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Sunday 14 February 2016

A Spring in my Step

A sign of Spring

Daffodils budding along the side of the lane. 

But the temperature seems to be going in the other direction, it's dropped to around 5-6c, considerably down from the 11-12c we were enjoying just a week or so ago. 
Not complaining of course as we get off lightly, living on an island.

I've been a bit lax in outfit postings of late,  Knowing I will have photos taken is a key driver in getting me to smarten up my act, which is the raison d'etre of this little blog. 
I may have a long way to go before I put the pout back in this pensioner, but let's keep the momentum going with a few outfit piccies. 

Yesterday, day-time.

Next sculpt jeans, Clarks heeled boots (so springy to walk in) similar here,  Woolovers navy long-line jumper, East paisley and beaded, scarf, and a little string of pearls underneath there somewhere.

Then it was party time! 
We were invited to celebrate the birthday of the fiancĂ© of a friend.  They are both super-special people and as well as celebrating his birthday with a fab meal and lots of dancing we discovered that we were also celebrating ... their recent wedding! 
It was a truly wonderful evening.

Ok, I'm going mostly vintage on you again.  The Peacock fake-leather waterfall jacket is getting another airing, this time with an M&S black lace-necked top, H&M black/red/taupe paisley skirt (both ca. 2004), and Clarks snakeskin nubuck heels, AW15, similar here.

Now, I love these Clarks shoes, they are proving to be truly comfortable but they hadn't yet been put to the ultimate test yet, dancing.  To give you an idea of how comfy these heels really are, get this: I had to be dragged, yes literally dragged off the dancefloor when the taxi arrived because I think I could possibly have danced the night away in these babies, totally pain-free. Amazing shoes. 

Thank you, Clarks, for putting
A Spring in my Step.

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