Remember ...

If not now, when?

Saturday 23 June 2018

Le Gouffre

The Event

Dinner with friends.
On a Saturday evening in June.

What to wear?!!!

The Outfit

The Weather

On this day, I was hoping for sun.  I got mist. 

The Dress - Next

But that didn't deter me.  I was going to wear this sunny dress!
The pattern makes me smile.  Each and every time I wear it.
Do you have a pattern that has that effect on you?

The Cardi - M&S

I'd been reunited with my yellow cardi that very morning, and, well, it felt rude not to.  Even TP was fighting this dress's corner when it came to that dreaded part of the going out process ... The Outfit Choice!

The Shoes - Adesso

I usually wear flatties with this dress.  Wearing heels really took the dress up a notch, bringing it to Evening Restaurant standard, IMHO.
Have you found a simple switch of footwear changes the mood if an outfit?

I picked out the taupe in the pattern to follow through to the shoes.  Yeah, I know, a little crazy for your Pout.  Yellow floral and taupe indeed!  But in our dotage we ladies are given permission to go a little crazy.  It's a rule.  I think.  Maybe it's written in The Pensioner Handbook.  Or maybe I have to write one first.  Dunno.  I'm a bit befuddled.  But that's ok, befuddled is there in the Handbook too.

And of course,

The Food

I had crab and lobster risotto.  It was tasty, but huge and it was very rich, so of course I couldn't finish it.  I had imagined a little mound of it when I ordered.  And a little drier.  Perhaps this is a risotto, Portuguese-style, for the owners are Portuguese.

TP has a lobster thermidor and he was most happy with his lot.  We're talking empty salad bowl and scooped-out shells.

The Location Shot

Now, I planned to take outdoor shots of the outfit against the superb scenery surrounding this cliff-top restaurant.  I hadn't reckoned on the sea mist, which actually had temporarily mislaid the stunning views.  So as we drove down the misty road to the restaurant, being fleet of foot I changed my plan to do some car park outfit shots, for we were after all a little early for the reservation.  

We arrived at the car park at exactly the same time as our friends.  Rats!   To jump out of the car and start posing felt too embarrassing and slightly weird.  So I didn't.  Instead I leave you with a shot I found on the internet.   I call that my Disaster Recovery Plan.

(Photo - visitGuernsey)

 Le Gouffre Restaurant, on a  better day.

A la perchoine.


  1. Oh that dress - so sunny and happy! Yes, prints have that effect on me! And the food - yum! You always have the best meals!!!
    Gotta run we're headed to the airport!

    1. Watch out, Golden Gate, cos Kellyann's comin' ta getcha!
      Thanks. Safe trip hugs to you, x.

  2. Here you are in yellow again, and looking gorgeous! This is definitely your color. And that! That looks good!

    1. Thanks so much sweet Amy, I'm finding it quite difficult to prise myself out of yellow right now. But that's a good thing! Hugs and weekend happiness to you, x.

  3. Ah.... the best laid plans, hey? I love your yellow and that you followed through with your choice even when it didn't eventually match your vision of what the evening out would be. We get that in Vancouver too - one day it's gorgeously clear and beauteous and you plan your tomorrow evening out based on that. Then the evening out is actually grey and drizzling. I'm going to follow your lead and dress for the best possible weather, not the weather that actually is. We're in jazz festival season right now so lots of OOTD's to revel in. xo karen

    1. yup, Karen, there was a bit of "mice and men" going on that day! I love your approach, dressing for the best possible weather. And I hope you are having a fab time with OOTD opportunities and good music. Isn't summer just great?!
      Happy hugs, enjoy the festival, x.

  4. Delightful in yellow Mary! And taupe with yellow floral, why not? TP's lobster thermidor looks divine. Mouth watering!

    1. Aw thanks, Gail, the colour combo is a small step for most bloggers, but a big one for me! Have a sunny week, hugs x.

  5. Love your pretty yellow outfit and the meal out looks divine - what a fabulous view! xx Maria

    1. Thanks, Maria. We're so lucky to have beautiful views to nosh by! Hugs, x.

  6. I adore this color on you! So springy and pretty. I'll agree the risotto looked delish, but a little runnier that what I'm accustomed to. All that lobster though...yum! Looks like a wonderful way to spend an evening! XO

    1. So sweet of you to say, Lisa. And yes, my focus was on the lobster! Hugs, x.

  7. Absolutely stunning here Mary! The colour really loves you! I love how you dine regularly like a queen! xx

    1. You are so sweet, Laurie, and I apologise for taunting you with food again! Hugs, x.