friend had sweetly booked a window table but as it was so grey and misty, the camera just didn't do justice to the sea just a few yards away. 
BTW, a brown pashmina has been tucked around my neck, I did say it was cold.

After that belly-buster, there was no room for anything other than a double espresso and yes, the blur in the background truly is the sea.

Here's a little more of today's cold, blue/grey sea from the pub.

Let's hope I've turned the corner now and that little pocket camera is finally feeling like my second skin.  Let's hope we're turning a seasonal corner too. I really do hope so ...

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