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Friday 26 February 2016

Fin de Semaine Dejeuner ... et en suite un apero, peut etre?

AW15/16 may not have been a cold winter over here but I've finally been hit by my first cold of winter.  I have The Sniffles.  Maybe I shouldn't have spent quite so much time gadding about on the beach on that cold and wet Sunday.  Silly me.  But it's nothing that a few Lemsips and a box of Kleenex can't handle.  Have you managed a cold-free winter so far?

I was not feeling so sniffly that I was going to pass up on an impromptu fin de semaine lunch with a golf mate at La Grande Mare.

Next animal print tunic top, Per Una jeggings, Artigiano brown jacket (part of trouser suit), brown pash and of course my old mates, the Gabor black nubuck bootees.

I chose a necklace which was totally chameleonic and was lost in the animal print.  That was either a very clever choice or a complete waste of effort - you decide!

I'd like to take just a moment of your time to mention again that most of what I wear is old, some of it heaps old.  If anything I wear in these posts is still available, I will provide a link and celebrate with a glass of bubbly, as wearing something vaguely new will truly be a landmark event.  So, no links today ... again!  And no bubbly  :-(
Rider: Now, dear reader, my frequently-worn Woolovers knitwear can't (and must not) be included in my link test as they tend to hold classic items in stock for years (and I view that as a good thing).  If I did include Woolovers I would be knocking back fizz and posting photos of me in a sozzled state on a pretty much daily basis.   So No Woolovers in the "still available" test.  Got it?  :-)

 Oh how I digress!  End of.  Fin. de.  Slut af.  Getting back to the matter in hand:

The Lunch
 (well, I don't think I've posted food shots for some days so these are long-overdue) 

What you've got here is, to start, some duck spring rolls which were coated with an ever-so-light honey and chilli dressing, my main was toad-in-the-hole (local Perelle Butchery sausages, I do believe) with roasted veg and a caramellised onion gravy, and pud was pear poached in red wine with a Le Hechet Farm (local) Madagascan vanilla icecream.  All so yummy.  And most of it so local.

The Bean14 coffee is roasted and blended locally.  The owner has a passion for coffee which certainly comes through in each caffeine hit; maybe my coffee making skills stirred him in some small way when we worked together many years ago ... maybe thinking "coffee can be so much better than this!" as he sipped on one of my brews  :-)

Anyway, it's Friday and it's soon time to kick the weekend off with an apero (a long and refreshing  G&T maybe?) so I'm off to take a place on the sofa with my G&T arm expectantly outstretched ...
I hope you too are having a good start to the weekend. 

A la perchoine.

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